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Crucifixion wants to start again...



Hello all


Got a weird question albeit normal question the other day.


I was asked out of the blue by one of the officers at work, "Will you be capable of answering a question when the new station commander asks you about your dress code?  And have you changed it at work?"


The it is, my gender specifics and the dress code for male and female police members are slightly different at work.  Answering this officer, I clearly stated that the workplace were informed and some of my medical certificates are on record at work, that's why I obtained a female bulletproof or why would I have gotten that and be placed in the female side of a barracks when going on a course.  I said some part in my head, then vocalized that I was born intersexed and that make me capable of deciding if I'm female or male as I got both genders, what now...


I got a weird look, and commented further that a friend whom is Maj General and the head of legal services in the police was approached and informed of my steps that I was going to take and for her to start looking at the laws of South Africa to safeguard herself, otherwise this will have repercussions and reach her office too.  Suddenly he walked away, because now his rank isn't just inferior, but somewhere in the middle of myself and a friend.


2 days passed and I got asked if I saw the page on his table.  It didn't bother me as it wasn't my desk.  She read out loud a section he wrote about me. (See attachments)


Come after me as much as you want, because this will only strengthen me as I grow and safeguard all others to follow.  Meaning I do their fighting for them preemptively.  I was far from done when it came to fighting for LGBTIQ&Others.  Have about 20 odd years to go before it's time for me to go on retirement as it is frowned upon to work more then 30 years in the police here.


Thinking that people still want to crucify people for being different to them is awful.  If this is his point of view, ooooh I got some sins he has done.  By his own account, and that doesn't scare me to take him on.


I'm not livingin th stone ages, and he'll js have to get over it, or dron in his own sins and leave me alone.  One more person to beat the crap out of.  And in the endi am gong to g for gold, hit him wher it will hurt the most, his wallet.  What that is the only way to make a bigot learn to stay on the right side of the law.


Hope you all are havig a good time, and are safe.  After all a pest like me never goes down without a fight..


Hus and kisses







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Hi V



Funny part is, him asking me and stating it was for the new station commander was ridiculous in itself, as my voice is more feminine then hers.  I'm just flabbergasted by the fact that it took him this long to build up enough courage to face me.  He normally doesn't have any problem with confrontation.


Oh yes!!!  How dumb could I be???  He never dealt with any gender issues especially pertaining to transgender or intersexed persons.  So he needed an excuse to attempt at getting my feathers ruffled or in a tail spin while in flight.


Unfortunately when I mentioned that the acts in the police have been corrected to correlate with the constitution and other laws on a national level, he was thrown in a tail spin diving towards the ground and now he need to find a way out of it before he crashes and burns.


Actually before I joined te police, I wanted to be a serious and violent crimes investigator.  Something about solving murder (homicide), bank robbery or anything involving an armed robbery has appealed to me, because it means me taking out a threat to the world and society.  Even cold cases intrigues me, something about being unsolved makes me want to catch the culprit all that more.


Ladies, gents and nonconforming personS, be safe and look out for each other especially if you know your friends aren't as string as you, because you never know when they will come to your rescue because you used all your strength.


Big hugs and kisses


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Hiya Michele. Firstly My Darling Girl, You are no Pest !! You have Every Right to Your Personal, and Confidential Information being just that. Michele, You hit Him where it hurts - in His Wallet !! I Am Not going to Use Profane, or Insulting Language to describe Him. This Is out of sheer Love and Respect for You, and All Our Friend's on TGGuide. ( I Will Not lower Myself to His Gutter Standard's !! ). Michele, Don't let the So-and-So get You down. He Is an ignorant Good-for-Nothing. Michele, You on the other hand, are a Very Wonderful, and Very Decent Young Lady. Michele, wallop Him in the wallet, and You have the Last LaughLaugh !! Michele, Speak Soon Honey, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxx 

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Hi Steph and V


I liked the so and so, actually know what that means, so enjoyed someone with a sense of humor like mine.


Can't I rather have petrol bomb control, it's the easiest bombs to make.  I also don't know why people are so scared of a petrol bomb that isn't ignited.


Fear I don't have for this guy, neither respect anymore.  He stepped onto grounds to disrespect what he refuses to understand, and if had any inclination of actually wanting to learn, he would have asked in the right way.


But that is also why I didn't tell my support head commander, because I knew she would attack like a mother with her child being attacked, and then someone told her.  Ooooooh crap, Monday I will hear something that I don't want to hear.  But I'm positive and if he pushes, I know how to withstand the push and make him fall on his own.


Love, hugs, kisses


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