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Clipped wings

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When i was a kid we had gotten parakeet. I remember we get the wings clipped so it doesn't fly away. It can fly short distances but always down. I feel like that bird. No matter how much i try to get away it always going be me hitting the ground. I feel like when people see this happen they thinking i wonder why this happening. 

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Very good way to put it Kitrah, and sorry to hear this from you. I am going to suggest what Michael (UsernameOptional) once said to me: pound out your frustrations, hurts, and fears here. We have your back as much as we can. You are among compadres.

Warm Hugs,


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Hang in there. ​Sounds like life is frustrating but things seem to have a way of working out as long as you keep moving toward your goals. ​

It is a good analogy. ​You'll grow those feathers out​ and fly!  :)  ​


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