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Still here...Sorta.



I'm honestly not sure why I'm even blogging. I hardly see a point in whining about my ___ anymore. It doesnt really get me anywhere and I just end up looking like a whiner.

I've fought with insurance. I've tried jumping through loopholes and even my doctor stood up to try and talk to them. But the answer is no, no matter what I try. My gender says Male on it, so my surgery is no longer a breast reduction. It's transgender surgery. But no, you have to use a code for gynocomastia for my claims because I'm male legally. But I dont have gynocomastia? Oh but that doesnt matter because that surgery is elective and cosmetic. I explained that it's only cosmetic because they say it is. According to me and my doctor and the surgeon, it is necessary due to health problems which apparently dont mean squat when it comes to insurance. Because of my stupid ID...

Their solution? "Then maybe just change your ID back to FEMALE".

Which I can only do every 3 years I was told...So wait 2 years to change my ID for an insurance company I might not even have by then? No thanks.

So it's back to square one (until I can switch insurances. Good riddance Blue Cross Blue Shield Anthem!!!! You dont cover squat! ((Only office visits, no labs, no eye, no dental, no ER)) so why keep them!?) Fundraising. Sort of. Saving up money on the side when I can, plus my gofundme.

HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to Artemis and Lori R. for donating 50$ to the cause. So much love your way!


On another note, I'm trying something else to try and earn money for surgery. So far I only have about 500$ saved up (8,500$ to go.....). Fairy Jars. Some of you MIGHT have seen them on my facebook if I've added you, but here's a very minimal example of what I'll be doing.

While Lit inside: 13245274_126713474403913_220329528392985

Outside without lighting: 13263825_1567970373496980_79109598930860


I'd made this particular one to try it out and it was for someone in California, but she hasnt been able to pay for shipping yet so it hasnt gone anywhere. I'm attempting to find lighter jars so shipping will be cheaper plus I want to focus on recycled jars and materials so there is less waste and plus I wont be spending a ton of $ on supplies.

These are only for decoration and should NOT be used with a real candle (battery operated only) else it will catch the foam inserts and tissue paper on fire!

I'll be doing different themes once I get more supplies (wolves, dragons, more fairies, etc) with a different variety of jars in size and shape. Different colors as well. Some may not have as many decorations added onto the outside like this particular one (it was custom, mostly done by Alex) but I'll update and add photos as I get there.

Like I said, payments for the jars will go directly to my GoFundMe account as this seems to be the best solution for everyone when it comes to payments and where the money will be going (towards surgery).

I'll let you know how that goes...

Havent sold any yet (because I have yet to get supplies) but I have a few people interested.

We'll see....

In other news, there isnt much going on. Alex joined a few groups on facebook that he could relate to and seems to have found his own little world to be in, which is good I guess. It gives him more independence and a sense of his own life or something like that. He's a little annoyed right now because our cellphone completely kicked the bucket (I kind of figured it would. It was slowly getting really annoying kinks such as the screen messing up and the buttons not working) So now he cant text people while we're at work or something. I have to get a new one ASAP for work and whatnot but the people I share my verizon plan with are being a pain in my ____ about if I should upgrade through the account or just buy a prepaid. I have no idea what I'm looking at and theyre all just brushing it off like it's nothing but I NEED a phone for work. I'm giving them another day to figure it out before I do it on my own, to hell with their advice or preferences.

My job is more important than their preferences on MY phone.

Yes, I'm in a slightly cranky mood....I blame shark week. Dyphoria is totally kicking my butt tonight and it's made me severely annoyed. Plus getting to work and climbing into the work jeep---oh look, it's out of gas. Climb into the work van instead---oh look, two flat tires. Try to fill the tires back up and end up ripping off the stupid hub caps because they were preventing the damn nozzle from putting air in the tire---oh great, I cant get one back on. Try kicking and oh nice, I split one of my toenails because I forgot I had sneakers on and not my steeltoe boots....

Ugh, it's been a lovely night.

Plus I dont remember if I said this but I apparently have a damaged Trapezius muscle which is preventing me from exercising so I've gained weight and feel horrible plus it keeps siezing up every few days. Oh yeah and my 225mg of thyroid medication (highest dose I'm allowed) isnt working and I might have three tumors in my thyroid glands. YAY ME!


I'm going to bed now.....>.>



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Hey Warren,

I agree, your insurance has you stuck in a Catch-22. Here's a couple of ideas:

1. Does your state have an insurance department or commissioner? Here in California we can file complaints with them. If you find them, call 'em up, tell your story, and ask for their suggestions of what to do.

2. Now that you have the firm "no" from your insurance, call your doctor, surgeon, and the like to ask "what would you do if you were in my situation?" They deal with this bureaucracy every day and may have an idea.

3. You might consider creating and posting some sort of YouTube video. I remember a few years ago a guy posted a great vid "United Hates Guitars" that went viral and yes, he got lots of support. Check out his vid and see if you can mimic it in some way. Here's the link: http://youtu.be/5YGc4zOqozo Your vid might be titled "Anthem Hates Trans".

4. Or, you might write a short speech and set up a stage that looks like a TED Talk... call it a REN Talk. People will make the connection and that might help get traction. But try hard to have a similar tone to what they do on TED. Be firm yet respectful. You want all people who see it to understand your plight and want you to succeed. In fact you might even close with a "What would you do?" which I seem to recall is used by some TV show like 20/20 or something.

Thats all I can think of for now...


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cant do 4 or 3 as my internet is not good enough. tried number 2 but neither know what to do since it's not happened to them before. and I tried 1 and got no response.

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