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Sharing a kink and a few other thoughts



So while we were cleaning out the closet today so that Bri could hang up more of her clothes without my male clothes eating into her space and remove a lot of things and we went through some of her clothes since we're planning on sharing some of her clothes and mine.  Well that's when she mentioned her tights and if I wanted to try them as they were still too tight for her. I jumped at the chance. While dressing up in female mode I don't usually get physically excited, emotionally yes as I'm getting to be what I fell at that moment, but one of my kinks in either mode has been stockings, tights or pantyhose, either on me or my partner. Bri noticed this when I tried them on and between the two of us hatched a plan.

After cleaning out the closet she looked online and found a local place that had thigh high's in my size (those are also a big kink hit on top of that) and so we went out to get those for me. I was riding a pretty big emotional high through all of this, but then Bri snuck in a present for me while I was looking for compression hose at the same time. She picked out a necklace with a chain in my size and a really pretty clear gemstone in it. I loved the gesture and the necklace. It was a really sweet thing to do and really touching. When we got home things escalated quickly after I tried the new thigh-highs on along with the necklace and one of our shared baby dolls and we both had a blast. 

I really love that she did this for me and I do love sharing this little kink with her, I mean I had in the past but it didn't necessarily click, but well, we're all on board now.

I guess the stockings are part emotional along with the kink as well as I really associate these with my female side and the fact that Bri was able to get into this with me so much really hit a lot of my buttons physically and emotionally and made me very happy and very satisfied. So overall this was an interesting day for all of this.

Work was going well until a few snags really hit a few buttons. Stress at work usually isn't a trigger for me, but since I've been more open about it with Bri, it's been on my mind a bit more. I did get fidgety a bit at work while it was going on and a bit after, but talking to Bri about it settled it. I'd wanted to get into girl mode after work yesterday and especially after the doctor's office visit but it wasn't practical and there was too much going on. I made do and Bri really made letting my doctor know what was going on that much better. She's been a rock through this, well at least when she's been talking to me about it.

I am really excited as my breast forms I ordered should be arriving tomorrow. I will definitely be going into girl mode when those arrive and letting Bri destroy the water balloons I've been keeping around since she found out about all of this. I imagine she'll have fun and it'll be fairly therapeutic as well. ;)


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I'm sorry, I need a few days to digest.  You are the one who taught me I can't keep secrets in a marriage or tell white lies to you, and that hit hard to find out you'd promised me no secrets and there was this big one, but I mostly understand now.  Fear is strong.  Thank you for giving me the time to sort out the anger and trust issues you hit before we really talked a lot so that I was able to talk and really hear you and not be wigged out by the issues you'd poked at.  I know the first few days i was quiet and weird and in my head a lot.  I needed that time to think through all that and what questions I wanted to ask. 

You are very kind to leave out my emotional meltdown in the  middle of the closet nearly derailing everything.  :)  At least  I didn't find out about his passing til after vacation where we were really working on everything between us.  And as usual you were awesome at the comfort thing. 

I'm really really glad you liked the necklace.  It sparkled at me and reminded me so strongly of the things Grandpa used to give me, that I knew you had to have one too.  Those sorts of things remind me of that unconditional love and amazing grace that  my grandpa had.  I'm sorry works sucks. 

And for the record, I have a thing about water balloons.  I have zero destructive feelings towards the breast forms, it's just water balloons make me craving throwing them and watching them explode.  Nikki has been expecially nice to me so I'll at least let him turn on the bathroom space heater and get in the shower before I throw them at him.  Honest!

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wow your getting your boobs Congratulations and have faun and have fantastic work and my people surround you with love and support Love ViBett Scott. I am also I am married to Veronica" wifeWell more chatting to go too. we send our love and big HUGS Vibetascott

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