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Last of The Family Secrets



Well I put out a message while ago about my youngest daughter finding out and knowing about my creativity. That left just my oldest daughter to find out and then you knew someday that it would come to her, but she is not quite as deductive as my youngest daughter so it took a while. She has been seeing things, asking things, but as I always told my family if you asked the right question I’ll give you the right answer. My oldest daughter never asked the right question until last night.

I was sitting here happily reading my At Sister House email when my daughter came into my office carrying a pair of my panties. She sat down in the chair next to me and then showed them to me and asked me if they were mine because she has a pair just like them. I decided to play little game with her, runaround, and see what her reaction would be. An after stringing her along for a Couple Minutes she asked the question again. I look at her in the eyes and I said yes there mine.

She then asked about the pair of silky panties that she found on my bed. It should be noted that I had brought a load of laundry from the garage to break down between my wife and myself. My wife had taken her stuff put it away and put my stuff on the corner of the bed so I could put mine away. Apparently my oldest daughter went in there to talk to her mother and she got to nosing around and found my panties but she missed my bra that was there but it is no big thing.

So my dear darling daughter and I continue to go round and round and round and round and she kept asking me if I was a transvestite well as everybody knows I consider myself a crossdresser and I prefer not to use the term transvestite as I find it very insulting. We got to the point to where she was not asking the right question. So she kept telling me that she didn't want me to be a transvestite and that she wanted me to be her daddy and this went on for about 15 or 20 minutes and finally looked at her and I said I was. Well she leaves my office and back into the bedroom she went. She said she was going to call her sister. Well I knew if she called her sister that her sister would finally break down and let her know what she's known for the last five years and sure enough she did. This brought great wails and consternation from my oldest daughter.

And after sitting in my office continuing to read my email I continued to sit there and listen to her wail on, figured, and in okay its time to go set the record straight. So I went back in our bedroom and there she was crying and I grabbed her and I hugged her. I explained to her that this wasn't something that I have went out and asked for that I have been this way since I was about six years old and that it took a long time for me to come to grips with it. My oldest daughter is somewhat autistic and it takes for a while to get her hands around things. So I think we made the connection that way. She looked at me and she says like I didn't ask to be autistic you didn't ask to be this way? And answers that is right I said it was just something that was given to me for some reason and once I figured out what it was and why it was I decided to quit denying it and I accepted it. That in time as she thought about it and she figure out what was really going on that she also would accept the but that right now it was a shock to her was something new and it was something she had to get her hands around but that it was not going to go away.

By then my youngest daughter had arrived home on the scene and came to defend my honor which I thought was extremely sweet of her. She gave her input into the fact that she's known about this for five years and that her only concern was that her dad would be able to express himself in the way that he wanted without being bashed by her mother and her sister. She explained that since I had come out to her we become very very close, closer than we ever had been. She concentrated on keeping my wife and check who is somewhat accepting and times intolerant of my dressing, while my oldest daughter and I kind of sorted things out. She was really a great help in this situation and am really proud of her for the way she was in for the things she said and stood up for me about. Her closing comment to her mother and her sister for is I have a lot of friends that would love to take your dad out to the bar and have fun.

By now my oldest daughter had calmed down somewhat and she was asking questions do I were a wig? Do I go out? What do people think when I'm out there? What do I think when I'm out there? Do I wear dresses out there? And then she looked at me and she said you're still my daddy but you can't wear a dress to my wedding.


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