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I haven't written in a while and I'm sorry. Things have gotten seriously hectically busy suddenly and I'm struggling to cope. How do we go from jobless without money to having too much to do and getting paid too little anyway. So I'm submitting a volume of my poetry for publication. I'm going to get this done. It won't make money at first, but it's a first step. At least I'm motivated... which is a good thing, yes?



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Dear Charl,

I know of two disabled Lesbian women who are writers, in my building, who write novels and poetry.  It is far from making a living, but it does supplement their Disability nicely.

Is there any way you can get on Disability, and use your creative talents to supplement your income?





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Hey Charl,

Absolutely, do it, publish your book. I believe that we have to make our marks, whether it be through little kindnesses we bestow while shopping for groceries, art that we create and display (such as your poetry), or whatever else it is that we do to express and be ourselves. This is so critical for mental health, to do things that are for others. It's hard not to do it for money - we all need it of course. For me I think that doing anything with that aim is challenged to gain traction in the world or, for that matter, to even be completed when the going gets tough. 

So yeah, I definitely agree that publishing your poetry a good thing. I wish you joy throughout the entire process, the creation, editing, organizing, fonts, page layout,... 


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