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  1. Kolleen added a post in a topic can u make Breastforms   

    That's what I used when I first started crossdressing. Very easy to adjust the size from pert and perky to sveltely buxom, depending on one's mood.
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  2. Kolleen added a post in a topic Wives and significant others   

    Thinknchair, got your PM's and ty very passed on to my wife.
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  3. Claire added a post in a topic can u make Breastforms   

    I have tried both the bird seed and the water filled balloon. The bird seed does not have a natural feel. With the balloon, you can make them whatever size you want, and the latex balloons are fairly reliable. They do adjust to your body heat and tend to cling to your skin, making them feel more natural. I think the feel is far more realistic than the bird seed.
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  4. LisaElizabeth added a post in a topic Age   

    Hi Girls,
    going out.... Now there is topic for discussion!!! Also one to act on!

    For someone going out the first time.... Find a support group or a transformation shop somewhere. You can search a lot of places near or far from you on google!

    I say this for a couple of reasons. 1. A support group is a safe place to go and meet other girls like us!! There is ALWAYS safety in numbers!! The lone TV/TS is the one that gets beaten/ mugged. SO BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!
    Also the support group can help you with things like makeup, foundations, breast forms and all those other little things you need to go out for a fun evening!! They even know all the safe places in the area to go for dinner, drinks, dancing, hotels that are tolerant, etc....
    If you are fortunate to find a transformation studio, they can be your one-stop beauty/ clthing store for the first time or two you go out. In chicago, the studios can do makeup, foundationwear, dresses, skirts, tops, shoes, wigs, everything you will need for a night out.
    So the moral is to be careful and to try and a a SAFE time!!
    Let us know when you go out!! You will have a lot of fun!!

    To see me on a few nights out look here... Lisa's Home Page
    The earliest are on Photo1 and the most recent are on Photo3.

    Hugs to all,

    Lisa Elizabeth
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  5. Annie added a post in a topic Going out   


    Welcome to the Forums!

    What you have said here is of concern to me. Self hatred is so common among our community. If the world didn't treat us all so badly, I wonder if we'd be kinder to ourselves? In any case, if you can, try not to hate you.

    Have you made a decision to not be you anymore? That's what it looks like, from what you've posted. Many have tried, including me, to leave the female self behind. When you deny a major part of who you are, you become half a person.

    Sometimes we do it for a loved one or family. Sometimes we try not to express our feminine side because we think it is what the world expects of us, and sometimes we quit being who we are out of shame and self hatred.

    I've lived a long life, suffered much in my time, and found some answers. The best advice I can give you, Ozlem, or anyone, is this: BE yourself. ACCEPT yourself. Be GOOD to yourself. LOVE yourself.

    All that is good in life comes from self love-- for how can one truly love anyone else if he has no love for himself?

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  6. ozlem added a post in a topic Going out   

    Hi, should i be envy with you at all or not? I have experiences in Istanbul. While wearing my most sexy clothes, stopped byTurkish police at Bosphorus Bridge,
    nothing revealed. Ihate myself, that I am not an ugly CD anymore, I was too much like a woman. Iwas with my wife. I think IT'S TIME TO MAKE A DECISION. To be a woman or keep bisexuality as it has been. As the question comes: Who we are?

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  7. michelle2 added a post in a topic Going out   

    Hi again Kristen
    The walk was very special and it gave me a chance to walk for a while not in the same room. The duke as we refer to it is a great place to walk because the lighting is very low and everyone is nice and polite. The lights are oil or gas lights and some fires too. Towards the square there are more people but at the other end and for the most part it is quiet and peaceful. We had an outstanding time, i think she had as good a time as i did. So i hope to see here on the Duke. Have a fem day.


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  8. michelle2 added a post in a topic Going out   

    Hi Kristen

    Thank you , she is a very special person.This time of year it is crowded at the shopping areas but it still has a lot to offer. My wife and myself were both born here and lived here all of our lives. The area has changed but not for the better there are way too many people here that are not from any where near here,, it seems that nobody wants the real residents to even be here but i am not leaving. But anyway if you plan to come to williamsburg maybe you could email me and perhaps my wife and i could meet you on duke of gloucester st and walk along with us, it would be fun and with no pressure other than the fun of being out enfem. My wife has mentioned to me on a few occasions about having a girls party at our home for girls like us. If you might want to come let me know and we may do it in the spring, it would be nice to meet other girls and trade fashion notes and recipes. Thank you again for the compliment. Have a great day.


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  9. Kristen added a post in a topic Going out   

    Congradulations! I'm so happy for you, and a little jealous. It sounds like the kind of evening most of us dream about. Your wife, like yourself, sounds like a very special woman.


