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  1. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic In historic 1st, transgender inmate wins transfer to women's prison   

    At least one country on the North American continent is moving FORWARD.
    Kudos to the powers-that-be in this situation.  I hope this will make a bad situation a little better to deal with for Ms. Aubee.
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  2. UsernameOptional added a comment on a blog entry FTM and masculinity   

    Good advise from two very wise ladies.
    Welcome to TG Guide.
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  3. Chantel added a comment on a blog entry On Coming Out   

    Well thats the way to go.  There is no easy way. I have lost maybe one or two friends but mostly they have been very supportive. I think its much better coming from me than them finding out from others.  Good luck and hope everything goes well. X Chantel.
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  4. MonicaPz added a comment on a blog entry On Coming Out   

    Dear Emma,
    Good for you!  Thank you for checking with everyone who may be on your FB timeline, so they don't get a surprise.
    Felt freed when I came out because I couldn't take the stress "covering my tracks."
    Not into labels, but being a Lesbian is part of my core identity.
    Your friend,
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  5. Emma added a blog entry in Emma Sweet's Blog   

    On Coming Out
    Coming out has been quite a journey for me. The first person I came out to was my therapist in 2014 and later that year my (now ex) wife. In 2015 I came out to several others, mostly therapists and people who participated in local trans groups. Toward the end of 2016 I came out individually to my two sons as well as a couple of friends. Last summer I sent an email to about 100 friends and colleagues, letting them in on my little secret. Yesterday was the biggest day thus far.
    Yesterday I updated my name, gender, and profile photo on Facebook. And an hour later I pulled the same ripcord on LinkedIn. I think now I'm about as out as I'll ever be. I've never felt as at peace and happy and proud to be me as I am now. Such a huge weight has been lifted off of my head and brain. 
    Funny story: before changing my FB presence I talked to my ex-wife for a couple of hours yesterday morning about all sorts of stuff but she didn't bring up the email I'd sent her informing her of my intention to change my FB name. So I brought it up. Her reply, "Oh that, good for you!"
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  6. Emma added a comment on a blog entry girl jeans   

    I agree with Chantel, as you dress more and more in clothing that represents you the more that it's just fun and natural. I bought two pairs of skinny jeans on Amazon last Summer and wear them all the time, often paired with a tunic top. They are stretchy and comfy! I only wear my old Levi's 501s for work around my house (such as painting), the garden, etc. I have three pairs of those so it'll be awhile before they wear out. I'll happily give them the boot when a pair of skinny jeans is stained or something so that I can wear them doing dirty work. 
    Also as Chantel said I was so surprised that no one batted an eye, even when I turned up the cuffs and added purple tennis shoes. 
    Enjoy being and coming into yourself. Your joy will become apparent and draw people toward you. 
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  7. Chantel added a comment on a blog entry girl jeans   

    Sorry I dont know your name.  I found that I grew in confidence as time passed and now I dont think about it any more. Whether in a skirt a dress or jeans.  The secret is to look and see what other women your age and body shape are wearing and copy.  That way you'll soon be just another woman. Its really great once you begin to get gendered correctly.  You will meet Mr and Mrs Pratt on the way but just ignore them or report them. Often they work for big shops and are wearing name badges and it is so easy. I reported 2 over Christmas and one since who I didnt.  Small café with no name badge.  On the other hand I have been called Madam lots and lots of times. I can remember thinking who? hey thats me she is calling Madam.  Its the best feeling. So even if your not out just wear girl jeans anyway. Bet no one says anything. Just remember if you want to go to the gents  you can't stand in Girls jeans. :-)
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  8. Lori added a comment on a blog entry girl jeans   

    Boots never go out of style! 
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  9. Christy added a post in a topic Dr. Kathy Rumer - GRS in Philadelphia   

    Thank you Chrissy!
    That is great information and I appreciate your response. Have a great day
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  10. Kitrah added a blog entry in Kitrah   

    girl jeans
    so i converted to girl jeans now. my ass dont fit right in the boy ones no more. its strange because i been getting weird looks when im out now but i feel ok. im not freaked out like prob i going to be in dresses. so i think this good style for me. now i prob need to get some boots. my legs sort suprise me to. i havent notice that i walking different now i guess it just happen. im seeing more of me everday so thats nice. hope everone have a great time. i never think i would do it but i get very tired an angry wearing the boy jeans all the time.
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  11. AlanaNStone added a post in a topic Trans-Campaign at Lush!!!   

    Nice to see, I’ll check their products out and follow where this goes....
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  12. Chrissy added a post in a topic Dr. Kathy Rumer - GRS in Philadelphia   

    Hi Christy!
    I offer this with the qualification that this was my experience, things will vary from person-to-person, including based on the surgeon that you use. I'm now over a year past surgery and there is nothing that I have to do on a daily basis, the only thing left relating to the GCS is that I have to dilate once a week (that will be forever). Dilation schedule varies based on the surgeon - my schedule was 4x/day for the first month, 3x/day for the following 2 months, 2x/day for the next 3 months, 1x/day for 6 months, and then 1x/week after that - it was 20 minutes per session.
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  13. MonicaPz added a post in a topic Trans-Campaign at Lush!!!   

