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It appears to be....

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Well..... It apears to be another day that we have found out that we arent as strong as we thought we were... Why me why why why.... You think that the world is against you it is out to get you your in it's sights and no matter what you try things just keep hittin' you right between the eyes.

Well is it really out to get you or are you merely feeling sorry for your self, I believe that you are at a point in your life that you have created some opportunities for failure to catch up with you and get you down at a point that your confidence level is low, Don't let it get you down any more take a step back run a hot bath with some bath oils and soak up the cleansing vapors, put on some nice music , relax my dear just relax stop letting it get to you no matter how hard you try you are not going to force things to get better, now that you can think clearly and you are relaxed.... Tell yourself that you are not going to let things get you down like this again it hasn't helped to this point so why would you continue to let them get to you like they did so from here on out , You are in control, You are confident, You can make things better, You will change how things have gone, You are strong, You know that you are going to make it through with your head up high, You know you will strive to be the best at whatever you seek to become, You are confident in what ever you do......... You Are Worth Respect and Admiration.

The mind is your best alli and your worest enemy, With confidence in yourself you can change lifes outcomes to benefit you in it and through it. The mind is a powerful tool use it to bennefit you and stop letting it hinder you , think possitive from now on I realize this is easier said then done but stop and look back on your life when things were going right ,your confidence was up and you were thinking possitively, am I correct, I believe if you are being honest I am, Use what you have to better your life. And stop letting it drag you down.

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