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About just under two months I applied for my passport, three weeks later I was informed my birth certificate was not good, so I called, asked what needed to be done which was provide another one (which I had) and sent it to them. I never changed my original so it still says M for gender.

Today I am now a proud owner of a US passport with F for gender.

There was never anything mentioned about my gender change, only a birth certificate not being correct because it did not have my mother and father names on them while the second one did.

Last thing is getting my papers back as they are originals but they did send an email indicating my pass-book is still yet to come and hope that is when my documents are returned to me.

So for those following the same or similar path as me all I can say is gender change is a non-issue with the right documents e.g. Marci Bowers supplied me with the proper document the week after surgery.

I now want to travel to England, Canada and the Philippines this year.


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I seem to recall getting the paperwork we provided back with the actual passports.   However take that with a grain of salt as this was like 8 years ago and I get confused about little details and Nikki didn't remember either way.  I know I did get them back though as I would remember going through another round of the song and dance with the state department to get a copy of my birth certificate since I was navy born in Japan.  I envy people who can just go to their birthplace and get the dang thing.  The state department makes it such a production.  

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Hi Briannah,

Thanks for your reply. In my case I think they have kept my documents because I also applied for a pass-book which has not arrived yet and in a recent email it was indicated I may have up to three packages.

On a side note, I really don't need the pass-book but thought, what the heck, get one :) 


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I agree!   There is something neat about the little blue( it was blue when I got mine) books.  I have no stamps as I'd never gone anywhere that required Visas.  I basically only have it because we go to Canada and the Carribbean often and they tightened the laws.   We HAD to have it for a cruise to Alaska because it stopped in Canada for literally four hours.  Lol

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