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The Kaylee’s back in town! (D’ner! D’ner! D’ner!) Yes, my pretties, after a two week absence I've returned from the Far Side with news and updates.

How lucky are you?

So, my date went very well. Very well. We spent the whole long weekend together and we’ll meet again soon, probably when she's back in the Netherlands after visiting her family. We've got loads in common, she has a gorgeous kind face and is very caring.

I actually felt happy. For the first time: actually truly happy. I was with someone I really liked, and they liked me, and I didn't feel like I had to pretend. I was able to just be me… And she still liked me! Maybe I don't suck after all… Maybe I'm actually generous, sweet, intelligent and pretty.

It's done me so much good. All I must keep doing is reminding myself: it's okay. You're a great person. If it doesn't work out, then you're STILL a great person. Be proud and happy.

I'm actually learning to be happy! This is genuinely wonderful.

It's even more euphoric to have spent such an incredible weekend. I'm keeping my hopes high that this will work out really well. I think it might, because I deserve someone like this in my life.

Even my therapist says that he feels something has changed, that I've turned a corner. I'm not ‘cured’, years of abuse don't work like that, but I'm so much better!

So, my crazy dream continues. Only a short update this time! Take care of yourself x

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Dear Kaylee,

Wish we all could find a loving partner, like you. See that you worked at liking and loving yourself, and putting that energy out, and it is coming back to you.

Am praying that it works out as you deserves the best, and I bet she does, too!

Yours truly,


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