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  1. davidt added a post in a topic swimwear   

    I too like one piece swimsuits. I like them because unlike teddies (snap crotch) the one piece switsuit is free of the snaps making it more sensual. I usually wear panties under the teddy because of the snaps. But I do have several one piece swimsuits.
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  2. Lori added a topic in What's New at The Transgender Guide   

    Transgender Poetry
    We've added a poem by Lynn Bailar at The poem is appropriately titled PARA VIVIR, BAILAR, VOLAR (TO LIVE…TO DANCE…TO FLY).

    We are always looking to add new content at Please submit your poems or articles or other transgender related content to us:
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  3. Emibear added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    I'm boring, I guess, cause my answer would have to be panties too. Bikini-cut. I can't quite do thongs, I don't know how you ladies do it, cause I have a problem keeping things... well... in place. >_>; They're really sexy, and often very cute, too. but if I'm just hanging out of them, what's the point in having them?

    Stockings with garter belt are probably second on my list, lingerie type stuff is my favorite, because it's so sexy. But, obviously, you can't go out in just your underwear. So, for that, short skirt (not too short, now) and loose fitting blouse.
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  4. Emibear added a post in a topic Crossdressing   

    Howdy, this is my first post, so formalities first: Hi, I'm (going to go by) Emily.

    So.. yeah, I feel a mix of pretty much what everyone's said. I absolutely love the way women's clothes feel, and look. Panties rule. I often wear them under my normal male attire, but make sure I wear a pair of boxers over them. (I work full-time in a warehouse, not quite the job to have if you want to express your girliness.) On the weekends, though, I often go to my girlfriend's house, and she's into it (thank god/allah/what the hell ever), so I dress up, do some make-up, and just have fun.

    I live in a very conservative area, sadly. That being said, you can imagine it's difficult to do things I'd like to do. I have lived here all my life, and unfortunately, my job sucks, so I still live with my folks. (I'm 19, though)

    But, as I said, I have a girlfriend who's not only supportive, but likes it as well. That works out VERY well. Having a girlfriend, in both senses of the word, is great. I get to go shopping with her often, she loves to buy me presents. I do have sex with her, but I wont deny that the idea of being all dressed up in my best and succumbing to a dominant guy does turn me on. This is the 1 thing I haven't shared with my girlfriend, but our mutual gay friend did say something about how I should "join the other side" and my girlfriend said "I don't care if he wants to have sex with guys, so long as I'm the only girl." Which was a pretty big relief, but I still haven't found a way to break that news to her. I just don't want it to be weird for her on *any* level.
    To date I've gathered a decent-sized wardrobe, I've got almost as many pairs of panties as my girlfriend has. We found this sexy little goth dress and these pink stockings to go with, and it's absolutely adorable. I have a garter belt that matches these blue pair of panties I got at fredericks of hollywood, to hold the stockings up. Oh, and I have a japanese schoolgirl uniform, soooo cute. My outfit varies with my mood, I can do anywhere from Goth to Old-timey looks. It's all very sexy, I think.
    And today I got my first pair of heels. (my god, how do you ladies walk in these things? o_o) I'm trying, but jeez.
    I'm rambling, I'll shut up now~ ^_^
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  5. JamieTVgirl added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    Nylons. and sometimes daisy dukes
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  6. ReneG added a post in a topic Support Groups   

    I'm not sure who to tell but the Milwaukee Transgender Program has moved to

    Pathways Counseling Center
    13105 W. Bluemound Road
    Suite 100
    Brookfield WI 53005
    262-641-9791 FAX

    Gretchen Fincke ext. 14 or Roger Northway ext 15.

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  7. Annie added a post in a topic I'm married to a transgendered   

    I am in agreement with what has been said here in recent posts, particularly with David Michael. I'll try my best not to rehash others' thoughts.


    My concern is that you have given up on the possibility of transition based solely or primarily on your age. I know many who have transitioned partly or completely in their 50s and 60s and are leading very happy lives. One lady had SRS at age 66.

    I've always had reservations about treating GID with antidepresants alone. Surely you're depressed over this, but what solution is there in numbing your mind to the point of apathy toward solving the problem?

    To me its like an injured football player who receives a shot in his damaged knee in order to play pain-free. Sure he's able to function, but at what price? Possibly he could be injuring himself worse and not even know it.

    Maybe letting gender issues go unresolved is similar. As Mike has said you might reach a point where no med or therapist can reach you. The best way to handle a problem is to solve it, not push it away and hope it stays gone.


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  8. ReneG added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    I know that this is very cliché...but...I love shoes and socks, especially the thick and fuzzy ones.

