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  1. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Yes , government CAN commit suicide   

    Texas, and too many Texans, don't care.  What do you expect from a state where some people actually fly the state flag ABOVE the country's flag.  YES... I have personally seen this with my own eyes.  So why would what NC experienced after their ignorance mean anything to Texas?  After all... that's TEXAS.  Everything in Texas is bigger, better, badder, different.
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  2. UsernameOptional added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    NJ Gov Signs Pro-Trans Bills
    Zack Ford | 24 Jul 2017
    "Both laws take New Jersey in a very different direction than President Trump is trying to take the country on trans rights. Earlier this year, the administration rescinded guidance the Obama administration had issued protecting transgender students..."
    Chris Christie signs two pro-transgender bills into law
    This really blew me away - Christie has been such a Drumpf-kisser, and transgender anything is not on Drumpf's radar screen.  -DML
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  3. KarenPayne added a comment on a blog entry Authentic   

    Prior to transitioning there were times where I could not validate a move forward course of action so I know it can be difficult but once you (can) get past the naysayers validation is easier. If one can't get past naysayers and must struggle with those people and finances can lead down a dark path. What I've seen locally to new friends who were on the fence about any form of transitioning, after having serious discussions with me in regards to the commitment and mindset coupled with proper therapy was a change of heart from being unsure to an affirmative path to which direction to move towards be it part time, full time (no surgeries or just hormones) to moving forward with the entire transformation to the gender they feel they should had been.
    I can't fathom struggles with finances other than flipping the entire bill along and feel for you. I do know of less than a handful of transgender people that are moving forward with some form of government or   employment aid yet both seem to take forever to advance towards one's goals. This is so similar to things like dental insurance where what one really needs insurance does little or nothing to assist.
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  4. KarenPayne added a comment on a blog entry Not Authentic   

    First off thanks for sharing!!!
    Many valid points made in these videos especially the “trendy” aspect of not authentic. I disagree when one looks at transgender overall as looking for attention. I would had loved to stayed in my born gender yet my brain and many of my body features were undoubtable female and repression was not the solution. Yes there are a segment of the population that are like the man mentioned in the one video with full blown facial hair identifying as female and a handful of my Facebook friends that I know full well are cisgender females claiming they were born as male which are the trendy one’s that give the true transgender people a bad name.
    A valid point for instance is those who transition will never fully experience things like growing up as female when born as male or know the pain and joy of childbirth but the key here is for the true transgender that transitions fully or partially without any intent to draw attention to themselves usually needs it given they have followed sound advice from a therapist which of course some don’t and move forward regardless of professional advice.
    Where I currently stand is being content as I can for the cards given to me as the choice to transition was a necessity whether I wanted this journey or not. I’m in my mind female as much as I can be.
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  5. Naeka added a post in a topic What does the Bible say about transgender?   

    I have very much enjoyed reading this post and it's replies.
     Here's my little bit of two cents worth.
    I grew up in a Christian home threw the Nazarene Church, and their holiness doctrine. However over the years I found that everyone even a pastor is imperfect as I had a couple non gender conflicts with two different pastors. in that I stopped attending church. for a while. but in all that time I kept my beliefs, as there were things that took place in my life, that can only be explained by Gods grace and his angels. and hence is the reason I am still here and typing this reply. I know in my heart where I stand. with God and part of my belief is, their is only one person I will be answering to and have to explain my actions to; Though he already knows my heart and soul. and its is not any one that is on this earth. and right or wrong I am living as I feel I need to it took a long time to get to this point.
    I had a emotional crisis just yesterday  and the person on the crisis's line let me know he him self was Christian and more less said that who is to say this is not Gods Path for you ? who is to say that this is a way for you to show your faith even if you don't openly tell others about your faith. there are those that will just come up and tell you that you need saved. then there are those that, if they are asked? you are more then willing to tell them of your experiences and not push the issue and let that person decide.
    I feel that everyone's path is set before them, as God knows your path, even before you know it.
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  6. stephani added a post in a topic Hello....   

    As said no, they are there as a merely interactery part of social media, indicates a notice to or indication of understanding to nothing more, just ignore them if they are of concern to you. They basically are just hey I read that or I agree with that or yeah I suppose that's one way to look at things sort of interaction others can have without adding dialogue to the stream.
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  7. stephani added a post in a topic NYT: My Gay Agenda   

    No matter who or what one represents your agenda will always enter into whatever you are interacting in, it's inherant . My inherant beliefs as a lesbian holds it's own agenda's for my purposes so do everyone else's no matter how much we try to remain "non bias" never happens, we all slip. 
    So the term Gay Agenda has always makes me cringe so does anything agenda, lbgtqasn get my point ever point on that star has it's own agenda's, even if you try to separate them the muddle into the discussion or debate how ever one might deem the situation, see agenda right there is it a discussion or debate. Smiles
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  8. Kitrah added a blog entry in Kitrah   

