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  1. JamieTVgirl added a post in a topic Pantyhose or stockings   

    Pantyhose all the way!
    I havent worn garter stockings in years, Pantyhose are much more comfortable and I like the feeling of smooth nylon from hip to toe. So for me, its more arousing as well. Also I think pantyhose compliment my butt more ;)
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  2. duality added a post in a topic Pantyhose or stockings   

    Samantha has always liked pantyhose, and has grown to think of them as sexy.
    So my vote goes for Pantyhose
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  3. Annie added a post in a topic From CD To TS... Is It Possible?   

    Hi, Kolleen!

    Welcome to the TG Guide Forums, my dear.

    As a member of the "choir" I am in complete harmony with your thoughts here. (smile)

    Hope you will post more in the future!

    PS--- At home, I am a naturalist! (grin)

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  4. Kolleen added a post in a topic From CD To TS... Is It Possible?   

    Clothing of all sorts is unnatural: we have no genetic need to wear it, only social mores dictate we wear clothing. Yet, there are, we all know, instances of acceptable crosdressing like kilts or lava-lavas. Inthe 50's women wore men's clothing and it was considered crossdressing, yet now it is acceptable. It can be confusing and semingly hypocritical insociety how it's okay one way and not another.

    There is this pressure to be accepting of homosexuals, yet crossdressing is frowned upon. Even though as recently as the 1700's men did regularly crossdress: wigs, makeup, knickers, tunics that were essentially dresses.

    So when a person feels bored with traditional clothing and likes the textures and colours afforded by an alternate set of choices, I know I am preaching to the choir, but how is it ethically wrong to crossdress? If you're doing something that's not hurting anyone, it's really no one's business what we do as crossdressers. Relatively defined morals are simply desires of one group being enforced upon another by the power of numbers. That is wrong since no enitity's rights are greater or less than anothers.
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  5. Kolleen added a post in a topic Pantyhose or stockings   

    I prefer pantyhose, primarily because of the extra slimming effect you get and I don't have a problem with runs. It takes some practice, but....
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  6. gryphonphyre added a post in a topic From CD To TS... Is It Possible?   

    The feelings of guilt after wearing attire is entirely placed there by society.
    It is not abnormal, but you must exercise caution of how you engage in it around the company of others.
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  7. Annie added a post in a topic Pantyhose or stockings   

    My preference is neither.

    Nylons of all varieties are the worst designed article of clothing ever devised by humankind. When I first went FT, I was wearing dresses every day at work, but after a year of popping a finger through a brand new pair of pantyhose, or snagging them or seeing a run start from the heel, I just decided that monetarily, this was not for me.

    I switched to nice slacks.

    If I do wear skirts, which is a rarity now, I am bare-legged.

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  8. MaryEllen added a post in a topic Pantyhose or stockings   

    This redneck girl doesn't dress up all that often but I guess pantyhose would be the preferred style of hose.

    MaryEllen :)
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  9. Tina P. Hose added a topic in Male to Female (MtF) Crossdressers Discussion   

    Pantyhose or stockings
    Day off and kind of bored.

    Question: Which do you prefer pantyhose or stockings ? Or perhaps you like bare . :rolleyes:
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  10. Annie added a post in a topic From CD To TS... Is It Possible?   

    Hi. Lori!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Your mentor's theory about the early experimental days of a transsexual's life sounds quite plausible to me. As far as that sexual cycle I described, the guilt or shame part didn't begin for me until well into my later teens and early adulthood. I have no idea why that is. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Mary Ellen,

    I can surely relate to your last comment there. I am rather large-busted, and wear an underwire bra. Some days I work 16 hours, so when I get home its like:

    "How do you spell relief?.......B--R--A........O--F--F......" (giggle)

    When I'm off duty, I never wear one.


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  11. MaryEllen added a post in a topic From CD To TS... Is It Possible?   

    I know these feelings all too well. I've always thought of myself as female and yet through my teen years, it was an extreme sexual turn on to dress in femminine clothing and then go through the feelings of shame and disgust upon sexual release. I couldn't even attempt an explanation of why this happened. I only know that over the years it became less and less of a sexual thing and turned into the wearing of clothing that was appropriate for my sexual orientation. Now, after I've worn a bra all day, I can't wait to get the damned thing off. LOL

    MaryEllen :)
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  12. Lori added a post in a topic From CD To TS... Is It Possible?   

    Hi Annie,

    That is a thought-provoking message you posted. Actually I recall discussing this very question with one of my early "transsexual mentors" who provided a pretty compelling argument as to why someone who was clearly transsexual might start out experiencing sexual arousal when dressed. I think she may have nailed this one.

