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Christmas Eve Eve

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Here it is five months now since Sue died, and it's Christmas, and I am on my own. One of our Christmas cactuses is actually blooming. We have never had one bloom at Christmas, so I took a picture and posted it on Facebook. I got a comment from Sue's sister and her cousin that it's a sign that she is here. I'm not much of a believer in those kinds of things, but it is odd. Also, the hanging orchid I bought her for Christmas last year is also blooming--for the first time since. We celebrated Christmas less and less over the years. Sue was glad when it was over. We weren't in a position financially to afford big surprise presents, but we were well off enough to buy things we wanted or needed at the time. So, we really wanted for litlte. We even gave up baking, although Sue would usually fix something special for Christmas dinner. I did get an invite from my neighbors to come for dinner on Christmas Day. I see them just about every day. We were good friends before Sue died, and I have become closer since then. 

I have been keeping busy with my work. Together my boss, Rich, and I have completed some enrollments, and I now have three active accounts. I am just short of my next goal which I need to make by January 12. Rich has been doing some finagling to help me get there and will pull some more strings if necessary, but I'd like to get there on my own. I have a good pipeline built up, and it's just a matter of closing them in time. The nolidays are throwing a little bit of a monkey wrench into my timeline. I don't want to be in this position again.

I don't just want to get by.

I want to KILL IT! 

See how this job has changed me. Maybe it was there all along and just needed coming out.

Speaking of which, I expect to have lunch with my sister this coming week. I saw a review on Public Television about a Chicago style pizza restaurant in Jupiter, FL. Since we are from Chicago, I thought it would be fun to meet her there. She is coming from Vero Beach, so I'll have the lions share of the driving, but I really don't mind. If she comes without her husband and the feeling is right, I might open up to her about being a crossdresser. I just take if for granted now. Maybe someone in the family should know, or not. I'll write about that later.

So that's my little bit for tonight. I am well. I try to stay mindful and let my thoughts go as they come. I am happy with what I am doing. I will learn and do well--I am already, although I don't know fi I'm quite up to minimum wage yet. LOL. That will change. Later.

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