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  1. Guest added a post in a topic Stories!   

    dressing up is actually my first memory, mostly just thanding looking in a mirror along with my sister, i was about 3 ... hard to remember... but sence then barly a month has gone by without me doing so, i'd usually get found out until i was about 15, i started being more sneaky about dad has always been against it, but it has never stopped me, i eventually got to a bag of old cloths my mom was going to throw out... so.. it is badly outdated, but keeps me going sence my house is constantly full of people, so i tend to just go hide in my room.. there are no real good storys, not that i really remeber, the whole senario anyway. or that i wish to share...
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  2. cindy131369 added a post in a topic Stories!   

    Hi I first dreesup when I lived two drag queens who were on the game. I had never considered it until then. I had had oral sex with male partners before this. I had also had sex with females also. But when I put on a skirt my feelings changed . It fel t so nice so real. Then I got married and dreesed up in the "closet' all of my married life. My wife and Are separated now, not because of CD but other reasons. I still long for wearing girlie stuff.
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  3. Annie added a post in a topic Question about wigs   

    I can vouch for the beneficial effects of HRT in relation to hair loss. At the age I'm at now, my dad had wispy hair. Except for some recession at the temples I'm doing quite well.

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  4. ambiguous added a post in a topic Question about wigs   

    Thanks, friends. It helps a lot to have some perspective on things.
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  5. Dee_is_me63 added a post in a topic Question about wigs   

    I agree real hair is the way to go.Back in the "70's I wore my hair long and other women would compliment me on it and ask how I took care of it.Believe me I wish I never cut it years ago.I now have it as long as before but since I cut it to try and conform I didn't really condition it so when it came back it's drier and it's taking time to bring it back to where it was.
    So whether you use a wig or not make sure you continue to condition your hair.If you want nice silky hair and trim it so you don't get spilt ends.
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  6. Lisbeth added a post in a topic Question about wigs   

    HRT will stop the baldness process, and in most cases will cause some reversal of it.

    The reason is that male-pattern baldness is caused by the hair folicle responding to the accumulation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This is a product of metabolizing T. Remove the T and you stop making DHT. As the DHT is removed from your system, some folicles will reactivate.

    One of the common drugs used to treat male-pattern baldness is proscar. Sometimes estrodiol will be prescribed, but it's usually considered a last resort.

    I have not been able to find information on the cause of female-pattern baldness. That's not because I haven't tried. My partner has it, and she's getting kind of thin on top.

    Anyway, I would never want to go back to wigs. If I ever had to do radiation and chemo, there wouldn't be much choice, but there is nothing like real hair. I wouldn't want to lose my wig like someone did when riding in my friend's Miata. And if someone pulls your hair to see if it's real, it's nice to not have it come off.
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  7. LisaElizabeth added a post in a topic Question about wigs   

    Hi girls!!

    Since the responses are from 'younger' T-girls or those of you that are TS, I would think your own hair would be ideal!!! Grow it longer or even a 'page boy' and you can do just fine...

    * this will happen...*

    As you age, I am afraid Male Pattern Baldness will kick in... Take a look at the males in your family over the age of 40.... Your head will be about the same!!!
    I am almost 53 and believe me a wig is the way to go!!! There is enough bare skin up there now that they really do not get too warm any more!!

    When I was in my 20's I had a very full , thick mane, but the past 27 yrs have seen it thin and my forehead get larger!!!

    For those of you that are TS I don't know how HRT will affect your hairline. delay it, modify it or stop it from happening?? I don't know.

    So for now, your own hair will work great!!! Even the GGs have thinning and hair loss with age, it is not strictly a 'Male' thing!!

    Lisa Elizabeth (I love my brunette / auburn highlights, 'Jodi' wig!!!)
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  8. warwick_rs added a post in a topic Question about wigs   

    I'm not an expert, but when I was younger and grew my hair long it was pretty disgusting - limp and lifeless. I eventually started trying hair products; gels, mousse,
    and using conditioner. It made a world of difference. I still have 'bad hair days', but so does everyone (sigh).

    Don't be afraid to experiment. Try using a small curling iron if your hair is 'too' straight and have fun. It takes a bit of practice at first, then it gets easier and easier. And if it doesn't turn out, you can wash it out and start all over.
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  9. ambiguous added a post in a topic Question about wigs   

    I think I'd rather have my own hair; sounds like it works well. My hair is actually soldier length right now but it hasn't seemed to do much in a while...
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  10. warwick_rs added a post in a topic Question about wigs   

    Hi, I tried some wigs when I started out and they really helped. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from (especially if you are CD, change is good). However, wigs tend to get a bit warm while wearing them, and they need to be kept clean and styled just like real hair.

