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  1. UsernameOptional

    Anyone notice how in several incidents, the suspects (if/when found) were charged with only second-degree murder?  

    From the DailyBeast article ---The story about a woman who was murdered, and then her body burned, REALLY got me, "surveillance video led police to arrest 45-year-old Michael Davis and charge him with second-degree murder and first-degree arson. As the Journal noted, police investigators determined that there had been a “personal relationship” between the alleged killer and the transgender woman."

    It's as if the arson is considered the more heinous of the two crimes!!


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  2. UsernameOptional

    So true nature is unkind to both - trans women get the better genitals if they opt for GCS, and of course they don't have to deal with scars on their chests.  On the flip side of that coin, though we're missing the right plumming... many trans men are rarely if ever noticed as anything but men.

    I didn't mean to come off as ungrateful - I am glad to see more in the media about trans men.  And it's funny you mention that "sisterhood."  I've always known it existed - I just never understood it.  I'm not even sure I really know what it feels like or what the requirements are.  I do know, however, that any female past the age of the onset of puberty seems to sense that I don't belong.  It's very unsettling.

    Best wishes to you also for a happy T-day...  :)


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  3. Emma

    It's high time for all of these pubs to give face time to trans men. As far as their not giving their due to trans women in the article I wasn't perturbed since the article was focused on men. I think it's much better known that trans women can experience quite a shock at how they are treated by society as women. Thus far I haven't felt it much since I never felt like I really filled the space as a man anyway. And I'm loving how nice women are in general to me. It's like being part of a sisterhood that I didn't know existed and I don't miss any brotherhood that simply doesn't exist, at least not at all in the same way.

    Did you also watch the video they have in the article (at the top)? I liked that, too. I'm envious that trans men seem to be able to blend into society (seemingly) much easier than trans women. If you've ever undergone electrolysis, man, you'd know what I mean. Oh, and then there is the voice work I'm doing! But I'm nonetheless pretty happy these days.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

  4. UsernameOptional

    It's nice that TIME saw fit to give some face time to men.

    Ironically, I find that the sexism is still blaringly obvious in that, the article highlights how society treats a person once they are perceived as male.   Just under the surface, no matter how progressive this society prefers to claim it is, men are still more important than women.  Makes me wonder if the author of that piece even realized or entertained the idea that trans woman are also subjected to a sexually cultural change, in that they are no longer treated as men, and therefore are no longer afforded "male privilege."  

    Or if it would even have mattered.  After all, they're only women...

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  5. Emma

    Very interesting article from TIME magazine: 

    "Over the last three years, transgender awareness has exploded. From Orange is the New Black to Transparent, from Janet Mock to Caitlyn Jenner, America has a growing fascination with the lives of transgender people, most recently in light of recent debates over controversial bathroom laws. But the spotlight on trans issues has mostly been focused on transgender women, and transgender men have been largely left out of the narrative. ...

    "Yet experiences of trans men can provide a unique window into how gender functions in American society. In the last few months, I’ve interviewed nearly two dozen trans men and activists about work, relationships and family. Over and over again, men who were raised and socialized as female described all the ways they were treated differently as soon as the world perceived them as male. They gained professional respect, but lost intimacy. They exuded authority, but caused fear. From courtrooms to playgrounds to prisons to train stations, at work and at home, with friends and alone, trans men reiterated how fundamentally different it is to experience the world as a man."

    Transgender Men See Sexism From Both Sides

  6. olcharlie

    WASHINGTON — The Pentagon says an active duty service member has received gender-reassignment surgery, amid ongoing debate over whether transgender troops should be allowed to continue to serve in the military.

    Defense Department spokeswoman Dana White says the surgery was done Tuesday in a private hospital. The surgery was paid for by the military's health coverage because the doctor deemed it was medically necessary.

    More here:


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  7. UsernameOptional

    I'm not sure how or why the links were the same for all three women in my update above... but I've fixed them. 

