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  1. Terri NY/LI added a post in a topic Sleeping crossdressed   

    The only time I get to sleep crossdressed is on my yearly trip away to provincetown. My wife would feel very uncomfortable if I slept in fem nitewear. I would love to sleep in a nightgown at home, but it would cause too many problems.

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  2. Insertnamehere added a post in a topic Sleeping crossdressed   

    I don't have anything feminine to wear I can't get the nerve up to buy stuff like that, but if I did I'm sure I'd wear it to sleep. Currently, I sleep in a loose shirt and tighty-whities. Makes me feel kind of kiddish I suppose, maybe because I wore that when I was a kid.
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  3. IAMKELLIE added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    i'm not sure why but i love total formal wear. gown/party dress shoes the whole ball of wax..
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  4. Panty luver added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    My favorite would diffenatly have to be Boy Shorts.
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  5. Guest added a post in a topic Sleeping crossdressed   

    i mostly dress as japanese high sch girl and go to sleep hehe
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  6. Guest added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    i like lolita dresses and japanese cosplay girl's sch uniform.
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  7. Jo'C. added a post in a topic HALLOWEEN AND MY CHILDHOOD   

    Would you believe I once dressed as J.I. Joe for Halloween? I was so little I kept tripping over my costume and had work holes in the knees before the end of my short trick-or-treat excursion.

    I never did dress as a girl. It was always my belief from the age of four that a Halloween costume should be something in the horror genre; vampire, werewolf, zombie, ext. Halloween was my favourite because as a child I loved special effects. Before computer effects took over there were a lot of great documentaries that went behind the scenes and showed how everything was done. I came to admire Hollywood makeup artists and saw Halloween as my opportunity to try my hand at the craft. I was totally into hunting down quality prosthetics and fake skin to create the perfect illusion.
    My most used outfit was probably a werewolf costume with a tail, claws, big furry ears, and latex snout. It's pretty ironic when you consider my aversion to body hair.
    And other good one was my Anne Rice inspired vampire. I bought a custom fitted fang kit and some makeup. I took blue eyeliner to highlight my veins and then covered my face in a thin layer of white grease paint. The effect was that of semi translucent porcelain skin. It looked almost natural, but at the same time utterly unnatural. I looked gracefully and angelic, yet at the same time devious and frightening. It was a ton of fun.

    I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I graduated high school three years ago. I should really do something this year.

    I also used to hold my birthday parties on Halloween because my birthday is so close. I had some really neat birthday cakes with candy jack-o-lanterns and spiders on them, among other ghoulish things. I eventually stopped that though because I don't like the celebration of my birth being associated with death. It was still good fun at the time.
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  8. Annie added a topic in Male to Female (MtF) Crossdressers Discussion   



    For the thirty second straight year, I won't be in any sort of costume
    tonight. It wasn't always this way, you know. In fact, once upon a long ago,
    Halloween used to be my favorite time of year. My earliest memories of
    crossdressing and arousal are all connected with it.

    My mom always had a way of picking out EXACTLY the costume I DID NOT want to
    wear for Halloween. Two years in a row, she tried to get me to put on the
    dreaded cowboy outfit. God, did I protest! I HATED it, and all things
    masculine (which I never really expressed out loud). ANYWAY, she got a
    brainstorm that year, I believe it was my 9th, that she'd pretty me up in
    one of her going out nightclubbing dresses. I still remember it vividly.
    This was black and glass beaded, and weighed a half a ton. A very exotic
    dress for my initial foray into womanliness.
    So, here was the genesis of my crossdressing in earnest, as well as the
    first connection for me between sexual excitement and having a dominant woman
    feminize me. To this day this persists in me, in SPITE of my being aware of
    its origination.
    I can still recall as she went ALL OUT, even down to her underwear and
    strange support garments (mama had a big butt) that I had my first ever
    tingle of eroticism, and an overall feeling that at long last I was in the
    correct clothing. I felt serene and excited simultaneously.
    Apparently, Mom was also that night playing out one of her favorite

    I was second born in our family, after my brother. My mom told me when I was
    6 or 7 that she had wanted a boy first, and then hoped the next child (me)
    would be a girl. I think she may have been disappointed at my birth that I
    wasn't born female. In all honesty, so was I. I HAD to have picked up on her
    Even my dad called me "Babs" until I was four years old, when my sister came
    along. So, I guess they both wished for it.
    I was too young to remember, but perhaps I was even treated as a daughter by
    them for those formative years, that is, until Carol's birth. All I can say
    with any certainty is that I always from my earliest memories thought of
    myself as a girl, which would cause me immense grief later on. When their
    third child came along, the game for them suddenly stopped, and I was
    expected to play by different rules. BUT, once a girl, always a girl, even

    So there I was, getting all dolled up for the first time, right down to a
    pair of low heels (kinda big) and stockings that attached to the girdle
    (remember THOSE?). The finishing touches, and the cementing for me of this
    part natural/part erotic experience came with the placement on my head of
    one of her wigs, some perfume spritzed here and there and then her skillful
    application of full makeup. Having lipstick applied for me is STILL one of
    my biggest turn-ons, probably because it was the last thing she did that
    night before I got the chance to view myself in a full length mirror.
    I looked (to my young eyes) TERRIFIC!

    To heck with the candy I collected that year. For me, just being able to
    express my true tendencies and not catch hell for it was wonderful.