    Isn't it likely that when we first begin dressing, we experience a liberation unlike anything we have ever experienced in the past. It feels good to explore our feelings of femininity and that often includes our sexual feelings. So, a newbie transsexual who begins dressing is likely to experience all sorts of rushes including sexually. This may lead to even further sexual exploration.

    We're still rather puritanical in our society. Nobody wants to talk about sexuality, particularly when it falls outside the norm. I've never really agreed with the notion that a transsexual should not be sexually aroused from dressing, lest they be labeled a fetishistic crossdresser.

    Labels are pretty dangerous after all. We humans fall at various points on continuums - not in black and white boxes. Why would transsexuality be any different?

    Good topic for some discussion Annie. :)
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  13. Annie added a topic in Male to Female (MtF) Crossdressers Discussion   

    From CD To TS... Is It Possible?
    (5-20-04) ~ FROM CD TO TS.....IS IT POSSIBLE? ~

    We talk about many issues in our chatroom, but one of the most
    hotly debated subjects I've ever been involved in there has been
    that of the fetishistic crossdresser and whether or not a CD is

    There are many among us who believe that if one becomes sexually
    aroused by the donning of women's clothing, or by simply thinking
    about metamorphosing into a female, then that individual is not
    truly transsexual, but a man with a fetish.

    I was one of those "aroused" CDs once, and I can state categor-
    ically that I have NEVER considered myself a man-- not even a
    male, in fact. I have always been an "incomplete woman."

    Then, how can I reconcile that so often I utilized a part of me
    that, by TS definition, I should have loathed? There's no question
    that functioning in a male capacity was incredibly conflicting for
    me. Given a choice, I'd have had no sexuality whatsoever.

    How many crossdressers can identify with this: Being excited while
    dressed as a woman, relieving that tension (you know how) and
    then feeling disgusted with yourself afterward? You can't get out of
    the clothing or wash that makeup off fast enough. Sound familiar?

    What causes this cycle of arousal, excitement, climax, brief plea-
    sure, self-loathing and then divestment? Is it the societal pro-
    gramming that would have us believe that this is all deviant be-
    havior, -or- does it go deeper than that, strike us at our hearts?

    Is it possible that way down inside, all crossdressers, even the
    ones who adamantly deny it, are just as transsexual as the gal
    who never had an erection in her life prior to SRS? If the latter
    is the case, it would definitely explain a lot. What clearer re-
    minder that one's male body is out of sync with her female mind
    is there than this ultimate act of masculine self-gratification?
    Can the disgust that comes later be not with the act itself or
    the clothing, but with the undeniable enforced maleness of one's

    All this is conjectural, and strictly my opinion. Yours is just
    as valid, and I respect any differences you may have with me.

    Now, let's turn briefly to those who believe that crossdressers
    are just men with fetishes...

    In 1998, I took blood tests prior to beginning HRT. I was 44 at
    the time. It greatly surprised me to find out that my blood tes-
    tosterone level was way too high. Normal levels are somewhere
    between 300 and 650 units, while MY level was over 1000! The
    doctor told me joshingly that if I were at all evil, I'd probably be
    an axe murderer. Some joke.

    I was WAY oversexed in middle age-- imagine how high my levels
    must have been in my prime! This blood test revelation explained
    why I had been so easily "turned on" all the time. You get enough
    "juice" in your veins and you cannot control what it does to you.

    So, I think that the gals who say they've never been aroused in a
    male way naturally have extremely -low- levels of testosterone
    in their systems. It is troubling that some of these hormonally
    fortunate ladies would deny me and others our rightful claims to
    transsexuality because of the uncontrollable arousal self-feminizing
    has for us. --had-- in my case-- the whole experience for me was
    ultimately non-fulfilling, and the need to truly metamorphose
    pushed me forward, into HRT and my current state of assexuality,
    prior to SRS.

    If you are a crossdresser or transvestite and believe that you
    are, when all is said and done, a man, I accept that. But, if deep-
    down, you feel that you just may be transsexual, I truly understand!

