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  1. Lori added a post in a topic Annual Transgender Events   

    Thanks Emma. I added Gender Odyssey. We'll have to watch for them to announce the dates.  
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  2. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry Cleaning Up Loose Ends   

    Emma, darling, I think we both could outwork 20-somethings. LOL
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  3. Emma added a post in a topic Annual Transgender Events   

    Gender Odyssey, a dual conference for professionals and trans youth/families is held in Seattle in August and Los Angeles in June. I attended the Seattle event this year and it was wonderful. Unfortunately they are discontinuing the program for trans adults. The program for trans children and families is very popular and growing like crazy.
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  4. bluemoon added a comment on a blog entry EMAGINE   

    Very clever, Emma... always finding new and creative ways, big and small, to continue becoming or bringing out the most real you.
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  5. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry EMAGINE   

    Congratulations, Aunt Emma. You will be an amazing Auntie I know.
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  6. Emma added a comment on a blog entry EMAGINE   

    Thank you! I think it's too cool for school. This may sound silly but for me it's like another step in coming out and being authentically me, fun (I hope) and a little creative. 
    No, I'm not from New York. I've only visited a handful of times. I'm a native Californian who moved to Seattle last summer. Washington is so amazing. Of course I hate the traffic but that encourages me to walk or use the light rail. On Saturday I drove less than an hour from my home to visit my niece and her young family who live on a small lake in a beautiful woodsy area. In California that drive would be a lot longer to get away from the urban areas. Another thing from Saturday: now I'm known as Aunt Emma! I'm very proud of that. 
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  7. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry EMAGINE   

    I love it too. I didn't know you were from Washington. I thought New York.
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  8. Emma added a blog entry in Emma Sweet's Blog   

    A couple of months ago while driving north in Oregon I thought of a custom license plate for me: "EMMAGINE." Unfortunately the DMV only accepts 7 characters or fewer so I dropped an M. I love it!

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  9. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry Saturday Night Musings   

  10. Emma added a comment on a blog entry Saturday Night Musings   

    "De-AFLAC" sounds like a great idea. I was also considering what I should do tomorrow. I'm retired and have so much to do in my fixer-upper house, I could definitely work all day tomorrow. We all need to decompress and that's what I plan to do. Maybe spend the day in my nightgown and pink fluffy robe, reading a little, napping, and just downshifting. Monday comes soon enough!
    I do think it's important to keep track of little things you can do and/or look forward to during the week or anytime. For example I plan to stop by a nearby Vietnamese restaurant on the way home late Monday afternoon to buy a take-out order of their vegetarian appetizer rolls. For $3.85 they are a delicious, nutritious and cheap meal that I'll enjoy that evening for dinner. "It's the little things."
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  11. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    Saturday Night Musings
    So, I just now finished reading a rather lengthy article by Alex Mar in Wired, courtesy of my Flipboard app, called "Love in the Time of Robots." It's about Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, who builds beautiful androids, humanoids if you will. It gets deep fast as we delve into what it is to be human and how we relate to each other. Now, after a day of doing weekend chores--shopping, mowing, setting up a new laptop, doing my social obligations, and having dinner of the lasagna that my neighbor brought me the other night--fortunately I was dressed normally, and not in some of the get-up i usually wear later in the evening--I find myself in a somewhat pensive mood. (Boy, that was a long sentence.) 
    My earliest remembrances as a child were about what am I actually. At a very early age, and being brought up Catholic, I could attach a label, "child of God." But, it never ended there and I'm still trying to figure out life--a heavy duty trip, a friend of mine once told me. I am a fan of Eric Barker and his blog,  "Barking Up the Wrong Tree."  He writes about of lot of life and living based on neuroscience and influenced by the teachings of the Stoics. His contention is that we are not only our thoughts. In other words, our thoughts are not who we are. I have to agree. i have long held the view that the mind and the body are one, and that who we are is as much a matter of our physicality as our thinking. When I was in the seminary in college, a friend and I contended that every encounter had an element of sexuality involved. It drove our priest-professors nuts. Maybe that was the idea.
    There is also the notion--and I'm thinking this as I write--that our brains are physical too. Eric Barker says that when we learn, our brain structure actually changes. We are constantly forging new pathways and new neural connections--that is, if we continue to learn. If we stay stuck in our patterns of thinking, the rut keeps getting deeper. I think some people have a hard time changing because they have invested so much into one way of thinking. They don't want to lose all that effort they put into building the structure, even if it doesn't work.
    So, anyway, I had dinner, and finished reading my article, and had a little chair nap. I then brushed my teeth and had my shower, and then what. I wasn't feeling particularly feminine or playful or girly, but our of habit, I put on a pair of panties and a bra, and then I thought maybe I'll wear my new metallic pants but with a red VS top, then my fake pearl necklaces and bracelet. That is what I'm wearing now. So, how does that change my thinking and my mood? Tonight, not too much. Other times, a whole different personality. Usually, I feel different depending on what I'm wearing  whether it be a sharp men's suit or a dress. Brain change--maybe. Basically, at this time of the day, I just put on whatever, because I can. My boss told me to de-AFLAC over the weekend, so that's what I'm doing.
    But, getting back to who we are. Some say that we are our choices. I think also maybe our values. Maybe we should just be. Zorba says to his English boss. "You think too much." Or as Kipling says, to think and not make thoughts our aim. And with that, enough thinking for the evening. I'll see of there are any other girls to chat with. Bye.
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  12. Emma added a comment on a blog entry Cleaning Up Loose Ends   