    I quickly found I really wanted my own hair, to be more myself [i'm TS]. It has taken a while for me to grow my hair out, but I prefer the way I look now (androgynous). Plus I have added highlights and wear my bangs long. So with a touch of mascara, lipstick and earrings - "instant girl mode" :)
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  11. ambiguous added a post in a topic Teenager looking for advice   

    Lol. Thanks for the positive support; it's tough being a guy that likes pink I tell you.
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  12. FruityFreak added a post in a topic Teenager looking for advice   

    I wouldnt worry too much about the briefs and growing your hair out thing.
    Long hair on males is getting more and more common so nobody will probobly suspect anything.
    If you have a close friend that you could tell, you could tell them and they could help you out with the clothes. Especially helpful if its a female friend. You could borrow her clothes and she could put make-up on you and all that hehe ^__^ fun fun
    Good luck with everything.

    Kevin B)
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  13. ambiguous added a post in a topic Stories!   

    My story starts when I was young. I was at a public pool and I asked my mother "Can I have one of those one piece bathing suits?"

    She replies by saying that they're not for men. This is where it stops for several years.

    Then comes 7th grade. My hair is pretty long on its own, so I was always teased about being a girl. And the truth is, I kinda wanted to be one. So I tried on my mother's clothes for the first time and I was hooked. I'm not much older now and I have yet to acquire my own stuff sadly.
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  14. ambiguous added a topic in Male to Female (MtF) Crossdressers Discussion   

    Question about wigs
    I'm a relatively young CD, but I'm starting to think about the future. Assuming I'm never forgetting about my preference of crossdressing, I was wondering if people believe there is a difference between using wigs and actually growing your hair long. I'm a teen right now and our generation can thankfully get away with it. Are wigs preferable to hair?
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  15. ambiguous added a post in a topic Teenager looking for advice   

    I keep trying to tell my parents about it, and I've been able to tell them some other things in the past (granted, not as big as this), but I don't want their image of me to be depreciated. Right now I'm an A/B honor student and I have a great girlfriend. I have a feeling that telling them might set hell loose on me. Especially if my mom doesn't like finding out I've been wearing her dresses.

    EDIT: I'm also afraid they'll become suspicious of other things; I.e., I still wear briefs because they're as close to panties as I can get and I grow my hair out.
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  16. Celeste added a post in a topic Teenager looking for advice   

    I have the same problem, only solutions I can think of is: 1. To let your parents know one day, or 2. Just get caught in some women clothes purposely by your parents then show all your feelings when caught, if the first idea doesn't work well. I have tried none of these cause I couldn't handle what would happen, but it seems like the only way to succeed, unless you have a brother or sister that you can tell and if they accept it they can help get clothes & help you hide it etc.
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  17. ambiguous added a topic in Male to Female (MtF) Crossdressers Discussion   

    Teenager looking for advice
    Looks like I posted an intro in the wrong forum. But I am a teenager who identifies himself as a crossdresser. The problem is, A ) I don't own clothes of my own because I can't get out often and B ) my parents don't know. Any advice?
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  18. MzIce added a post in a topic To Live & Love A CD   

    Hi Judy thanks for your support always.....I know who you were talking about and I do understand your pain.. I know because I still fill my pain....I truly did love Destiny my CD and I probably would still be with her if I was a weak person.. but I learned to love myself and beleive I deserved someone who could love me and only me. And when Iwasn't looking along came Tommy the same way it happen to you....
    When other people can't accept you for who your are and what you give then you have to walk's their loss and your gain....

    Live Life and Love Unconditionally

    Know you are my family always and we are sisters deep in our hearts..

    With Much Respect and

    Deb-e aka MzIce

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  19. Judy added a post in a topic To Live & Love A CD   

    Dear Mzice Hug's
    I Truthfully totally know what you went through .. it can be very hard and sometimes us Good Girls Can Get Burnt .. I went throu a Ordeal with A Cd long time ago A Very perplexingly similar situation like you Wrote in your lovely post here ...

    He ok S(He) He is long gone out of my life but yes I still think about them most everyday we were very close and I never thought things would backfire like they did Mzice you know who I am referring to in this place
    It killed me emotionally literally it really was rough after thev trust and love we both had for eachother .. I am glad That Person And i never Got Married.. I would have Died from heartbroke im sensitive He was very open about wanting to be A Girl and all and i supported him but he said if He < Then transitioned he probably wouldnt love me any more
    And He Was Totally right ...
    I had Alot of Heart Healing up to do emotionally ... it took me long time to trust anyone ... I didnt want to Fall in love Again to be destroyed

    About 2 YRS Past and I met A lovely partner Again in and Boom we hit it off and have been happily married ever since and there is no regrets
    We Both are totally Dedicated to eachother and I am happily married .. We Met here at
    Point is when you leas expect it love finds you

    I dont care about clothes etc.. I care about heart and soul .. clothes dont make the person the heart does and Truthfullness / Trust make A Great Relationship

    As of Now our lives have only gotten more Tighter our love is as Strong as love Gets
    Love is blind to Clothing Fettishes and preferences IMOP
    I am A Female and I totally see no problems in life

    The only problems in life is the problems people Bring to others etc

    Looks / Bodies can change in the blink of the Eye but Love is From thy Heart and if The Love is Strong enough to pull both out of A Serious situation
    Then that is True Love

    MZICE youre the best
    Sincerely Judy

    I love ya all room tgguide is the best always will be my homebase ....

