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ok so I'm 67 years olds .Biologically male really a woman . Have never done anything g about it fear social pressure who knows .Seems a bit late for a sex change or even hormone treatments but I need to do something .Anyone else out there is this kind of situation ? Thoughts? Ideas? suggestions welcome


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Yes. Same thing happening to me right now. I'm 64. I would go on hormones right now if it wasn't for what it would do to my wife. If you can do it ... I'm just saying I would.

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Hi RichLisa,

I'm a little younger than you but not so much that it matters, so I think I can understand where you're coming from. I agree, too, that it seems late, and I often wonder where I'd be today (perhaps lots happier?) if I had taken MTF steps a few decades ago. But I didn't, and here I am today. My suggestion? Go find a therapist that you can connect with. They're not all the same, so talk to a few and see what you can find. And then, share your story with him/her, and see what turns up for you.

I'll leave you with another story that you might find interesting. A 55 year old woman was talking to a friend. She said, "I've always wanted to become a lawyer, but shoot, if I started college today I wouldn't be one until my early 60s." Her friend counseled, "So, when you're 60 you can either be a lawyer or not; the choice is up to you." And then the woman saw that it was indeed her choice, and started applying to schools.

I'm not saying you should start hormones, plan on surgeries, or anything. I'm just saying (and saying it to myself as well) that we owe it to ourselves to take each day as it comes and be ourselves. We all deserve love, respect, and acceptance.



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