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  9. Jo'C. added a post in a topic I'm married to a transgendered   

    Gay or straight I think what matters is that the person is versed in gender issues. While there are similarities in how one deals with being gay or transsexual there are also profound differences. Gay people don't have to deal with surgeries and hormones to fulfill there desires for example. One can hide there sexuality in particular social contexts without it being unhealthy, one can not however suppress there gender without suffering. Being trans is very different from being gay and treatment of GID requires a special understanding.
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  10. Lori added a topic in What's New at The Transgender Guide   

    Message Board Profiles
    The new message board software has some nice features. One of these is the ability to create member profiles with photos. The profiles are very useful as a means of providing a glimpse of yourself for others to view in our online transgender community.

    If you have subscribed to the message board, you can update your personal profile by clicking "My Controls" at the upper right corner of the message board.

    Then click the options under "Personal Profile" (left side of page) to add or update your information.

    The message board can be a useful way to network with others who share common interests or who live in your area.

    Please share as much information about yourself as you feel comfortbable with.
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  11. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic I'm married to a transgendered   

    the way i see this, the only thing your "gay" doctor has done is treat the depression and bi-polar condition and has done little to help you with TS issues. makes me wonder if one day the medications he has you on will no longer be able to keep your feelings suppressed, and then one day - BOOM! - you fall irretrievably into some dark abyss, never again able to function as a human being. your doctor ought to be strung up. he is NOT truly a gender therapist in my opinion. and if you've been seeing gay doctors for 40 years and only now have achieved the emotional level you are finally (happy?) with, that doesn't say much for the track record of these gay doctors you've been seeing.

    unless the decision to continue to hide was your own idea, i know of nothing in the guidelines of the HBSofC that suggest a therapist should help a person suppress their feelings of transsexuality. it seems to me that he is simply treating the depression, perhaps knowing that your TS feelings would be somewhat suppressed because of the "i-don't-give-a-sh*t" meds he has you on.

    i think this is the wrong thing to suggest to others, especially the young. this is almost like watching a candle burn at both ends. at one end there are those who fight against us with everything in them, and try to keep laws from being put in place to afford us the rights that everyone else has and the protections we deserve; and at the other end, there is someone like you giving people ideas about how to keep transsexuality from being recognized as it should be and accepted as any other treatable medical condition without prejudice or persecution by finding ways to hide and just survive.

    by the way, i'm not saying ALL gay doctors are like the one you're seeing now (or all the ones in the past 40 years), but in my opinion, this doctor has two strikes against him the way i see it: 1. he's gay. it's well known that many homosexuals, whether male or female, do NOT recognize transsexuality. to some degree, they are no better than many non-TG people when it comes to TG/TS people and issues. 2. he's male. it's well known that men in general are less accepting or understanding of transsexuality than women are - ESPECIALLY when it comes to MTFs.

    i think all your doctor has done is address and treat your depression and bi-polar condition. the meds have merely made you not care anymore so much about who you really are.

    i wish you luck. i hope sad's husband finds something better than this.

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  12. K.M. added a post in a topic I'm married to a transgendered   

    Have you ever thought about having him see a gay psychiatrist? I am manic depressive and bi-polar and also wishing I was born a woman instead of a man. I'm now 56 and feel its way too late to even consider ever changing. The reason to see a gay Dr? I have been seeing them for 40 years and until 7 years ago and after trying many different medications, I can finally say, my emontional feelings are level. He knew I was in total turmoil inside and was able to treat me properly.
    I now no longer find the need to runout and buy clothes and make-up, etc. Only to throw it all away, as to hide it from everyone.

    You can see I'm not claiming I totally cured by meds. But, under-control. I still have the desires and doubt they will ever go away. How can they, since I can remember them going way back to when I was about 12. Proper medications can help. The one that keeps my mood level is (depakote).
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  13. Annie added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    My favorite article of ladies apparel isn't clothing at all. Its a black handbag with shoulder strap that hugs my right elbow.

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  14. Lyla added a post in a topic types of clothes?   

    Because, people have preferances. I actually quite like blouses and skirts. :)
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  15. Maiden of Bodom added a topic in Male to Female (MtF) Crossdressers Discussion   

    types of clothes?
    I've noticed that everyone seems to have a particular form of womens clothing that they prefer the most. The largest category seems to be some form of panties. Does anyone know why there's such diversity?
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  16. JamieTVgirl added a post in a topic how to keep pantyhose up?   

    Um, yeah, you are probably wearing pantyhose that are too big for you. :blink:
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  17. Fat_Badger added a post in a topic Clothing   

    Hmm. I grew up in a very un-accepting area, but I managed to try crossdressing anyway. Here's what I did to avoid problems:

    Order off ebay. Email the person who you're buying from and ask them to send whatever you've purchased in a cardboard box. When it arrives at your house simply tell your parents that it's a "...". (in my case, warhammer models)

    Also make sure you buy via money order, so nothing can show up on your parents bills.
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  18. ReneG added a post in a topic how to keep pantyhose up?   

