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Just wrote another song :)



I couldn't sleep last night, so I wrote a song, I'm going to post the lyrics, hope you like it :) I would love feedback, positive or negative :)


Verse 1:

Hide behind

such a faux façade

Do you know who you are?

Have we pretend too long?

Should I hide my face?

Am I a big disgrace?

Why should I conform

to just fit in?

I hurt no one

I cause no harm

I’m just trying to be

who I know I am

You’re so lucky

that you get to be

the person that you see

in your reflection


but I must wait

to set myself free

Chorus 1:

Why do I have to prove

who I am inside?

Is it my destiny

to hurt eternally?

Do you know what I go through

just to live my life?

To feel the emptiness

of a thousand lies

I hate this

Living like a misfit

Verse 2:

I’m here to stay

I won’t go away

I’m not going to change

I’m not going to hate

Myself anymore

I’m tired of the pain

If you can’t handle this

just walk away


Chorus 1

Verse 3:

Such a heavy hand

I must detach it

and relinquish

all the hate for myself

Chorus 1 (sans 3rd stanza)

Chorus 2:

What’s it worth to you

to make me feel ashamed?

Do you sleep well at night

knowing you cause pain?

Using hollow words

and spiteful lies

that we’re not beautiful

in God’s eye

and I love this

proud to be a misfit

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