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  1. patrice FAILURE TO COMPLY added a post in a topic Lawsuit: Effects of 'Bathroom Bill' Linger in North Carolina   

    ​Well, if that's the gist of the new bill, then this new law might not be a bad thing.  It's been my understanding that the original bathroom bill was conceived & passed in  massive reaction-formation to the city of Charlotte passing a municipal ordinance which basically gave pretty much free access to whatever restroom one wanted to use.
    Also, I've heard that some sort of public restroom law in Texas came into being secondary of some big-city school official making unilateral decisions about restrooms, locker & dressing rooms, and other stuff w/o consulting parents, teachers, school board members, etc. 
    Analogous circumstances sometimes produce analogous consequences, I think.
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  2. olcharlie added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    Lawsuit: Effects of 'Bathroom Bill' Linger in North Carolina
    A revised lawsuit says transgender people in North Carolina say are still effectively prevented from using restrooms matching their gender identity under a law that replaced the state's notorious "bathroom bill.".
    July 21, 2017, at 12:48 p.m. By JONATHAN DREW, Associated Press
    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The law that replaced North Carolina's notorious "bathroom bill" sports a new look but maintains LGBT discrimination and prevents transgender people from using restrooms matching their gender identity, according to a lawsuit Friday.
    The lawsuit renews a high-profile legal battle that has thrust North Carolina into the center of the national debate over LGBT rights. The state took the "bathroom bill" off the books in late March after a yearlong backlash that hurt North Carolina's reputation and caused businesses and sports leagues to back out of lucrative events and projects.
    But lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union and Lambda Legal said the replacement law, known as H.B. 142, continues the harms of its predecessor.
    "Legislators were forced to rewrite the law," ACLU lawyer Chris Brook told reporters Friday. "But make no mistake ... H.B. 142 is a wolf in sheep's clothing crafted to keep discrimination intact but sporting a new look."
     The compromise earlier this year between Republican legislative leaders and Democrats led by Gov. Roy Cooper eliminated the "bathroom bill" requirement that transgender people use restrooms in many public buildings corresponding to the sex on their birth certificates.
    But the new law makes clear that that only the General Assembly — not local government or school officials — can make rules for public restrooms from now on. Local governments are also prohibited from enacting new nondiscrimination ordinances for workplaces, hotels and restaurants until December 2020.
    More here:
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  3. olcharlie added a topic in Transgender Rights & Political Activism   

    Community vigil seeks justice for transgender woman slain in 2015
    JULY 22, 2017 11:19 PM BY CHUEYEE YANG
    Almost two years after the still unsolved slaying of a transgender woman, community members gathered Saturday in central Fresno for a vigil and die-in in a bid for justice.
    Casey or “K.C.” Haggard, 66, was “just transitioning,” said Jess Fitzpatrick, co-chairman of Trans-E-Motion, when she was fatally stabbed in 2015.
    “We’re remembering a member of our community who was violently murdered on the streets of Fresno,” Fitzpatrick said. “Although the murder was caught on camera, a suspect has yet to be arrested.”
    The vigil was hosted by Trans-E-Motion, a nonprofit that provides support and education for the transgender community.
    More here:
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  4. Andrew added a comment on a blog entry Being hurt and ignored   

    Hi Emma
    Being Slimed is when you get covered in green goo. It is normally used in Nickelodeon or other Children's game shows etc.
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  5. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry Birthday Blog   

    Dear Chrissy,
    Happy Birthday, even if I'm early! I loved reading your timeline history. You've made such great progress. I also get hopeful that I will also have at least some depression lifted in transition. I don't expect it to change everything at all, but do expect that being a woman will finally solve a major problem for me. 
    We all have fears of being alone, rejected. That's so sad to feel that way. As Karen wrote I also feel that there is someone out there for each of us. But it's scary to think that we just might not encounter that person. I know this: all the times I met new dating partners I wasn't looking or trying. I was just being myself, doing whatever it was I was doing. I think that's a better way to live anyway. Easy for me to say.
     I'm also sorry to hear about your sister. It sucks how she is treating you. 
    Be you, Chrissy, you're good and lovely,
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  6. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry Being hurt and ignored   

    Hey Charotte,
    Good to hear from you and sorry about those nasty people. I don't know what being slimed is. I guess it's good? Hope so!
    And, great to hear about those superbike riders. Goes to show that for younger people being trans or gay is just another example of human diversity.
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  7. bluemoon added a comment on a blog entry Birthday Blog   

