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  1. Chrissy

    Hi Christy!

    I offer this with the qualification that this was my experience, things will vary from person-to-person, including based on the surgeon that you use. I'm now over a year past surgery and there is nothing that I have to do on a daily basis, the only thing left relating to the GCS is that I have to dilate once a week (that will be forever). Dilation schedule varies based on the surgeon - my schedule was 4x/day for the first month, 3x/day for the following 2 months, 2x/day for the next 3 months, 1x/day for 6 months, and then 1x/week after that - it was 20 minutes per session.

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  2. MonicaPz


    PLEASE click on this link and carefully check this website out! Also, check out their online CATALOG, that has even more products! 

    This company has a HEART!

    Your friend,


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  3. Emma

    I must admit that before this morning I'd not heard of Lush. If you haven't (and into feminine soaps, fragrances, and cosmetics):

    Lush Puts Trans Rights Movement In The Spotlight With New Campaign

    Their Seattle location is near my voice therapist's office. I'm looking forward to dropping in to see them next Wednesday!

    More importantly to all of us is to consider that Lush is an international retailer that is putting its company out there in support of trans people. Marketing people are always looking for ways to differentiate their company and products and this campaign shows that Lush considers not only that trans people are potentially an important market segment but that it also positions their company as a socially conscious leader. Don't be too surprised as we see others, perhaps Macy's, Nordstrom, others, do the same. I'm really excited by this, it's truly groundbreaking. 


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  4. cross2play

    Recently inside Canada there had been 3 unfortunate victim's murdered by single man called Bruce McArthur.  I attended the vigil ceremony in Toronto. But that's not the only vigil held. Because it was organized by Transgender community it was more particularly importance to like-minded individuals of the transgender community.

    Watch link


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  5. olcharlie

    14 February 2018 By Jessica Hamzelou

    A 30-year-old transgender woman has become the first officially recorded to breastfeed her baby. An experimental three-and-a-half-month treatment regimen, which included hormones, a nausea drug and breast stimulation, enabled the woman to produce 227 grams of milk a day.

    “This is a very big deal,” says Joshua Safer of Boston Medical Center, who was not involved with the treatment. “Many transgender women are looking to have as many of the experiences of non-transgender women as they can, so I can see this will be extremely popular.”

    The transgender woman had been receiving feminising hormonal treatments for several years before she started the lactation treatment. These included spironolactone, which is thought to block the effects of testosterone, and progesterone and a type of oestrogen.

    This regimen enabled her to develop breasts that looked fully grown, according to a medical scale that assesses breast development based on appearance. She had not had any breast augmentation surgery.

    When her partner was five-and-a-half-months pregnant, the woman sought medical treatment from Tamar Reisman and Zil Goldstein at Mount Sinai’s Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery in New York City. Her partner had no interest in breastfeeding, she explained, so she would like to take on that role instead.

    More here:


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  6. ZoeyM

    I have a huge blessing in my life,my wife Barbara.Been together for 13 years and married for 10 years.Before I met her,had so many mean and cruel SOs in my life.Would taunt me and broke up with them.Then things changed 13 years ago when I met Barbara,was in the women's restroom touching up my make up and she was beside me.I thought she was going to freak out at first and did not.She looked at me saying I looked beautiful and told her thank you.Exchanged phone numbers and that is when we started dating.She thought it was very horrible what my ex SOs did to me.Barbara said she loves me dressed as a woman more right away and that is when I knew that I met the right woman in my life.Learning about her,she has always loved feminine men that love to dress as women and this brought us together more.It has been a great win/win for both of us,I have a supportive SO and she got her dream feminine husband.We go shopping together knowing what I love including getting our nails and hair done.Barbara does call me Zoey most of the time.So far Barbara and I seen as a normal couple most of the time.If I have never met Barbara,my life would be miserable.

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  7. cross2play

    Thanks Lori I am aware of rules to laws coming into effect over there, since 2013, many new pro favour transgender laws have sprung into society. That said it's the remote, villages, far to reach towns, isolated incidents involving these deaths, the major cities don't have this problem.  But hearing about an advocate of transgender person along with her friends being gunned down, is hard to believe. I mean what's next for transgender women in Pakistan, to carry a loaded ak-47 or 9mm in self defense along with hand purse,wtf!

    I certainly hope someone will improve the rights of vulnerable person over there.


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  8. Lori

    Our sister site Transgender News Channel has been covering stories of transgender news in the Middle East. Transgender people have a very difficult life in some countries. There are some small signs of progress and acceptance. For example;

    ISLAMABAD: Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights on Saturday approved the draft on rights of transgender persons that would soon be tabled at National Assembly to become a law.  Read More 

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  9. cross2play

    Well to my astonishing surprised learning fact of glancing at country Pakistan and the weekly news updates of targeted killing, rapes, or kidnapping.  This news doesn't sound that bad because it will not relevant for me.  If you're a bed room transgender, or North American transgender, or just forum viewing, you have to appreciate cross dressing, is not at all easy in international globe. I sincerely wish these deaths didn't occur, as my brothers or sister's, but I feel so helpless in defence of their assistance. Many have been killed and we aren't even in March of 2018?


    3 transgender shot injured

    Transgender person assaulted by 3 men

    Transgender kidnapped, gang-raped in Peshawar

    Watch my YouTube channel Shazy Jeo videos and explore variety of content 

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  10. Emma

    See? We're catching on! Sure, everyone wishes this wasn't such a new thing but it has to start somewhere.

    Direct Patient Care Experience Necessary for Better Transgender Care

    “We have seen that lack of knowledgeable medical providers remains the most reported barrier to good care for transgender patients. Direct care experiences with transgender patients not only increases the confidence of medical providers in providing care, but more importantly provides the patient with a better experience,” added Safer, who also is medical director of the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Boston Medical Center.

    BUSM students who participated in the standard transgender care curriculum were offered the opportunity to participate in a subsequent clinical elective providing direct care to transgender individuals. Students were surveyed before and after their elective experience regarding knowledge and comfort with transgender medical care.

    After completing the elective, students who reported “high” comfort increased from 45 percent to 80 percent and students who reported “high” knowledge regarding management of transgender patients increased from 0 to 85 percent. Even motivated students who already were interested in transgender care and who already rated themselves well with transgender care saw large improvements in their scores after the direct patient care experience.

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  11. Bonnie

    July 31, 2017    CBC News   Politics

    Canada's federal prison service has approved the first transfer of a transgender inmate to an institution based on gender identity rather than physical anatomy, CBC News has learned.

    Fallon Aubee, who has been serving a life sentence at B.C.'s Mission Institution, told CBC her request to move to a women's prison has been approved, and she will be transferred to Fraser Valley Institution for Women on Tuesday.


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  12. olcharlie

    Police arrest suspect in brutal 2015 slaying of transgender woman

    February 05, 2018 03:48 PM

    Fresno police have arrested a man they believe to be responsible for the brutal killing of a transgender woman more than two years ago. 

    Richard Joseph Lopez, 37, was charged with the July 2015 murder of 66-year-old Kenton Craig Haggard, who friends say went by “Casey” or “KC.” Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Lopez has a criminal history and was in jail for an unrelated elder abuse case when detectives identified him as the murderer.

    More here:



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  13. Christy

    Hi Chrissy, thanks for sharing your experience. It helps me gather info as I plan out my possible future. I was wondering if you could send an update on how you are doing and maybe some info on what needs to be done on a daily basis. If anything at all. Still learning about GRS. Thank you so much for sharing. 


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