    Not Authentic
    So I think there are people who authentic sure. But there are those who aren't. Transition. Detransition. Try to tell the medical community and mental health community what you want when you not even sure what you need then broadcast it on youtube for attention. Action is what determine the direction. Know your actions have results and your responsible for your choices. If your confused, stay away from HRT, its results are more permanent. this is why you go to therapy and do the work. so why am i think about this? I come across this three videos:
    i appreciate this kind of thinking. 
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  9. Kitrah added a comment on a blog entry Authentic   

    Hi Chrissy and Emma,
    Thanks for encouragement. Validation is something hard to achieve sometime. right now im not concern what other people thinking i just try to focus on what it is that i need to be doing for myself. I try to focus more on positive energy and meditation right now.
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  10. olcharlie added a post in a topic Community vigil seeks justice for transgender woman slain in 2015   

    JULY 24, 2017 1:57 PM
    Fresno City Council President Clint Olivier is raising by $2,000 the Crime Stoppers reward for information leading to the arrest of the man who killed Casey “K.C” Haggard, the transgender woman slain two years ago on Blackstone Avenue.
    The reward will now sit at $7,000, and Olivier hopes that will get more people talking. “It’s two years later and we still haven’t got him yet,” Olivier said by phone Monday. “I hope more people will come forward.”
    More here:
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  11. patrice FAILURE TO COMPLY added a post in a topic NYT: My Gay Agenda   

    Couldn't sleep, and thought I'd browse the forum.
    Interesting opinion-editorial; extremely effective use of sarcasm to push a personal agenda which Ms. Boylan explicitly endorses.  Such an excellent wordsmith, but that is to be expected from a novelist & literature professor.
    Certainly, I am sympathetic to the special rights which she advocates for herself, and by extension the population(s) for whom she has become an advocate.  However, I don't think I could, in good conscience, accept those special rights/privileges/freedoms that I felt to have been misappropriated from the general populace.  I would emphatically renounce any desire for "...the special right to open up the newspaper and not have to read one more clever “think piece” in which the humanity of people like me is held up for public debate."<> I cannot steal others 1st amendment rights, even though doing so would most assuredly preserve my own self-serving biases and prejudices.
    I appreciated Ms. Boylan's allusion to her spouse, which suggested that they're likely still together.  Having read her autobiography, I always wondered if the marriage would survive.  Even though her spouse is a clinical social worker, relationships commonly don't survive the transition (i.e., more often than not).
    Again, very interesting article.  Best wishes to all.
    It' even later, now.  Maybe I can manage to get some rest.
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  12. bluemoon added a post in a topic NYT: My Gay Agenda   

    Emma, that is so sweet and considerate to check, but I felt your warmth and friendliness very much came through and chrissy's too. I appreciate the interesting and heartfelt discussion and look forward to more.
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  13. EmmaSweet added a post in a topic NYT: My Gay Agenda   

    Hey friends, Chrissy and Blue,
    No worries or quibbles about the title of the piece, I get where you're both coming from. I really appreciate your friendliness in your feedback and hope you feel the same from me. 
    I am also a little taken aback by the title. Like I wrote, I guess I just assume that Ms. Boylan and her editors applied their best judgement, and I suppose that on balance it doesn't matter as much as the fact that such a piece was positioned at the top of the NYT's digital front page. In and of itself that speaks volumes!
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  14. EShaver added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    Yes , government CAN commit suicide
    I'm sitting here now , and watching my beloved home slowly become a religious Theocracy .....
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  15. bluemoon added a post in a topic NYT: My Gay Agenda   

    Additional information on the use and history of the term, "gay agenda" or "homosexual agenda," which was "introduced by sectors of the Christian right (primarily in the United States) as a disparaging way to describe the advocacy of cultural acceptance and normalization of non-heterosexual orientations and relationships." The last paragraph notes, "the term is sometimes used satirically as a counterfoil by people who would normally find this term offensive."
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  16. bluemoon added a post in a topic NYT: My Gay Agenda   

    Emma, thank you so much for posting the link to that excellent piece. I too was initially startled to see both those words in the title, "gay" and "agenda." The title seemed like such an unexpected misnomer when the text of the article was so well written and the word "gay" is not a common umbrella term for the entire LGBTX/LGBTQ community. However, it turns out that some sectors of the Christian far political right, especially in Texas, use the word "gay" exactly that way. They consider anything contrary to cis heterosexual marriage an abomination and part of the overall gay agenda. It's apparently all "gay" to them because any further specific or types just seem like mumbo jumbo. It may also be more effective to name your enemy or political rival with one simple word that everyone understands and has already formed an opinion about. The title is well crafted in response to their use of the terms and not at all the mistake in wording that it first appeared. However, the confusion and controversy here suggests that the author should have taken a few words to explain the title.
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  17. Chrissy added a post in a topic NYT: My Gay Agenda   