    Almost 75? I would have guessed you to be in your 50s, maybe early 60s. You have the drive of a 20-something!
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  13. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    Cleaning Up Loose Ends
    I had a good day. I have been going like mad trying to get my prospecting numbers in for the week, and then having to spend time with my District Sales Coordinator, that I have been a little scattered. So, I pretty much took the day for me to get my parts together. I organized my employer contacts that showed some promise and did some recalls this morning. Nothing major, but I did secure one appointment for my efforts. I also sent out some emails to businesses that I can't reach any other way--I'm not holding my breath on those. But I also sent my former employer, PACE Center for Girls, an email asking them to consider AFLAC. At least here I know the principals. I don't know what will come of it, but it would be a big account if it materialized. Worth a shot. I also reached out to the handyman who did our house remodeling. He and his wife befriended both Sue and me, and he gave his condolences. I hope to see him again soon. I also got dental insurance today from the same carrier I had at PACE. Of all things, I can't get a policy from ALAC--too old. The cutoff is 70. I'm just three weeks shy of 75. Anyway, I have pretty decent coverage again through Metlife which I will need since I'm contemplating an implant in January. I need to keep up with my dental hygiene.
    My last thing of the day was to finally finish my credentials for the AFLAC policy writing platform. I have been having a devil of a time getting the software to cooperate, and have spent way too much time talking to tech support and customer service. In the end, I got it to work so now I know how to set up an employer and enroll employees. I passed the test and got my certificate. Whew!
    This weekend, I will be planning with my prospecting partner, what areas we will hit. I also have a laundry that is piling up, and I will need to do some ironing. Good old youtube. I'm getting a little better at it. That's it for now. See you later.
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  14. Emma added a comment on a blog entry Working   

    So much training is hard to absorb in such a short time. I hope you have plenty of time and experiences in between so the training has relevance for you.
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  15. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    I have been working pretty steadily with AFLAC, but iooks  like I will have to work even harder--and smarter--to get off the ground. Most of my appointments for the last two days didn't work out for one reason or another, mostly no-shows which is common enough. I think I can reschedule most of them, however. My boss and I did get one the looks likely to be a buyer as well as being a broker who can make referrals to me for added business. So, we 'll see how that pans out. I still have some things pending, and tomorrow I make some recalls to see if I can catch the owner. I'm going to keep going.
    BTW, I "just" read that we should try to eliminate using "just" in our speech and writing. The writer said that it adds a note of subservience to our communications, and we are more direct and purposeful without it. Women seem to use it 3-4 times as much as men. I use it a lot which says something about me. I'll try to cut down on using it. My readers can check on me.
    Right now I have to finish my course on how to use the writing platform so I can write policies and make some money. That will be nice. I have two trainings next week as well, one all day, and the other half day. On top of that, our region is running a major push next week, so I will definitely be putting some hours in. I'll be working with a go-getter female partner for a good part of the week. I think it will be good for me to work with someone who is a bit more agressive. Maybe the two of us can make a good team.
    Anyway, that's it for now. My feminine self is taking a back burner for a while, which is not all bad. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, you know.( I have a really bad joke on that, but I'll save that for another time.) Later.
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  16. Chrissy added a post in a topic Legal Name Change Resources in NYC and Elsewhere . . .   

