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It's been five months now since I restarted my regime of herbal hormones. I have had ups and downs but in general it's been a pleasant experience. 
I started seing a difference in my breasts almost from day one but didn't expect much else from the herbs. The research I have done indicated slower progress and diminished results opposed to that of conventional medicine. 
Be that as it may my emotional state has changed. I feel more at home in my body. The anger and frustration has subsided and calm and serenity has taken it's place. I still get stressed and since I came out to my family and friends I tend to grind my teath but I use to do it before the hormones and attribute it to my general stress levels. I am more aware of it now and can intervene to stop the stress cycle. 
I also noticed recently that my sense of smell has improved dramatically. My breasts are sensitive and I get growth pains often for days on end lately. My sex drive has diminished considerably and although I am still able to forfill my duties as a husband I don't feel like doing all sorts of crazy things to satisfy my urges anymore like in the past. I feel in control for the first time.


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In regards to breast sensations, get use to them as they will not go away anytime soon. Mine went away only after breast augmentation. On average breast size is determined by the cisgender female with the largest breast in your family then downsize a half or full size cup. My mother is a C cup, I went to a B cup then had breast augmentation to achieve a C cup.

Hopefully you are under the supervision of a doctor for the hormones, if not I highly suggest you do.

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