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  1. nitin_agarwal06 added a post in a topic Countries Listed on Server Stats   

    hi iam from india n need a plenty of help u have listed mu country name so please help me how to get contact to cd ts tg people in my country iam a male want to become a female help me
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  2. thinkinchair added a post in a topic Wives and significant others   


    thank you sooo much! i've been getting used to the idea of everything that he's told me and .... well like i told him yesterday, when he told me, in my brain there was all these files just thrown on the floor and now that i'm talking to others, reading things online the files are starting to be picked up and organized.

    yesterday he called me from work to tell me he was going to be really late and that he was really upset and stressed. so i put our kids to bed about 10 mins earlier, set up a bubble bath w/ candles and stuff so that when he got home he could just relax and de-stress. he said thank you and all but i'm not too sure if he really like it or he was still a little unsure about really enjoying that gesture in front of me. i know he likes taking a bath so i thought he would like it. as he was in the tub, i was thinking to my self 'wow. i'm really starting to understand how i feel.' it was a pretty good moment.

    i'm not sure who he looks like. i think today i'm going to research a few names and get their meaning first. i think i would like to give him a name that reflex him and how he feels. now if he likes the name is another question.

    he unsure what to classify himself b/c he's not sure yet to what extent he wants to pursue this. is there anything else i can do to help him be more comfortable with who he is inside? he told me last night that he feels like he's behind a curtain and he's just peeking out to see what there. so any ideas on how to help him come out and join the party?

    any other advise or insight would be greatly appreciated.

    just wanted every one to know that i've signed up so i'm now ....

    thinkinchair.... i was posting as 'guest_Amanda'
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  3. michelle2 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    Hi Bonnie
    You have great legs and you are pretty.


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  4. michelle2 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    Hi Kolleen

    That is a very nice picture, you should be proud. You are very pretty.

    Love the dress


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  5. michelle2 added a post in a topic Wives and significant others   

    Hi Annie
    You are so right, we all need to be recognised as who we really are and a name means alot to me and every sister out there. I named myself Michelle because it felt right for me. I first named myself Brandy but it did not feel right so hence Michelle. Thank you Annie for your wisdom and insight.


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  6. Annie added a post in a topic Wives and significant others   


    Here's how I was named:

    I had a therapist way back, a lady, who NEVER answered questions, not even the most innocuous. So, during one session, I laid a trap for her. Just out of the blue I told her that I thought if she was male her name would be Frank. This roped her in. She said, "FRANK? Oh no, that's not what my name would be." I innocently asked, what it would be then, and she said, "Robert." Well, what would MY name be? was next, and she told me, "I think you'd be an Ann Marie."

    I liked it immediately, and started using it in TG chatrooms. My chat friends shortened it for me to Annie, and that is who I remained online and who I became legally on June 14th, 2000.

    One way to show your support for your spouse may be if YOU named her. These little things really mean a lot to us.

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  7. isabelle780 added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    Here's me. I love pleated skirts and whatever else!!

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  8. Fat_Badger added a post in a topic Dieting   

    Nono, I did understand what you said. I was trying to point out that so few calories can actually be worse than a more regulated ammount. We had a nutritionist come into our karate class one day and explain this stuff in rediculous detail, however I only remember basic parts.
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  9. Guest_Amanda_* added a post in a topic Wives and significant others   

    hi everyone. my name is amanda and not long ago my husband whom we have two young children with, just told me that he likes to dress up like a women. i am totally fine with that! he looks really good as one too! *he's soo cute* than just the other day he told me that he might be thinking of being a women full time. he's not sure just yet but he told he's thinking about it. i'm not sure what to feel just yet. i love him with all of my heart and i support him to the fullest! i just don't know how to be supportive and deal with what i'm feeling inside with out him thinking that i don't approve.

    does anyone have any advise about.... well about anything really.

    thank you for your time, amanda

    ps- he's been looking for a girl name he likes but he hasn't found one. how did you pick your name?
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  10. Kolleen added a post in a topic Dieting   

    Actually, your body stores about 24 hours of carbohydrates.

    Once you exhaust this supply, it will switch to fat burning, BUT there can be a period of protein breakdown, so it's imperative to provide your body with a source of proteins to break down other than your muscle.
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  11. seifuku added a post in a topic Post your favorite dress/clothes pictures here   

    hi, this~

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  12. Guest added a post in a topic Dieting   

    Fat badger,

    I guess I didn't make myself clear..... I DID try a 600 Kcal diet for a short time, it didn't work for me!!!

    On Atkins? Probably 1200-1300 Kcal / day is what I eat. I just keep the carb count down under 35grams / day and my body stays in weight loss mode!!
    At that level, I am losing about a pound - 1 1/2 pound per week. I'm not in a hurry, but it is nice to see myself go down a skirt size every 4 months or so!!!

    I only go out 2-3 times a year, so every time I am going out, I need a new outfit!! (I know, girls cry for me that I HAVE to go shopping!!) But it is a lot of fun to give my larger things to Goodwill, knowing I will never need them again!!

    Hugs to all,

    Lisa Elizabeth

    (Oops!! forgot to sign in!!
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  13. Void added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    Gimme some cotton boxers, a pair of baggie cargo pants, ankle socks, Vans shoes, and a t-shirt. I'm good to go.