    In the support group that I facilitate (in NYC) we discussed name changes recently, a couple of people who have done it said it went very easily - there's usually a publication requirement, but in both cases the judge waived it for them due to the possibility of it endangering them - so that was nice to hear!  (I had it done in NJ, didn't even think to ask about waiving the publication requirement)
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  17. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    Busy Days
    On Sunday, I finally got around to cleaning out my wife's medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I am still going through bathroom stuff--I gress I have been putting it off. It's strange going through someone else's personal belongings. My wife and I were together for over 30 years, although we were not intimate for the last 14 years or so. She couldn't deal with the idea of dressing let alone the physical expression of it. I think it became so ingrained in her thinking that she couldn't modify her stance. And then 8 years ago, she go cancer, so that was another chapter. And then, we had the aftermath of all the treatments, wh​​ich virtually left her house bound.​ Massive diarrhea. She sometimes spent most of her day, and night, in the bathroom. Both of us cleaned a lot of messes. Many trips to the doctors over the years with little improvement. In the end, we did make some headway with her bowels, but then COPD kicked in, and that seemed to be the last straw. Her body just wore out. So, going through her things, you see what someone does to cope with life as it is. In her case, it was a fear of running out of something, so she has loads of medicine and you name it. I think I have enough food in the house to last a year. Just need to buy fresh things. I wonder what someone will think when they go through my things. I think I want someone who knows who I am.
    So, I am super busy with my new career. Lots of meetings and training and courses to take on line. Right now my prospecting is in the hard grind phase because it's all I know how to do at the moment. I do have a direct sale opportunity pendintg with one of my neighbors who I think will buy and accident policy. Yesterday, after Monday meeting, I spent three hours walking around our local industrial parks, stopping in businesses, and trying to make appointments. Hard go. I stopped in 51 businesses, talked to 20 decision makers DMs, and got zero appointments. I did get some positive responses, however. So, it will be worthwhile to call back. Today, I did 43 stops, with 8 DMs, and did get two appointments. I think it will get easier. I'm sure getting my exercise and fresh air if nothing else.
    I had a teeth cleaning this morning, and I had to tell Trish, our hygienist, that Sue had died. I had previously let the office know, but word never got back to her. We had both gotten to be good friends with Trish, and so I had to tell the story again. I think everyone knows by now. I told Trish that I thought of her every time I brushed my teeth.
    So that's it for today's edtion. I do have to rein in my clothes shopping, at least a little. Now I have to buy a laptop for work, but that's a business expense, and it looks like i can get what I need for around $250 at Walmart. Not bad. But then, we still get all these catalogs in the mail, and I ended up buying a posture bra from AmeriMark. I just couldn't resist, and besides, I do need to improve my posture--right?
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  18. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry Dressing for success!!!!   

    Oh, the trials and tribulations of life. Getting what we don't want, and not getting what we want. BTW, I have a date with the dental hygienist tomorrow. Lovely lady. We always have a lot to chat about.
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  19. JudyCDNJ added a post in a topic Nylon stockings or pantyhose   

    ​Definitely a pantyhose girl here,
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  20. Chrissy added a blog entry in On Being...Me   