    And while I'm at it, I hate to say anything to over-shadow the wins of people from our community...  but, I was a tad disappointed that these accomplishments didn't seem to get much coverage in mainstream news.  Talkshow hosts sure jumped on it though... they thoroughly enjoyed that karma jumped up and bit many haters in the posterior!

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  8. Lori

    Cool! Thank you. I'm still messing around with things. Going to add a news channel tab at and synching Facebook and Twitter. It's a work in progress.

    More updates and changes coming very soon! 

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  9. UsernameOptional

    Don't go there, change your shopping outlet and stay out stereo type straight personalities. Dont pick a fight.

    I don’t think that’s the point, no one picked a fight. I think the shows are excellent as they show the humanity of what it can be to be transgender. We also see good role models for customers. Very educational for unaware cis people.

    ​Not to mention, these are staged incidents to get the reactions of people who witness the situations - so it wouldn't be fair to avoid those entities.

    I think one of these vids is floating around in another area of the Board, 'cause I KNOW I posted a comment...   thinking_or_confused.thumb.jpg.a3698314c


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  10. Lori

    Yes, good idea about the Youtube channel. Youtube has become the 2nd largest site in the world for search queries, so it is very important for us in the long-term. It is definitely in the plans once we build up the Facebook and Twitter channels. I have even purchased some video equipment and editing software for building out the Youtube channel. Thank you for the feedback and your offer. I'll keep this in mind as we proceed. 

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  11. cross2play

    Hello everyone ? Update on the status, I have initiated 1 on 1 counseling and sessions live video streaming on my live broadcast to help you with whatever you need .  However I am live on stream on ONLY 2 days around 5pm to 10pm in winter sessions, summer will change.  Also I go online live broadcast for minimum of 45 minutes only twice per week.  If you like further information please create a account on and fan myself OR check my 24/7 Twitter feed account @Shaz0067 (Shazy Jeo PK ) .  My YouTube videos will not have links for above, everything is here to contact me.  Once you see me say hi to me and let me know you coming from tgguide as there many viewers. Thanks 

  12. cross2play

    This is good there is also YouTube channel videos and other means of operating a media broadcast medium of such an important topic.  I run several YouTube channels. If anyone has questions or concerns of promotion or collaboration please contact me.


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  13. UsernameOptional

    Last night, in the thread "Trans Women Storming the Political Arena," I mentioned that there was a trans man running for a seat in Minneapolis also - the same City where Andrea Jenkins just won.  Phillippe Cunningham, a former staffer to the mayor and teacher, has won Ward 4, putting two trans people on Minneapolis' 13 seat City Council.

    Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania another trans man has won a position on the Erie Public School Board.  Tyler James Titus, an openly transgender man and clinical therapist, ran for and won one of four open seats on the board.

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  14. Emma

    This is great visibility, and an opportunity to make real progress. :) 

    ​Hate never wins in the long run.  Trump et al won the hearts and minds of many disparate groups (even including many women) and are now seeing not only the impossibility of Trump's promises but also his lies.  My hope is that Mueller and Congress are able to hold Trump and his administration in check for the next three years. Next year with the Congressional elections and in three years I believe we're really going to see the pendulum swinging back toward rationality, awareness, and equality for all.

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  15. olcharlie

    The race focused on traffic and other local issues in suburban Prince William County but also exposed the nation’s fault lines over gender identity. It pitted a 33-year-old former journalist who began her physical gender transition four years ago against a 13-term incumbent who called himself Virginia’s “chief homophobe” and earlier this year introduced a “bathroom bill” that died in committee.

    More here:


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  16. Lori

    The Los Angeles LGBT Center and the City of West Hollywood are hosting a “job and resources fair specifically tailored for trans people,” according to a press release. The annual event will happen on Thursday, Nov.  9, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the West Hollywood Park Auditorium.

    Since the fair began in 2008, hundreds of trans people across Los Angeles have secured jobs. This year, more than 50 companies and organizations will attend the event.

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