    Chrissy, happy almost birthday – you have so much to celebrate! I have a few comments about the effects of your transgender status on finding a man. One is that there are always aspects of all kinds that others find unattractive or attractive to different degrees. Even though transgender is a big one, it is still only one of many and you obviously have so many wonderful qualities, such as being smart, articulate, warm, caring, and sensitive to others.  While transgender may deter some men, most of them are probably not the type you want anyway. Conversely, someone who sees you for who you really are is more apt to be the kind of person you like and are compatible with too.
    I’m so sorry that you are in that position with your sister, which I described before as something along the lines of her terrible loss and limitation. Unfortunately, family members are often the last to fully accept you in all kinds of ways, especially when it comes to changes. Their image of you is rooted far back. Since the core of it forms in childhood, it is often difficult and slow, at best, for them to see you in any other way. Families should come with a warning label with a long list of side-effects, interactions, risks, and unforeseen effects.
    Good luck in this next year of being more you than ever.
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  8. Chrissy added a comment on a blog entry Being hurt and ignored   

    That's so nice about the riders, it must have felt nice ☺
    Sorry about the other incidents, it's horrible but it is a reality for trans people. I wish I had something more inspiring to fall back on but I can say that in my experience the positives about living an authentic life far outweigh the bad.
    Stay strong!
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  9. Andrew added a blog entry in Charlotte   

    Being hurt and ignored
    Hi Everybody
    I am really sorry I have not been in touch with my blog over the last couple of weeks I have rather busy. As I had a spare minute I thought I would update you all. First of all thank you for the kind words again it is really nice to know I have found a place for support as I transcend from Male to Female. 
    Still trying to speak to the press in the UK still have had no luck with that but have tried to get in touch with some local PR companies to see if they can help. Waiting to get back to me. 
    Looking forward to the end of next month as I get my first couple of tattoos I am having two ribbons on my feet. A pink cancer ribbon on one foot and on the other a ribbon with lots of different colours for two reasons 1) To celebrate being transgender and 2) To show support to people with have autism.
    Still using Charlotte but still trying to pick a Disney Princess or Nickelodeon name to use
    Finally a sad and happy story. First the sad story. As a child I always wanted to get slimed on a TV show but was put off when one day at school I was told by some bullies that I was too ugly to be on TV. When I told my therapist this she informed that a theme park not too far away was doing a slime event during the summer and as i was going to the park I thought maybe I could get the chance to be Slimed. Sadly a very ride staff member told me that it was just for kids (I know this not true). Also they said as I was trans people like me should not be allowed to do fun things like that. Thankfully I have complained and the company are trying to resolve this.
    But the happy event that happend was today when I was at practice for a superbike racing event this weekend. I love collecting autographs of both bike riders and car racers. Some of the riders asked if I was trans due to my make up and clothing. I said I was as they asked me in a really nice way. I was talking to them and they asked if I wanted them to sign the autograph to my real name or trans name. A couple of the riders said they were really jealous of both Trans and Gay people as they had the guts to be themselves and be proud of who they are. They also said they were jealous of us because we were so brave. This is from people who race 200MPH superbikes. But it made me feel a million dollars and I bet they do not know how good it felt they said that.
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  10. KarenPayne added a comment on a blog entry Birthday Blog   

    In regards to finding a man, one is out there for you, it's simply a matter of getting out there in the right places. For me finding a female was not that bad but had to change my mindset and of course present myself in the proper fashion.
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  11. Chrissy added a blog entry in On Being...Me   