    Dressing for success!!!!
    Much has been said on this website about dressing - obviously! - here was my experience this morning. I'm at my field placement today, which is a social work internship, so it requires a good balance of looking professional, without going too far and creating the appearance of a power imbalance. Add to that mix that I had a dental appointment in the morning before I came here. Usually that wouldn't impact anything, but I go to the NYU Faculty Dental Practice, and the student I go to is really, really cute. So, add to the equation trying to look as cute as possible for the dental student :-)
    Last time I saw him he mentioned a girlfriend (which was admittedly a little painful to hear), but that was back in June, so who knows!  More important though is that I decided it doesn't matter if I actually have a chance with him, I want to learn to act, and dress like I do (not just for him, but generally). So I think I found a good balance :-)  (had it been a non-internship day I would have worn one of the tank tops that I have that I think are very flattering)
    Of course then I get to the appointment and the first thing that happens when you're in the chair is that they put that protective bib on you - why even have cleavage to show!?!? Then they have these goggles for you to wear to protect from the spray while they're doing the cleaning - so at this point there's no way I look at all cute :-(
    But the takeaway remains! I want to date, I would like a relationship, so I have to take that into account now and then and dress accordingly :-)
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  21. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    Saturday 10-14-17
    Here it is, Saturday night, a party night for some, and I sit in my den typing on the computer, my two dogs with me, asleep as usual. I am fairly dressed up. I am wearing pantyhose, which I don't do as often as I should. They feel and look good on me, but often I'm just too lazy to make the effort, or they aren't right for what else I'm wearing. With the animal print dress, they are just right. And for now, I have overcome the need for a strapless bra by just tucking in the straps-duh. I could cut them off, I suppose, but I don't want to ruin the bra. It's an inheritance from my wife. She wore a 36C for most of her life, and now they fit me, even without an extender. I used to be a 40 long in a suit coat, then 38, and now my chest is down to 36. The incredible shrinking man. I have lost about 10 pounds since Sue died. I am eating, but not a lot of heavy food for the most part. I am vain enough to want to keep my girlish figure, but I don't want to be too thin either-- not healthy and doesn't look good. (Talk about random thoughts--more like meandering thoughts.I really need to meditate on a regular schedule.) So, anyway, with all that said, I'm good. You'd think that now that I'm on my own and can do whatever I please, I would get out more, but I really don't have any desire, and I don't have anyone to go out with anyway. This is better. I go down the street every afternoon around 4 with my two puppies to give them their afternoon outing and stop at old friends of ours, Dave and Jeanie. Dave is a retired stone mason of almost 83 and Jeanie his wife is a few years younger. Both are pretty conservative to say the least, but for some reason, both Sue and I became good friends with Dave. He has his shortcomings--don't we all--but he has always been good to us, and he is easy to talk to. Jeanie is a bit of a constant complainer, which does get a litle wearing, but she means well, and is always ready to help.  That is the extent of my social life except of course for here and the chat room. And with that said, I think I'll head that way. I'm sure Andrea is waiting for me, and we'll see who else shows up tonight. One never knows.
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  22. MichelleLea added a blog entry in Random thoughts and ideas   

    Dressing 2
    I have been pretty absorbed with AFLAC this week, which is perfectly natural as it is my new career and I want to do well. I am encouraged starting out and believe that in time I will develop a rhythmn and a daily routine. Right now, my week is pretty chopped up with required online courses and meetings. Also,  i will be dependent on my sales manager for the time being and have to work around his busy schedule. For example, I can't make appointments until I know when he'll be available since I don't yet know how to present proposals to prospects. In due time.
    I spent a couple of hours with another newer agent this morning, Donna, a very nice and sharp young lady of 60--I'm getting to the point where most people are younger than me. LOL Anyway, she has had a previous career in banking and IT, and is now starting out like me on a new career with AFLAC. Interesting. Like all of us, she was a little timid starting out, but is doing very well now. Her advice is to give it time and effort. I'm i n.
    Now, with all of that, I still make time to get a littl e dre ssed up in the evenings--I am a crossdresser, you know. I found a crossdressing superstore online that happens to be in the same industrial park that I worked this week. I tried to stop in there this afternoon, but no one was there. It might be more of an online store. I did end up setting up an account with them and ordering a pair of sheers (as the British say) and a garter belt.) I also wrote to them to ask if they have store hours or maybe would open by appointment. It's a family-owned business, but I will mention AFLAC to them. I think I mentioned before, maybe I could target the trans friendly stores in our area. Might be fun.
    On a whim, and because I decided to hold off buying a new cell phone and got a greatly reduced rate now that I am only paying for one, I ordered an a kind of outrageous outfit from JLUXLABEL. I got it because it is somewhat outre--clingy and metallic. Just for fun. I'm in a long skirt that I got at the thrift shop tonight with a satiny blouse that I bought from the Chinese company. I also am wearing a bosomy bra and some fashion jewelry.  A little lipstick. Pretty comfy and casual tonight. And so on to the chore-filled weekend.

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  23. MonicaPz added a comment on a blog entry Ho-hum   

    Dear Chrissy,
    Think Widow to Widow was referring to INCAPACITATING grief.
    Still have moments of grief over losing my parents.
    Your friend,
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  24. MichelleLea added a comment on a blog entry Coming Out on National Coming Out Day   

    Wow! I'm impressed. You are doing it, and I think you should be so proud of yourself. It is a process, isn't it? You're overcoming your fears is paying off though, as it is becoming more natural for you to be out as you. I don't know that I'll get that far, but who knows? As it turns out there is a CD boutique in the same industrial park where I have been making my calls. Maybe I can network with the trans community here both as a customer and an agent. Just a thought. I'd like to find a trans friendly hair stylist who could cut my hair so that it could be both masculine and feminine. Wouldn't that be neat. It was also International Day of the Girl. I only knew it was coming out day becuase I saw a tweet by Ellen. Now I know better. Anyway, again, good for you, Emma!
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