    PS. Williamsburg is one of my most favorite places. It must be beautiful this time of year.
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  10. Guest_Michelle2_* added a topic in Male to Female (MtF) Crossdressers Discussion   

    Going out
    Hi Girls

    Welll last night my wife and i went for a ride and went to Colonial Williamsburg and walked down duke of gloucester st. There were alot of people out there walking around so we switched sides of the street several times to avoid them. Then we said to heck with this and just walked along as two women taking a stroll in the night, we chatted and giggled, spoke to other people said merry christmas to lots of them and just had the most wonderful time. I felt so alive and renewed, like being born again. After awhile we went into one of the stores and browsed for a few minutes then resumed our walk. It was a tremendous thrill to see my reflection in the windows of the stores and not one person even noticed me as anything other than just another woman shopping with one of her girlfreinds. I wore my new wig that is about 8 inches down my back, it is dark brunette with some lighter frosting in in it, my new black womens jeans my new short pink and black blazer type jacket and white turtle neck under it, i also have a really nice long black mid calf lenght coat over that, black flats and light pink nail polish.She did my makeup for me and if i do say so myself i looked very nice. I got my share of approving looks and it felt wonderful. After we left there we went to a store where i got out and under full lighting i filled up the car and then went inside to pay for it and get a few things, the cashier didn't even notice me anymore than he would if i had actually been a woman. As i was leaving the store a police officer even opened the door and said good evening maam, i said thank you and got in the car. I was overwhelmed by it all and cannot wait to go again, i am soo happy. The new wig was purchased at the Nanas beauty and supply store in Denbigh Va.
    it was 124.95 and well worth it my last wig was 99.50 and just as pretty but shorter. Well i just had to tell all of you about my exciting experience, i will continue to go out and it will be easier each time, especially with my wonderful wife as my guide. I wouldn't trade her for anything. I am sure that most of you have had the same experiences but this was very special for me and i wanted to share it with my girlfreinds here. Thank you for listening to me rattle on about myself. Thank the administration for this wonderful place for girls like us.


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  11. bobbi lee added a post in a topic Age   

    I'm 56 and I have been cross dressing off and on since i was 10 years old. I have not come out of the closet but i am about ready to go out and be in public as a women. I hope that it is invigorating. I'm tired of being in the closet.
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  12. Jo'C. added a post in a topic Highway Patrolman in pantyhose   

    No doubt, it's not uncommon for cross dressers and transsexuals to find gay sex gross, but sex with a man while dressed, or as a female, quite appealing. Back in the formative years of my sexuality I had a hard time picturing myself with a guy as a guy, but I could picture myself with a girl or a guy as a girl. Then, whenever I tried to imagine myself as a man with a woman I would always end up switching rolls. Now that I consider things realistically though, I think I would be more comfortable acting the roll of a gay man than a straight one, but I ultimately wish to have sex as a woman.

    I can't say the idea of making out with a guy who is en-fem really appeals to me, unless he was real pretty boy.
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  13. Claire added a post in a topic Highway Patrolman in pantyhose   

    Thanks. As cute as you looked in your pictures, I can't imagine that he would not be interested! :D
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  14. TakingBackAshlee added a post in a topic Highway Patrolman in pantyhose   

    It seems alot of people on here have similar fantasies, being that as a man sex with a man is, eh, less than a desireable thought, but as a woman, its exciting. I can say you're not odd by saying that, alot of people on here have repiled on similar situations, ie fantasies with a man when dressed as a woman. Ill admit I prefer women across the board but only because men anatomically gross me out, plus body hair is gross to me as well. However Ive only told one person my 'secret' and although they pretty much shrugged it off, the guy has been my best friend forever and part of me has been caught daydreaming such thoughts as 'if I WAS a girl, we'd be perfect together, it just like seems we were made for one another.' Only prob is, as a guy, that kinda grosses me out, its not the sexual things that turn me on in that fantasy, but the idea of being, myself, Ashlee, and curled up on a couch in his arms watchin a movie, oh god sends shivers down my spine. Only weird thing is, he didnt seem to think much of it when I told him my uh, issue, and kinda brushed it off, but many times Ive caught him drunk and being a bit, eh, flirty. My only worry is that maybe he is, well, gay or bi, and when heared my issue thinks I may be as well. but like you said, as a man, I cant see myself curled up to him, but as a girl, I could spend the whole night in his arms. Then again, maybe IM the weird one haha.
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  15. Claire added a topic in Male to Female (MtF) Crossdressers Discussion   

    Highway Patrolman in pantyhose
    Sometime ago I read a short story about a crossdresser who met a highway patrolman. He came to her place and was wearing pantyhose under his uniform.
    As the story went on, they had sex. To me, as a man the idea, of having sex with another man is somewhat repugnant, but since I have been dressing, the idea of being en femme and having a highway patrolman show up wearing pantyhose under his uniform to give me a "ticket" is somewhat exciting! Anyone else have similar thoughts?
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  16. LisaElizabeth added a post in a topic Age   

    Hi girls!