    Birthday Blog
    Hi all,
    My birthday is technically still 2 days away, but since I have access to a computer right now I thought I'd do this now. It seems like a good moment to just reflect on the past few years. First a quick timeline!
    March 2015 - this isn't really the beginning of the story, but this is when I actually recognized that I am transgender, and then shared that with my therapist. There was about a year or two of cross-dressing and exploring that lead to this point. One vital take-away is that from this moment on a lifetime of depression went away. I'm not saying I haven't been depressed about things since then, but the underlying, existential depression I experienced until then was gone - I stopped asking myself "Why can't I just be right?"
    August 2015 - I began "presenting full-time" as a woman, both at work and everywhere else. Working at a school helped this as the school was pretty empty during the summer, so I had time to acclimate without a bunch of faculty and students around. Also during this month I started taking hormones.
    July 2016 - I left my job to go back to school. I had been planning to go to school anyway, but part-time. My employer needed to reduce staffing, so they offered a buy-out which made my school decision easier ("easier"). It was still a tough choice to make - I had been there 10 years, it was secure, I had no idea what would happen if I left. I eventually spoke with my best friend on the phone about it (he had moved out to LA recently) and he asked "in 5 years what do you want to be looking back at?" - my decision was made.
    August 2016 - I had my breast augmentation surgery.
    September 2016 - I started school, pursuing a Masters in Social Work at NYU. For so long I had been trying to figure out what I really wanted to do in life, this choice seemed so obvious after I made it, but I know I couldn't have made this choice before coming out and transitioning.
    December 2016 - I had my GCS - YAY!!!
    May 2017 - finished first year of school - YAY!!!
    And that brings us to today. A lot has happened, and I'm thrilled with it, but I know that more still has to happen. For one thing I don't think I've quite fully internalized my own sense of being a woman, at times I still feel like an imposter. I suppose after living for 48 years identifying as a man it's bound to take some time. My recent decision to stop wearing wigs helped - I had put too much of my gender identity into them.
    I still very much fear being alone forever. I often find myself thinking that no man will ever accept me as a woman and be in a relationship. There is something to it, there are definitely men who would run away from the idea of dating a transgender person, but I also know that some of that thinking is part of what I said just before about not fully accepting myself as a woman. There's work to be done.
    I wonder if my sister will ever come around. I'd prefer to think that I'm fine just leaving her behind, but I know I'm not. We never had a very, very close relationship, but we generally had a good relationship and I miss that. I also know that I made the choice, I told her I didn't want to hear from her until and unless she was ready to accept me as a woman, and I can't back away from that.
    I'm often unwilling to accept some things that are simply true and can't be changed - they all focus around the fact that I was not born a cisgender female, and I will never have been. As a result I will physically never be a cisgender female, I will never have the experiences that a girl has growing up, etc. It's silly to reject those facts, but I still try sometimes.
    So that's more or less where I am right now - see what happens in the next year :-)
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  12. bluemoon added a comment on a blog entry Ups and Downs   

    That's happened to me too with being androgynous and with intersex disclosure. Sometimes it involves pressure from family or friends, but sometimes through their own insecurity about what their family or friends will think about them. They fear that their gender status or general social status will be questioned or compromised. A girlfriend that was particularly drawn to my female aspects loved that we could be secret lesbians except to close friends that we knew would accept us. She had been occasionally attracted to other women but was too afraid about what others would think to become sexually involved with them.
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  13. Chrissy added a comment on a blog entry Next   

    Wow, I didn't realize the number was that high. I haven't given them up entirely, I just need to know that I'm wearing them as a choice, not because I feel less like a woman without. I know that's not objectively true - I'm every bit as much a woman with or without a wig - but it's a self-perception I need to work through.
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  14. bluemoon added a comment on a blog entry Next   

    Emma, that sounds like fun, the hairstyle hunt. I also appreciate your post, Monica, since I had no idea that one out of three cisgender women wear wigs or hair pieces and that seems freeing in case I ever want to try it.
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  15. MonicaPz added a comment on a blog entry Ups and Downs   

    Dear Charlotte and Emma,
    There have been some situations where people AT FIRST supported a transgendered person, but then changed their mind (probably under pressure from their family and friends).
    This has also happened to me as a Lesbian.
    Yours truly,
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  16. MonicaPz added a comment on a blog entry Next   

    Dear Ladies,
    Please keep in mind that ONE OUT OF THREE adult cisgender women wear wigs or hair pieces.
    Have experimented with wearing a wig.  The wig flattered me very much and was much more attractive than my natural hair.  Wore it daily but kept very good care of it.  Sadly, even though it was an $85.00 wig, I had to give it up, because the wig only lasted three months, which would have been financially prohibitive for me.
    By the way, artificial hair wigs are much more comfortable than natural hair wigs, in my experience, and just as natural looking.  Also, I think artificial hair wigs seem to stand up to wear and tear better than natural hair wigs.
    Yours truly,
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  17. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry Next   

    Blue, I've been collecting photos of women with possible styles, and plan on reviewing them with a pair of women friends who know me personally so I can get their opinions. Then I will also show the stylist and get her feedback. I hope that works or at least makes the best of it! I should be able to post a photo in about a month...
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  18. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic Hello....   

