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Really sometimes I believe that we get gifts in the form of people. These are very special gifts, and their one's to be cherished not exploited.

Sometimes we don't see the gift that a person truly is;

theres only one thing to say then, shame on us!

Yes, it is true some people are very mean spirited; on the other hand, some people are very kind, and loving.

Discerning, this quilty is it's up to us, the person receiving gift, to open it, to appreciate it, and most of all to take care of it, for they are truly a treasure.

My grandfather once said, " if you have one real friend in your life you are truly a rich person."

I must be a millionaire; I don't mean to boast; what I realy mean to say is I have three wonderful people in my life, and I love them dearly.

I would even take it to the extreme to say," I would die for them!"

I try, very hard to let them know how much I love them,need them,and feel about them!

I can only hope they know my true feeling for them??

I know for a friendship to work, one has to understand that it is a two way street. ie. It's give, and take; that's the way I found it works a true relationship .

The reason I'm writing this is because, I never really trusted people fully. I guess you could say, I had trust issues; I was kind of antisocial; shame on me!

I probably had more friends then I realized, I just let them slip away; shame.. on... me!

So hopefully, someone when they read this, may view their friend a little differently. Or, maybe not that's all up to them.

This part of my blog is really something about me, about my discovery.

I know we can all learn from each other.

Each day has its own challenges however, we don't have to face those alone if, we have special people in our life that truly care for us. the choice is up to us; not to someone eles.

Good or bad we have to live with our choices, thats life.

I would like to put a note of caution in here; please understand some people for some unknown reason may not like you very much. Bee careful when you open yourself up they could hurt very badly. When you meet a person like this my advice is, just move on! Life is to short, and too precious to be caught up with a person that does not care for you, much if at all!

That is what my life experances have tought me...yours could vary.

This is strictly my opinion....I'm no expert on this stuff.

All righty then...hope you all have a great holyday, and get everything you want/need!!

Peace Out >^.^<

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What is often forgotten is the christian value which Christ taught us, LOVE . How often a simple act of love would lift the spirit of a homeless person or comfort to a battered women or a person just trying to figure out who they are. Wow what a gift.

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