    Good idea I never thought of that. I usually just end up going to the bathroom 50 times a day and pulling them back up again.

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  19. Annie added a post in a topic how to keep pantyhose up?   

    How about tighter hose? Or you can secure them with an undergarment called a waist cincher.

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  20. Guest added a topic in Male to Female (MtF) Crossdressers Discussion   

    how to keep pantyhose up?
    i'm just asking how do u keep ur pathyhose form slipping down? because whent i wear them, i put them on after about 15 mins of walking they came down. anyone have any ideas?
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  21. ReneG added a post in a topic I'm married to a transgendered   


    I don't think any ordinary human being sets out to intentionally hurt another human being. I think that circumstances that lead us to fear end up doing that.

    Example...My wife really doesn't care about what I do with my body. She says it's my mind and body. She actually likes the idea and sometimes even welcomes it. Her biggest hang up is what other people will think and the ridicule that she will have to go through. And. How she will have to go through that alone, because I won't be able to protect her...This is what men bring to their world...a sense of security and protection. I don't necessarily like the answer but I do understand it.

    We all need to learn more compromise. We can't get our cake and eat it to, without loosing something. At least this true with me. I love my wife with all of my heart and can't imagine living without her. That is why I try and find a way to work within the team that I have helped create.

    If life were easy then it wouldn't be interesting.

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  22. ReneG added a post in a topic I'm married to a transgendered   


    No need to apologize. But I'm not sure I understand your posting. I guess all I'm trying to say is that any good outcome of a hard situation is compromise of both parties. Both parties can't take and not also give. Each must look deep down and find the common ground.

    TG/TS are usually very strong willed individuals and will get what they need no matter what. We all must do what we need to, too survive. But. When those same individuals are in a relationship. Shouldn't they be able to work within that union/team that they helped create? And. The non-TG/TS should be able to understand and compromise so that they can stand by their spouse. I don't think that one should hold themselves totally accountable and I also agree that society has enforced many stupid and rediculous labels. Creating fear and stigma is never a good thing.

    It is true that TG/TS individuals have already sacrificed a lot, especially those that have waited a long time to come out. But. That doesn't mean that we should be vindictive and hateful.

    I think that we all have a lot to learn from each other. That's what makes being a human being so interesting.

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  23. UsernameOptional added a post in a topic I'm married to a transgendered   

    by changing the way the non-TG/TS world views us, and eliminating the stigma associated with TG/TS that causes so many of us to try to live within the confines of the roles assigned because of one's physical sex. the TG/TS world and a handful of organizations and lawmakers are trying to change society's attitudes, but most aren't buying it - and we can't do it alone.

    if the world was as accepting of us as any other people, would you have gotten married and tried to live the role of a woman or man?'d have pursued, or been allowed to pursue, the goal of becoming the person you truly are. or maybe if we were just accepted for who and what we are... there wouldn't be any goals to have to pursue, and transitioning or SRS would just be a choice that simply made us feel more comfortable in our own bodies.

    i didn't do what i've done to hurt anyone. i did what i've done with the belief that i was sparing everyone the pain, humiliation, disgust and embarrassment of what i am. i did what i've done to spare myself being the recipient of hate, unacceptance and fear of possibly being alone. i ended up being sad, angry, bitter.

    way too many of the non-TG/TS world look in from the outside, condemn us and try to tell us what we SHOULD have done. the thing is... how many of them would have accepted us as even friends, let alone as boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses, had they known from the very beginning that we were TG/TS? very few. we ALL know this...and this is why way too many of us hide and try to conform.

    seems to me the non-TG/TS world needs to change - NOT us. then NONE of us would be in the predicament like the one sad and her husband are in now. and i wouldn't be going from day to day wondering how the hell i will break this to my own spouse, and how it will be received, and the pain that will surely come of it.
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  24. Annie added a post in a topic I'm married to a transgendered   

    Rene raises a HUGE issue: that of transgenderism and low self esteem.

    The thing to always remember is that when you choose to transition, you do so to save your own life and NOT to try to ruin others. There comes a point when we HAVE to be happy in our own skins, otherwise what's the use? If you can't love yourself what earthly good are you to anyone else?

    And the whole concept of sacrifice for the sake of others is WAY overrated. Self secrifice will get you nothing but an uneasy grave with a name above it that you disdained all your life. Forgive my outburst. This topic hits home with me.

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  25. michelle added a post in a topic Pantyhose or stockings   

    I just joined this site and i would like to vote for thigh highs, I like them as they afford easier access.I also will wear pantyhose on occasion but my first choice are stockings.
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