    Time heals wounds but Wounds in thy mind do scar and stay So yep MZice I know wha you feel and felt sis

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  20. MzIce added a post in a topic To Live & Love A CD   

    Thanks Kollen and Auburn and Bonnie for your kind replies....

    As for my Tommie ... not he's not a CD ... straight guy.... go figure but has a big heart and understands me ..... and knows that I care about the ppl here on on in the that is "Unconditional Love" I hope everyone gets to experience one day

    With Much Respect

    MzIce aka Deb-e
    Chatroom Monitor

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  21. Bonnie added a post in a topic To Live & Love A CD   

    Hi MzIce,

    There is always someone for everyone out there, the problem is finding them. But there are ways of finding them, be open, patient and talk to people.

    I'm glad you found someone. Is Tommie cd?

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  22. Kandee added a post in a topic Fashion -   

    I was behind some girls at LAX and they were wearing Uggs...I want me a pair of those! giggle
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  23. Gennee added a post in a topic To Live & Love A CD   

    Thank you for your beautiful post. You are loved here.

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  24. Kolleen added a post in a topic To Live & Love A CD   

    Hi MzIce! Thank you for reminding all of us how tolerance can lead to truly great things in life!

    I love the relation of your life-love event!
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  25. MzIce added a topic in Male to Female (MtF) Crossdressers Discussion   

    To Live & Love A CD
    <span style='font-size:16/font]pt;line-height:100%'>

    Hi! This is just a repeat of my story I posted on this site months ago... I keep referring people I meet here to read my story and So here it is again...

    Hi! My name is MzIce (Deb-e) and I and I was a mod at the chat site. I having been coming to the site for over 6 yrs now and I just love being in the chat room chatting with other ppl. I have made lots of friends here and look forward to making more.

    Anyways..... I had been married 18yrs & divorced. Living alone, dating here and there for years. Then my life changed forever. I ended up living with a CD for about 4 1/2 years (96'-2001).
    I met my CD online as a man and we click right off the back. We spoke on line for 2 weeks before we met and that was done in a controlled environment. I thought he was the most handsomest man I had ever met. At the end of our first week of meeting he told me he had a big secret.....I thought to my self GREAT he's gay or married. I asked him what was his BIG SECRET and he had different sexual preferences but that he was not gay. I thought ok he's into kinky stuff.....wrong... after several guesses of being wrong I told him to just tell me he said he would prefer to show me so I said ok and he came over. He told me that he like to dress in women's clothes. I said yeah right and laughed. He said he was dead serious and he would show me... and went into my bathroom and then stuck his head out that it would be a couple of hours so to take a nap. I thought ok this is not going to come out good....but I kept an open mind. I was woken up from my nap and there s(he) stood...right in front of me. I was totally shocked! There standing in front of me was not the man I had met, but a very beautiful woman. I could not believe it was the same person at all. The wig was a little tacky but s(he) still pulled it off. The makeup was perfect and she was dressed in a cute black dress with black nylons and black heels.
    Well that was the beginning of the end for me! When we got together s(he) was always dressed and even got me to dress in clothes I would never of thought I would wear and we would go out to the clubs and just have so much fun. S(he)ended up moving in with me and life was grant. I never ran out of makeup anymore But I did have to lock my closet because s(he) would literally take my clothes and not return them. When my friends found out about my living arrangement they were surprised and asked if I was gay.. I started to laugh and said not at all.
    See my CD dressed 90% of the time and I had no problem with it at all... But the rest of the world seem to. But I never let it get to me at all. Even when my CD decided s(he) wanted to take the next step becoming full time girl I was there to help her through it. We did it all the doctor's ,the meds and the psychiatrist.
    I loved my CD UNDCONTIONALLY thru the whole process and in our personal life. Unfortunately after all of what we had gone thru the truth came out. She really didn't want to be with me anymore in a personal other words... I loved her but she really did love me like that...She wanted to be with me but have outside relationships too and I wasn't into that...I felt I was just a stepping stone for her to live her life with my support but not give back to the relationship....After awhile I just couldn't handle the her dressing anymore ....only because I knew that when she started to get dressed up in sexy clothes it meant she was going out to hookup with other people rather than go out with me...and the thought of that really hurt me alot....I started to feel that I was just a stepping stone for her. So I even though I truly loved her with all my heart I found the strength to walk away from her and from our relationship.
    To this day I still think of her and I do still keep in contact with her but it's not the they say you can never go back once you leave...and for me it was something I had to do in order to safe my heart and life..
    I thought I would never find a love like that again... but I was wrong... I finally met my Tommie.... he pulled me out my dark world and has made me want to live again... and he supports me 100% BEING A MONITOR AT TGGUIDE.COM.

    SO ... with that I want you to all know that I do know some of the in's and out's of the lifestyle. And I hope that my story in someway can show you there are women out there that can ACCEPT & LOVE YOU..... weither you are a CD or TG or TS or Intersexed..... Don't ever think you will never find that special woman or person to love you UNCONDITIONALLY.... OK!!

    If you need someone to talk to you can always find me in at the TgGuide site or at

    With Much Love and Respect

    MzIce aka Deb-e

    Love Is UnConditional!!!

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