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hair today and tomorrow!

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Well dear readers! they say that time and tide wait for no man .. well woman in this case!.. I`ve read more blogs than i care to recall and i`ve done a lot of soul searching these last few weeks, enough to really give a therapist nightmares in fact ... I`ve found a few things along the way i thought i`d share with you ..

1, My hair arrived and monday i tried it for the first time.. hmm me and the girly who made it need a little alone time in a dark room!.. cant see out of it . cant do anything with it and well basically nearly set it on fire when i went for a smoke!.. oh i can see the head lines now .. tg woman found with melted head in night club land .. Dangers of smoking blahg de blah

ok so today i took it out of its bag, and thought hey time to do something drastic i bought a pair of scissors.. !.. but as usual a friend whispered a bit of advice ( " oi karen styling you tube lfw " ) and well i got to watching a gazzilion coloured girls show me how "dey do dat thing wiv the bobbles and cremes and walla theres my new hair all sparkly nice.." so i tried it ..

now me i am not a hair dresser, i`m not camp enough .. for it .. i think .. but after a few trial and errors i got it sorted. A little hair styleing on my lacefront hair . and .. yeah not bad!... the proof of course will be what happens when i step out to the meeting tonight.but i do have a few thing sin my favour.. a its all hallows eve.. an b, its gonna be dark"!

Anyway back to the plot of this blog umm.. where am i .. monday .. wow what a night .. ok not a massive crowd at the lounge but enough to make it homely and a couple of glasses of shampoo and well hey it was fun!..was gonna meet samantha and sat there pondering things wig hair lippy all dolled up .. no sign of her. then i heard her behind me just after of course the obligatory fb message " sammy where the heck are ya ?"..turn round shes sat behind me and didnt recognise me with my hair in place!.. woot! so yeah we talked a bit sipped a bit cava mmm cava voddy mmm cava voddy coke.. . discussed a few topics i wont share here!.. and enjoyed each others company .. for once its nice to just be.. ya know?..not judged not sneerred at .. just be.. well taxis here for my lift to the station so time to sign out a lil bit might and i do stress might try a bit more later when i get back...

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Wow! really gutsy. I don't know how I would do in a lounge, I am not much of a lounger - but I do like company. Well good for you. Dawn

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