    PLEASE click on this link and carefully check this website out! Also, check out their online CATALOG, that has even more products! 
    This company has a HEART!
    Your friend,
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  14. Emma added a topic in Cosmetics & Makeup Help   

    Trans-Campaign at Lush!!!
    I must admit that before this morning I'd not heard of Lush. If you haven't (and into feminine soaps, fragrances, and cosmetics):
    Lush Puts Trans Rights Movement In The Spotlight With New Campaign
    Their Seattle location is near my voice therapist's office. I'm looking forward to dropping in to see them next Wednesday!
    More importantly to all of us is to consider that Lush is an international retailer that is putting its company out there in support of trans people. Marketing people are always looking for ways to differentiate their company and products and this campaign shows that Lush considers not only that trans people are potentially an important market segment but that it also positions their company as a socially conscious leader. Don't be too surprised as we see others, perhaps Macy's, Nordstrom, others, do the same. I'm really excited by this, it's truly groundbreaking. 
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  15. Lori added a post in a topic Transgender deaths so far in Subcontinent Pakistan since 1st January '18   

    I thought of your post here, as I published today's news on Transgender News Channel. 
    History made as scouts association welcomes: Pakistan’s first-ever transgender recruits
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  16. Lori added a post in a topic Transgender Memorial Vigil held   

    Thank you for showing support for the victims. 
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  17. cross2play added a topic in Transgender Crime   

    Transgender Memorial Vigil held
    Recently inside Canada there had been 3 unfortunate victim's murdered by single man called Bruce McArthur.  I attended the vigil ceremony in Toronto. But that's not the only vigil held. Because it was organized by Transgender community it was more particularly importance to like-minded individuals of the transgender community.
    Watch link
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  18. Emma added a comment on a blog entry My First Bra Fitting   

    Hey Lori,
    Yeah, I understand. The good news is that I have no doubts I’ll wear and enjoy everything!
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  19. Emma added a comment on a blog entry My First Bra Fitting   

    Dear Monica,
    Yes, I have Woolite for sure! My breasts are still pretty small. Growing and quite sensitive to bumping but no way do they fill my bra cups. I’m not sure what size they are. I guess the left is an A and the smaller right is an AA. I read that girls’ breasts take several years to develop and I’m trying to be patient. 😻😻😻
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  20. Lori added a comment on a blog entry My First Bra Fitting   

    Reminds me when I stopped by one of those "free makeovers" at a Clinique booth in Macy's. $650 later I walked out with all sorts of moisturizers and toners and makeup. I never used most of it, to be honest, but it felt great to have that makeover and I left with a better idea of what works best for me. I eventually opted for lower priced makeup options. 
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  21. MonicaPz added a comment on a blog entry Guess who showed up.   

    Dear Christy,
    If you get makeup on clothes, always have some liquid Tide on hand, put some liquid Tide on the spot for at least a half an hour, and then wash. Often that solves the problem.
    Your friend,
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  22. MonicaPz added a comment on a blog entry My First Bra Fitting   

    Dear Emma,
    Every woman should be professionally fitted for a bra every six months. 
    Make sure you bend over and DROP your breasts into the cups every time you put on your bra.
    By the way, it is best to wash your bras and other "delicates," that you mentioned here BY HAND and in gentle liquid soap made for this purpose, the brand which is the most common, called Woolite, in lukewarm water. Also my mother, may God rest her soul, stored her delicates in their own drawer in her dresser, separated by sheets of white tissue paper.
    Your friend,
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  23. MonicaPz added a comment on a blog entry FTM and masculinity   

    Dear Mero,
    Just as in the cisgender male community, there is a SPECTRUM of degrees of masculinity.
    Men and women, both trans and cisgender, should learn to celebrate diversity and respect one another. Unfortunately, it takes longer for some than others! 😉
    Yours truly,
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  24. Emma added a blog entry in Emma Sweet's Blog   

    My First Bra Fitting
    I remember hearing that Nordstrom is trans-friendly and offered free bra fittings. But also, back then, I was terrified at the thought. I knew it might happen some day but when that day came I'd know that I'd have to have really come into my own in a much more secure way. 
    I've only purchased my bras on Amazon. They fit okay, and weren't that expensive. I measured myself with a band size of 38 and as my mother's was 34 I thought I was in the right ballpark. The first cup size was C because that's the size I felt was more ideal for my body size and here again, it was the same as my mom's. Later, I decided to go for size B since it may be that that's the best I'll be able to naturally grow into at my age.
    About a week ago I decided that I was sick and tired of one bra strap constantly falling down my arm, the band binding around my chest, and decided that it was time to go to Nordie's. I called and made an appointment. All went fine and easy. Yesterday (Valentine's Day) I met with a 20-something woman in the lingerie department. I wasn't particularly nervous, mostly just excited. We went into a private changing room, she asked me what I was looking for. I wanted to buy three bras that fit: black, beige, and white. I took off my top and she measured my band size at 36. Wow! 
    She then brought in several different ones, helped me with them. She didn't rush me at all, and had zero problem with my questions or not liking some of them. I eventually bought five: beige, white, light pink, and violet, and a black exercise bra. Oh, and a very pretty summer-weight robe, chemise, and pajama pants: gotta be ready for Spring, right?
    Amazing it was such a small bag for $500. But, you know, I'm very happy knowing that now I am wearing a pretty bra that fits, just for me. I don't know how much more Nordstrom shopping I can afford; Nordstrom Rack is more like it. But now I know what size to look for! 
    Happy Valentines!
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  25. Chrissy added a comment on a blog entry Awareness   

    Was your friend bothered by any of this?
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