    ​Hi patrice... and welcome to the TG Guide Board.
    The "likes" are built into the board - not a whole lot we can do about them unless they are just flat disabled for everyone.  Because we have become such a social media society, "likes" have become nearly inseperable from so many platforms. 
    That said, we would prefer that you "ignore the little red circle" rather than delete your posts.  I can appreciate that you prefer not to be notified when someone has liked something you've posted, but deleting posts are unfair to those who have taken the time to read your OP, and then reply to that OP and subsequent posts.  It can really wreck the flow of a topic.  Sometimes, such deletions force us to have to remove entire threads - again, not fair to other members.
    I hope you understand.
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  19. Steph53 added a comment on a blog entry Great weekend   

    Hiya Karen. Good on You Honey. Firstly out Driving, and then being hit on by 2 Guy's Twice. Karen, You cannot blame Them Babes, because You are A Gorgeous Young Lady. Karen, It Is Always Great to hear from You Sweetheart. Keep Smiling, Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  20. KarenPayne added a blog entry in Karen's thoughts   

    Great weekend
    This past weekend I spent with a group like minded people who love driving Mazda Miata's. Friday we drove what the average person would consider a dangerous drive where in 19 miles there are 170 turns where the majority are marked at 20 MPH and we took them a good deal faster (the fastest was 70 MPH and the average was 45 MPH). Friday evening we have a group dinner with about 120 people. Saturday we drove two drives, one in the morning and one in the afternoon (Friday's drive was an all day event).
    When we returned on Saturday to the hotel I wore for the first time a bikini and was hit on by three men, that was a good feeling and was fun flirting. Saturday night was another dinner and I decided to wear a nice evening gown with heels (I seldom wear this attire) and had two of the men from the afternoon hit on me again.  It's nice being at this stage of my life not needing to worry about anyone even considering my former life and truly didn't think about it till now and decided to write this entry (as usual, as the thoughts enter my brain writing them down).
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  21. Chrissy added a post in a topic Being Transgender May Be Hazardous   

    I agree with Briannah's point, it seems like socio-economic status was very likely a bigger factor across the board in terms of health impact than being transgender. It raises the question of why the sample they used was "younger, poorer, less white and more likely to be unemployed." One guess I have is how they sought out participants, that they may have mainly focused on community health service providers where they were more likely to find transgender people, and as a result the sampling of trans individuals was skewed.
    I'm a little troubled that they didn't address this issue in the article. Whether it was that their sampling method caused the skewing, or that trans people do, on average, tend to be "younger, poorer, less white and more likely to be unemployed," it's a cause for concern.
    Another point is that whenever you see a survey of trans people, it's much like it was with gay and lesbian people years ago, it skewed towards those who were willing to be open about it. So these might be interesting for conversation, but they will always be far from accurate until we live in a society where more/most trans people can live openly.
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  22. Briannah added a post in a topic Being Transgender May Be Hazardous   

    "Overall, the transgender people were younger, poorer, less white and more likely to be unemployed than their cisgender counterparts." 
    This sentence has a profound relationship to the weight issues that the article doesn't really go into.  Eating right is insanely expensive in America, particularly in cities where access to local grown produce options isn't a thing.  I've seen the diets several of my friends had to arrange to be able to keep their families in food over the years.  Our food manufacturers have made huge profits off filling our food with supremely cheap junk, not to mention the 'poor shaming' people have when someone on assistance gets a nice piece of meat or other expensive (but healthy) choice.   The more a part of a group you are that is underemployed or unemployed, the more likely they are going to be existin gon a diet of this cheap, fatteing food to make ends meat.
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  23. bluemoon added a comment on a blog entry Next   

    Emma, I can't wait to see it and whether you go pixie or try something else. A tremendously talented hair stylist might know what is best for you, but I have found them exceptionally rare so you would probably know best what works as well as the kind of look you want.
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  24. Chrissy added a comment on a blog entry Next   

    A "pixie cut" seems to be a good option for those things ☺
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  25. EmmaSweet added a comment on a blog entry Next   

    I agree with Blue. I loved the way you told your story and the outcome of course, too. I'm not happy with wigs for myself and am going to get it styled in about a month. I have a high forehead and some hair recession/thinning there too. I really hope mine will look as good as yours!
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