    I totally agree on your point about the term "agenda," I have no doubt she used that as a rebuke to conservatives who use it as a dirty word.
    I have to respectfully part ways with you on the use of the term "gay." I agree it is commonly used as an umbrella term for the LGBTQ community, but I think that's because of gay privilege within the "community," and it has been used to make our (transgender) issues, and us virtually invisible. I think it stands out to me as well because I don't identify as gay (or lesbian), since transitioning I identify my sexual orientation as straight. So I perhaps feel doubly-invisible as a result. It's one thing to use "gay" as a blanket term for "homosexual," I'll leave that battle for Lesbians to fight (or not) - but I can't accept it as a blanket term for all LGBTQ people, when some (many?) of us don't identity as gay or lesbian (with apologies to bisexual, pansexual, etc. individuals for being binary in my terminology). 
    The bottom line is that I plan to remain an agitator on this point  - and I trust nobody's judgment on these issues, least of all my own!  Thomas Paine said that "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty," I think it's more appropriate to say that "eternal agitation is the price of liberty" (I suppose it depends on how much liberty you have to start with).
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  18. EmmaSweet added a post in a topic NYT: My Gay Agenda   

    I pondered that too and decided that her use of the word "agenda" reminds us of how that word is used by the people who would otherwise deny us our basic rights. Maybe you're more concerned with her use of "gay" in the title. I also thought about this and felt:
    - To be gay is to be part of the overall LGBTQ community. She didn't, for example, title it "My Gay/Lesbian Agenda."
    - Yes, "gay" is more commonly used for homosexual people but the piece brings up trans-specific issues. Maybe her title will encourage more readers to read it who might otherwise not if it were titled "My Transgender Agenda."
    - Last, she is undoubtedly and well known as trans, and an outspoken spokeswoman for all of us. I'll bet she thought about this long and hard, and I trust her judgment.
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  19. Chrissy added a post in a topic NYT: My Gay Agenda   

    Good piece, but why is it titled, and why does she refer to a "gay agenda"? The LGBTQ community lets that happen too often, we (transgender people, and others) become invisible by referring to it as a "gay agenda" or "gay rights movement," etc. It's especially disturbing coming from a transgender activist!
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  20. EmmaSweet added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    NYT: My Gay Agenda
    Jennifer Finney Boylan wrote an excellent opinion piece:
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  21. EShaver added a post in a topic Lawsuit: Effects of 'Bathroom Bill' Linger in North Carolina   

    Emma , under the soon to be signed Texas bill, that won't make a bit of difference . I can already see legal challenges as some states already allow Birth certificate amendments and Texas has already stated they will NOT recognize  any change .
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  22. Sara17 added a post in a topic Denying Child's Gender Identity Child Abuse   

    ​That's wonderful!  I wonder if the legislation was influenced at all by this case last year in Alberta:
    Sadly, since this law is specific to Ontario, it wouldn't have helped the child in that case.  But hopefully the new law would now prevent a similar thing from happening here.
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  23. Sara17 added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    Canadian Federal Government Passes Transgender Rights Legislation
    I guess this is slightly older news now, but I didn't see another posting mentioning it (if I just missed it, my apologies!).
    Bill C-16, a bill to protect transgender Canadians from discrimination at the federal level, was introduced by the Trudeau government in May 2016.  Here's the legislative summary of the bill:
    The bill had been stalled in the senate for a while, but the good news is that it was finally passed by the senate (without amendment!) on June 15 of this year.  It received royal assent, and became law, on June 19!
    This has been a long time in getting here.  The NDP had been trying to get similar legislation passed as a private member's bill for roughly a decade during the years the Conservative Party was in power, but it never ended up passing.  Now that the Liberal Party formed the government in late 2015, this version was actually introduced as a government bill by Trudeau's Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould.
    Of course, the small irony is that every province and territory ended up adopting protections for transgender Canadians before the federal government finally passed their law.  (In one case, I think New Brunswick, they beat the passage of C-16 by only a few weeks.)  But this is still an important milestone to have these protections in place at the federal level, and was a cause for celebration for transgender Canadians across the country!
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  24. EmmaSweet added a post in a topic Lawsuit: Effects of 'Bathroom Bill' Linger in North Carolina   

    I can well imagine how unsettled all this is for you. You've got to always be you, no matter what. You're on the right side of the law using the ladies room, that's undeniable. 
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  25. EShaver added a post in a topic Lawsuit: Effects of 'Bathroom Bill' Linger in North Carolina   

    I'm North of N Carolina now by 50 miles . I'm watching the Texas fiasco only because I contract to the Texas Historical society now and I used to own a Brick an Mortar manufacturing concern in Houston .

    Personally , I'm worried as to just how "LEGAL " my Virginia permit is . Here , I'm female . Now in N Carolina and now in Texas , am I Female or just what ? I'm really unwilling to take a chance as I have charge of a Special needs son . How's it going to look when I'm visiting or doing a job and my son is with me and I'm hauled off by police for taking a Potty break ?
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