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  14. Judy added a post in a topic Support Groups   

    still looking sround the general area in my region
    As soon as things balance out in transportation and local support in my town or community I reside If I Stay in this area of fla

    I'll probably going to start one up
    In some time it would be nice in this neck of the woods
    I am just waiting for other folk in this region of fla to open up come out what ever it is called there is not many stepping to the mound yet and in my town none ... zero Dr martin told me other day im a rarity in a kool way because he likes my ideals and experience in this but that there is like ! % in the area here and even dr's do not like tg ppl that kills me 2 days ago i was looking for a urologist
    lol these drs are so inethical opoiniojnated and onesided they look at a few of us as bubonic plaigue Thank God Dr martin is humanitatian and civilized enouigh to actually be willing to help me with kidney stones ..I produce these alot Dr martin is a GodSend really
    that is a good dr a very kind person ...Where there is a will there is a way

    I work hard to pass on love and show drs the positive sides of life because many of these local doctors in my area are 99% from ok arabia india europe and pakistan etc it is rough because out of about 60 doctors in my area 2 I kno of personally are kind enough and open minded enough to talke a intrest in thie life

    but as soon as there is a small community there is a foundation fooring mold a starting point ..

    it would be kool to have something local without me driving many miles to other counties even though where i live drs consider me a real minority according to dr martin a surgeon i just talked to 2 days ago ...

    just to drive to tampa is about 30+ miles easy
    it a real hike really then st pete is a tremendously long drive there is a pretty nice area group in tampa /st pete i like both

    St pete is better imop but alot further

    something more central west fla is needed via WEEKI WACHI AREA
    If I am around this area of fla in future that is where I want to make a Starting point a meeting place I got to look into halls and places locally and maybe just next county over
    community rooms or empty office space to make a meeting place to have helpful conversations and meet nice ppl etc
    support is essential

    There is ppl like me for instance that do not own cars or like to drive but i will look for community hall run a local ad in paper and take a shot at firiing up a nice common ground in this little region i'll go ask local hospitals for a space to use monthly that is a good idea ......Just thought of that because i taught a cpr
    course in a back of a hospital about 10 yrs back
    I think it is possible ill go ask the hospital administrators a few dr's for ideas in this area of town..........
    I dont see any reasons for turning humanity down
    As of now like i said drs told me im a minority a small speck on the canvas

    ... probability it can and will be happening in near future I hope

    Id love to see the tg community open up in my region its like living in the 1950's now picture back to the future lol

    Who knows if I will linger in florida much longer but it would be nice in a old country backwards town to have a open ground
    Like i said from the heart and its hard to compose this concept as I type but Support is essential people can use support and a little kindness goes very far
    instead of travelling 100 miles in a car
    Hug's Judy
    Just sayin hi and thinkin away
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  15. moxiac added a post in a topic Transgender Events   

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  16. moxiac added a post in a topic Transgender Profiles   

    thx for the info admin
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  17. moxiac added a post in a topic Countries Listed on Server Stats   

    just kiddin :P
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  18. MaryEllen added a post in a topic Countries Listed on Server Stats   

    India :)
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  19. moxiac added a post in a topic Countries Listed on Server Stats   

    wat bout me guess my the country from whr i'm surifin then... lOL
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  20. MaryEllen added a post in a topic Countries Listed on Server Stats   

    Moldova . Eastern Europe, northeast of Romania. Part of the old Soviet Union.

    Namibia. Southern Africa, bordering the south Atlantic Ocean between Angola and South Africa.

    What would I do without Google.

    MaryEllen :)
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  21. Lori added a post in a topic Countries Listed on Server Stats   

    Where the heck is Moldova? And Namibia?? :blink:
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  22. MaryEllen added a post in a topic Countries Listed on Server Stats   

    Wow! That's quite a guest list. I didn't think there were that many countries in the whole world. I guess I better brush up on my geography.

    MaryEllen :)
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  23. Lori added a topic in What's New at The Transgender Guide   

    Countries Listed on Server Stats
    According to our server stats, surfers from the following countries have visited during the past two months. Each country is listed in order of frequency of visits. As might be expected, the United States accounts for the majority of traffic, however, there is an interesting list of countries represented. Let us know where you're from.

    United States
    European Union
    Great Britain
    New Zealand
    Russian Federation
    Hong Kong
    South Africa
    South Korea
    Czech Republic
    Slovak Republic
    Sri Lanka
    United Arab Emirates
    Guam (USA)
    El Salvador
    Netherlands Antilles
    New Caledonia (French)
    Dominican Republic
    Trinidad and Tobago
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  24. Lori added a topic in What's New at The Transgender Guide   

    Transgender Profiles
    You can now search the transgender chat profiles to locate new friends. Perhaps you can locate local friends, online confidantes or you might even meet a romantic interest.

    The transgender profiles seach tool is at

    You can also register your chat username, create or edit your own profile and log into the chat room from that page.

    Happy Searching :)

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  25. Lori added a topic in What's New at The Transgender Guide   

    Transgender Events
    There is an updated calendar of transgender events online at

    Please let me know if you are aware of any events we've missed.

    Events are a good way to get out, meet new friends and learn many new things about our transgendered life.

    Please post your experiences at transgender events. Perhaps you can even post if you intend to attend one of the events and would like to meet up with someone while you're there.

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