    Talking age.... Hmm....
    well, I'm 52 and have been dressing since age 4. I have noticed that my taste in clothes has aged with me! I definitely don't wear navel exposing hip huggers and crop tops... (Too much navel would show, if you know what I mean...)
    I have found that shrinking from the 'women's ' section (16W-24W on up) to the misses section fro shopping has done a couple of things.
    First ... the skirt lengths are 2-3 inches shorter. This adds a 'younger' look to the clothing I now buy. I have been told I don't look 52 when dressed. (a girl LOVES to hear that!!)
    Second ... There is a much, much larger selection of clothing styles and colors available!! (It just takes me forever to find a to die for outfit now!!!)
    So to answer the question, I don't think you will ever age beyond dressing!!
    As other girls have said, dress age appropriate and you will fit in whever you go!
    Hugs to all,

    Lisa Elizabeth
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  17. thinkinchair added a post in a topic Wives and significant others   

    when i first found out about my husband's femine side, it's wasn't all that big of a shock. i mean he showed more of a femine side in the first place. when shocked me the most is when he told me he was thining of becoming a woman full time. at first i was hurt, b/c i didn't know what that meant. to me it meant he was going to be a woman and he was going to leave me for some one else. i didn't like to even think about it. we talk, and talked..... and talked and i realize now that he doesn't want that. he wants to stay with me. it's only been this past week that this has all come out. so from the start of the week, when all my emotions were all mized up to today is a total difference.

    now what i worry about is, how are we going to tell family, friends, our kids. what job does he want to do. we'll have to move... he says probably not, but i would rather move b/c i want to give him a fresh start... go where nobody knew him before as a man. i don't want people to be mean. we live in a small town, so people can be very mean. those are the thimgs i tend to think about more now.

    i'm actually really enjoy this week. it's almost like we are dating again. ..... sounds funny i know but it's true. i feel like i'm discoving the woman in me as he decovers the woman in him. we can go on this journey together. it's been fun.

    i know it's not always going to be fun. there will be hard times, but i'm looking at it in a positive manner. we will get through anything life throws our way.
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  18. Fat_Badger added a post in a topic Confused about my sexuality   

    I know what you mean by confused. I spent years pondering just what was going on with me. Anyway, yeah the internet is probably the best way to figure stuff out for yourself. It takes a while, but eventually you'll find out what you like, and why.

    I also know what you mean about the particular clothing interest. A fetish perhaps? I have yet to figure out exactly why I like certain things. However I have found that I'm totally into S&M, and that's why I'm so keen to lose some muscle. Where's the fun if I can overpower a guy? lol
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  19. Claire added a post in a topic Age   

    I think that the older I have gotten, the greater the urge!
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  20. Claire added a post in a topic Confused about my sexuality   

    I think that the female side doesn't know what to do since we have not been female. We prefer to be men, but we have a female sifde that battles for who we are. We secretly dress for the female side, but we fear getting caught. We don't know others - or at least we don't realize that we know others because they are hiding it too- especially, if we live in small conservative areas. Hence, we have to fantacise about things. We can have the best of both worlds. Isn't it great to know that we are not alone and that there are so many that are just like us!
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  21. Terri NY/LI added a post in a topic Wives and significant others   

    My wife has known about my fem side since about 1980. We were married 9 years when I told her. She still wants no part of Terri. I get out as Terri abut 1x a month. Luckily I have a lot of TG friends. I have known some TG's that as soon as their spouse was aware of their husbands fem side the marriage was over.

    Yours Terri
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  22. Void added a post in a topic What are you wearing right now?   

    Gov't issue sweater-thing, and some new black jeans. Aaaaannd.... *checks*

    ...Some boxers. :D
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  23. larsen added a post in a topic What are you wearing right now?   

    I'm wearing a white wedding gown I got for free. It was supposed to be a frilly skirt but when I picked it up it was a wedding gown. Oh, pink lace panties also. :P
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  24. Kolleen added a post in a topic Dieting
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  25. Kolleen added a post in a topic Wives and significant others   

    This might be a good time to start sharing links for support for the S.O.'s of the TG's here.....

    I certainly could use some ideas for my wife....

    One of her issues is that I have someone to talk to abt my being who I am, and she doesn't have anyone to discuss it with other than me. I do agree that wives, others of the transgendered, DO need a neutral and understanding/sympathetic third party to get perspective and knowledge/insight on who we are.

    EDIT: Amanda, oddly enough, my female name is very close to my given one. Why? Hmmm, I'd guess because the name is easy to associate with a connection that the two identities are actually one and the same.
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