    This began a lengthy pattern of clandestine crossdressing throughout my
    childhood. I'd steal an old abandoned bathing suit of my mother's, or an
    undergarment of some sort, and stash them away somewhere.
    I used to spend hours in the bathroom borrowing mom's makeup and practicing
    with it.
    After I reached the age of 12 or so, my family would go to church on Sunday,
    and then out to visit relatives, and I'd stay home and be "Barbara" (Babs?)
    for a few blissful hours.

    Here it is, over thirty years later....another Halloween, another Sunday
    I typed this story out while sitting here in a cranberry colored VERY short
    nightie. My breasts are real, thanks to 20 months of ongoing HRT, and the
    feminine feelings, genuine. I know clearly who I am, how I got here, and
    most importantly, where I'm going.

    The last part is incredibly satisfying.

    I wish for you much happiness and all the love you truly deserve.

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  9. Annie added a post in a topic Pantyhose or stockings   

    Pantyhose has lost it's lead! Was this inevitable? Time will tell...



    BOTH= 8

    NEITHER= 1

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  10. Aiden added a post in a topic What binder   

    How do I measure for the tri-top? And what size did you get? Should I get a medium or a large? In the case of bra's I usually go for the slightly smaller size, but this thing is already compressing so I suppose I should go for the larger?
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  11. Brenda Suzanne added a post in a topic Pantyhose or stockings   

    Stockings with open-bottom girdles or garter belts for me...always!!! :)
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  12. Cody added a post in a topic What binder   

    I'm about yer size and i use a small underworks tri-top. i love it with a deep deep passion. it gives a more believable bind than an ace ;)and it's stretchy so you can friggin' breathe. If yer gonna go the underworks route definitely buy the tri top cuz my friend got a compression shirt ( i think that's what the full torso model's called) and neither of us could get it on after hours of failed attempts.
    good luck searching o_O
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  13. Guest added a post in a topic What binder   

    Yes, I know all the inherant risks of ace bandages but I have tried them with good success for a limited amount of time (read: twenty minutes.)

    Thanks for your help, I'll check out that link.
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  14. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic What binder   

    hey aiden -


    here's the link andy mentioned that i had put in another post Hudson's Guide

    besides info on binding, it's a generally good website with a lotta info for guys

    forget ace bandages - using them for binding can be very dangerous.

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  15. Gretchen Donaldson added a post in a topic Pantyhose or stockings   

    I will definitely cast my vote for those beautiful thigh highs or gartered stockings. I have found that the thigh highs seem to outlast pantyhose for me and are much more fun!!
    I am about to purchase some real vintage style 100% nylon RHT stockings on the web and will possibly act on this "urge" today.
    Pantyhose are nice sometimes in the winter as they keep my legs a little warmer and I can keep the thermostat at a lower setting while dressed, but I will always opt for stockings first.
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  16. Andy05 added a post in a topic What binder   

    Hi Aiden...
    Hmm...this topic came up not too long ago, and Michael posted an excellent link for resources. I have tried ace bandages, and found them to be nearly unbearable, no make that completely unbearable! I am a 36 B, and if you're a 38, (depending upon your tolerance level for pain, lack of oxygen, etc.) you probably won't want to go that route. I have had good success with the "Frog Bra" from Title 9, but I am right at the cut-off point (36 . You might measure yourself and find out, the frog bra might work for you. T kingdom...the models looked good and flat, but I have some serious doubts as to the size of the model's breasts in the first place...had a feeling they probably weren't that big to begin with, so of course they look great in those binders. Someone did write in here once and recommended "under-works" binders.
    Good luck,
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  17. Pepe added a post in a topic Pantyhose or stockings   

    Your stockinged legs are fantastic.
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  18. RedOne added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    I like soft silky Chemises the best. Then sexy Nighties.
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  19. Lyla added a post in a topic What binder   

    Medical tape and safety pins can act as a make-shift binder... And, the Frog bra is also good for lessening the presense of breasts.
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  20. Tsumetai added a post in a topic What binder   

    When I first saw this, I thought you meant a book binder! Well... I don't know myself, but... it COULD be helpful, so just to attract possibly a little more attention to this thread, can we give Aiden some help?
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  21. BrendaChii added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    Absolute panty and skirt fanatic here... hey, I gotta show off my legs. Stockings are nice too ofcourse. Type of skirt? Usually pleated and above the knee.
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  22. Guest_Aiden_* added a topic in Prosthetics & Other Body Enhancements   

    What binder
    So, I'm thinking of buying a binder, but I have questions.

    Who should I buy it from, underworks, tkingdom, other? How many should I buy? How do you measure for it?

    Whats the best kind? The cheepest? Middleground?

    I wear 36 b sportsbra's, but they are kinda tight, so I'm probably a 38 b.

    Do you find that binders cause the same kinds of back aches that acebandeges do? or are they uncomfortable in other ways?
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  23. Natalie[FS] added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    I wear pantiesall the time... Otherwise I like makeup and skirts most. Stockings too.
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  24. Bonnie added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    For me, it's everything feminine. When I first started I tried on everything I found sexy in my mother's drawers and closet. Black girdle with attached garters and black stockings (pantyhose didn't exist then), black bra with rolled up socks inside and heels. It felt so good and I liked what I saw in the mirror. Then I stepped into the 'little black dress' and zipped up the back. I had wished I had a wig back then to complete the look. I was hooked forever.

    I've always wished I could have my body waxed, take a scented bath, wear perfume and make up, get dressed and go out to a club.

    Anyways, I like wearing all styles of panties and it just goes on from there.

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  25. woodsink added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    Hi everyone
    I am woodsink, am 45, TG MTF
    I love lingerie specially penty and bra. I almost wear bra everyday, home or work.
    Can anyone share your feeling about penty and bra?
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