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Hello all😃

Everything is going well today. I am healing up great from the surgery and getting some energy back. I still have glue on the  incisions but they look good. I am able to get around for work and everything else but I do take it easy. Going to the gym now for a short walk and to see what else I can do. HRT is going well and feeling fine. I have noticed some growth in the breasts and the butt/hips although it is very small and I’m fine with that. My butt and chest definitely jiggle more now. I would like my butt to be a little firmer so that is why I’m going to the gym. Stair master! Slowly.  I do have a sense of peace in my life now that I haven’t felt for a long time. Oh and my eye lashes are definitely growing or getting darker because my bottom lashes were almost invisible before I started back in December. Now you can definitely see them just a bit. I have been working on my skin  routine for about two weeks now and the results are starting to show.  My face is definitely getting more feminized but my  pores  are still clogged so I think I might need to have that extracted or something. I was looking up some information on how to go about it and saw something about a hydrafacial. I watched a video on it and it look like it made a lot of sense but I’m not sure where to go.  I also scheduled an appointment to start facial hair removal and I will let you know how that goes as well. After the experience with laser removal on my back and arms I am quite confident it will go fine.  It’s also odd to me that little things that didn’t bother me as much before are starting to bother me more now. Like people calling me sir, (which I understand)  having more dysphoria regarding facial hair, body hair and wearing boy clothes.  I was just at a restaurant picking up some to food and when my order was ready the girl said “Sir your order is here”.  Which is completely normal. For the first time I stepped up and wanted to correct her but I didn’t. It caught me off guard or something, just a  twinge of  ”hey!” That’s not right. Weird. I have more appointments next week and will let you know how that goes. Off to the gym!!👏🏻



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