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dun dun duuun

By kerig420,

So it has been a interesting couple of days. some of it pretty good I mean I was suprised when I went into a corwed room of people I never knew had to give them my real full name and the lady and everybody still was calling me sir and him. People are probley really dumb or I look that good xD. And then again to day. This guy came to pick up our broken washer and he was doing the same.

Really helps my confindce.

Had a little hard time the other day helping my girlfriends family cover there RV. Her mom and dad get it now but her grandparents still say she and I dont say nothing cause there old but it bugs me sometimes. even her dad says things not even realizing it and its way harder when it comes from him.

They all treat her sisters boyfriends way different then me and it gets to me because for one there all jerks and two i like all the stuff they do but not once do I ever get taken on a guys trip kinda lame.

And the Bad.

My sister's piece of crap husband put his hands on her while she was holding her 1 month old. Now we have her my nephew and niece here. And its ok litttle hard not used to having a baby and my nephew is cool. He actually is like why cant you just be a guy you should be. He just turned 8.

I'm so full of rage. I punched myself in the face last night not to bad been worse.

I just needed to do something all that crap in my head, first time being alone with the baby, my girlfriend was leaving for work at a later time so it was wierd.

I just want to go up there and break the door in and see how much he likes it.

I know this is stuff for my theripst but thats not till the 2 and I really think I should call or something. but I need to get it off my chest and I know you guys wouldnt judge.

Oh question how do I repley to messages? I pushed repley and it had the person message but I wasnt sure if i was supposed to erase it and then write or what. Kind of confused me so I will get back to you guys might take a bit.

Whats your guys take on no shave November? My buddy came over and was like it sucks and I'm just thinking to myself I wish I could do it love to have one my girlfriend wouldnt she doesnt even like my little hairs that i do have lol told me once that if I do grow one shes gonna shave it while I sleep told her I was gonna shave her eyebrow lol.

It does suck though because its almost an autonomic out atleast in this town everybody has one even some of the bigger burley ladies do xD

Sorry for the spelling and grammer I have learning disabiltys and my dictionary isnt here lol so this is what you get today :)


Hi everyone. I'm new to this blog stuff and sharing things.

I'm FTM, a guy? I don't know all the terms I'm a man stuck in a chicks body is how i put it. Been this way since I was 4 I'm 25 currently.

Have had no help, since I just started going to therpy (my theripst is pushing to get more info and get out there a little) . My family isnt really supportive. I mean we dont really talk about it but the times we did it was like why would you do that. Only person I have is my wonderful girlfriend. She supports me and wants me to be happy, however I see it.

I'm not open like the other transgender people. I dont want people to know that I'm changing unless I want to tell them. This blog right here is a HUGE thing for me. I'm just not happy anymore I need help. I've been lying to people forever it seems and its awful cause I'm not really lying. I am a guy I see it everyday when I'm not feeling like crap about myself.

I've lost friends, dropped out of school because a "friend" told everybody that I was a girl, and been made fun of. The people that got over it all see me as a guy now. they know, but act like its whatever. sometimes They all talk about it like its nothing and its something to me.

I just want to be respected as a man and its really hard not getting that, it hurts more then anything.

I don't know

I'm shy and don't really know how to talk to people but I'm trying.

Hit me up if you like. any info ideas support is welcome.


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