Hello everyone!

Well I’m feeling much better today. I can move around pretty well. I will need to take it easy for awhile, no yoga😞. But I can still walk! I started HRT yesterday and really happy about that. I haven’t been able to wear anything girly which is bumming me out a bit but that’s life. I have been practicing my voice and as hard as it is I think it’s going well. My  throat is a little soar from the air tube during surgery but that actually helped me with my tone because I had to speak softly. I was even speaking at a higher pitch it just didn’t hurt as much. I was thinking I should have had them suck out the extra fat around my belly when they were in there. Lol. Anyway, the HRT is great, easier and cheaper the the herbals were. The Endo told me to stop all herbals and she will see me in 30 days. I will also get another blood work up done this week. I have been online looking for a pair of sandals, jeggings and some sort of top to wear.  I want something that’s kind of androgynous for the shoes and the top. The jeggings look like jeans. Not sure if I can pull all this off right now but I am going to keep moving forward. I do have a question...do your eyelashes grow or come in thicker when your on HRT? I hope so