    I -hate- thongs. It's like a perpetual wedgie.

    And dresses are no good for going to a riot, doncha know. XD
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  14. Annie added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    It seems to me ya gotta have something substantial there in order for it to move around. LOL

    A friend of mine once told me that I missed being a girl by THAT much (holds thumb & forefinger 1/2 inch apart)!

    Silk boxer are da bomb!

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  15. Terri NY/LI added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    I love formal wear also. I went to ball last sunday and was all dolled up. I felt so fem. I got my hair and nails done. The other type of female clothes I like is business atire. I love walking in the mall in a pants suit or skirt and blazer.

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  16. Jo'C. added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    I wore boxers once. I didn't like them; too much material. I've always been one for briefs. An other reason I prefer briefs is because I like to keep anything from moving around. Ever since I was a kid it would drive me nuts if I could feel any movement down there. :blink:
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  17. Annie added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    Actually, I thnk men's silk boxer shorts are pretty darn comfy. I know a few GGs who prefer them!

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  18. Fat_Badger added a post in a topic Dieting   

    One important thing to realise when trying severe diets like 600 callories a day, is that you really need to spread it out. If you're trying to lose weight I'd reccomend a little more than 600 honestly.

    If the body has not injested food for a period of around 3 hrs, then it will begin digesting muscle, and only about %20 of your energy will be coming from fat. Now each pound of muscle you have on your body will burn about 50 calories a day simply lying in bed. If you spread out your eating, you can avoid going into "starvation mode", and your body will focus on burning fat instead of other tissue.
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  19. LisaElizabeth added a post in a topic Dieting   

    Hi girls,

    I guess I have a different metabolism.... I gain weight on a low fat diet, even at 600 calories per day.... sounds weird, huh?
    Well, anyway, I weighed 316# in november 2002. By feb of 2003 I found the 'Atkin's Diet' worked for me.
    Since Feb of 2003 I have gone from a size 24W to a misses 16. (That translates from a 48 inch waist pants toa 36inch pant)
    I refuse to get on a scale until my body is the shape I want it to be.

    It is truly a 'lifestyle' change when you find a diet that works for you!! ( I believe that if there was only one way to lose weight there would only be one diet book!)

    Low carb, low fat, low portion, whatever works for you is the correct diet for you!
    I have done pilates, yoga, walking... etc. ALL are beneficial, but none helped to speed up the body weight loss, for me! They helped my wife a lot but not me.
    I did hit a 'plateau' for 8-9 months, that was extremely frustrating, but I continued eating and following the diet plan. Eventually the weight started to come off again.

    One thing I did was rethink the word 'DIET'. Instead of considering it what I couldn't eat. I decided my diet was what I ate on a regular basis. This took me a few months to wrap my mind around but now, eating low carb is automatic!!
    I hope to get my butt down to a size10, it has been there before, but I was a lot younger then. Who knows?

    I hope this helps some of the girls out there, oh!!! be sure you drink 60-64 ozs of water a day too!!! That translates to 3 bottles!! It's not as hard to do as everyone thinks.

    Hugs to all,

    Lisa Elizabeth
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  20. michelle2 added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    Hi Girls

    I also love panties, I only own panties i dont even own a pair of those awful mens underwear. I always thought that those ugly boxers would be like wearing a diaper around your butt UGG UGG. I love ALL types of womens clothes. I have 15 dresses 10 mini skirts about 35 or 40 tops , two silk blouses 15 bras sixty pairs of panties 5 thongs 2 pantsuits 10 shorts 2 bikinis 8 pairs of shoes a nice pair of silicone breast forms and two wigs. Yes i love all of them. You girls have a great weekend. MY wife and i are going shopping tonight as two girls out for the evening. I am very excited about it. It will be one of my first outings enfem.
    Well girls have a great weekend.


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  21. Boots Awoooooooo added a post in a topic Fashion -   

    I never have enough
    I need more room
    honestly that is all Fact
    Love ya all Hugs to Everyone

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  22. TakingBackAshlee added a post in a topic Dieting   

    Also this brings up an issue Ive been curious about. Im about 155-160 pounds and an 6'1". My body is in good proportion, and has a relatively decieveing femal characteristic to it. However, my butt is rather large, even in public aquantences of mine and previous girlfriends had mentioned 'you got a more girly bubble butt than I do!' now with that said, its not massive by any means, but if I could lose some girth from it I could fit a lil better into some smaller jeans, also the same prob with the back of my thighs. Does anyone have any dieting/exercise tips on how to shrink, or even just firm and tone the butt and rear thighs? any help is wonderful :P
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  23. Natalie[FS] added a post in a topic can u make Breastforms   

    I don't know about making them, but I was able to buy a pair of silicone forms for only $115.00 (As compared with other places selling them for $145.00 and higher.)

    I dunnow, I'll give more information if you want it. >_>
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  24. Natalie[FS] added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    When I'm dressed as my self I prefer black leather. :รพ
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  25. Elisabetha added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    Well, every woman is certainly different. I am a skirt and blouse person, mostly. I can make all sorts of interesting combinations with separates, and I enjoy coordinating colors that please me. I think my favorite combination might be a pink rayon blouse with a grey linen sheath skirt.
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