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A Valentines Day Party for Trans Girls & there loving Companion

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I listen with a compassionate ear , and with a reminiscing grin I partake. These are the words that came to mind while attending a pre- Valentine Day Trans Girls Dinner Party especially for couples. There were some spouses and girlfriends there who have never ventured out with there companion while dressed in fem. The tension was definitely in the faces of many , but as time went on the atmosphere became more and more relaxed . A little wine does help , but as those wives and girlfriends opened up to other couples with the same issues as to what they have been experiencing in there own lives. The evening became very much sociable and rather enjoyable.

Outside pressures, anxiety, family responsibilities, depression, the ambiguity of love; these are some of the social issues pressing couples in a trans girl relationship with there companion. One trans girl told me how her spouse was so upset over her breast implant , because the operation produced a size bigger than was expected . Another expressed how she just found out about her companion 4 weeks prior and how she cannot believe here she is at a dinner party with other trans girls. A third expressed how her companion was not gay , and she would not stay in the relationship if she was. Lastly a forth said I do not want this trans girl thing to get out to my friends and my children.

There are plenty more examples of social drama within the conversations that night. I give so much applaud to the wives and girlfriends for attending . There courage , there showing of love to make a effort to keep there relationship going was remarkable. Roses were handed out to each companion for the Valentines Day Event. I will end by saying '' Thorns run the length of the stem of a rose , but what is most appreciated and admired is the loving beauty of the flower on top.''............... '' We are here to love & be loved . ''

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Hey Pamela,

What fun! I'm envious and I'm sure you all had a wonderful and interesting time. I very much wish I could attend such an event with my wife.

Happy Valentine's,


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That's a really moving story, and it makes me so proud of my wife for putting up with me especially as I am now Eve, and outwardly at least not the Steve that she married.

I took a long time transitioning to help her to adjust to my new identity, it's taken over 4 years to the point that I pass in public and do not appear as male anymore. Perhaps we should bear in mind that it can often take our wives or partners longer to adjust than we can ourselves? But know what, it makes me love her all the more.

We went on an anti Austerity event on Saturday, she was speaking on a PA system, but I went along to support her, it's things like this that help to cement a relationship together.


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In Tampa Bay, Florida (Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa), we had 'outings' in public restaurants and clubs. Also, we had gatherings in homes, some of which I sponsored in my apartment. In Orlando, we would gather at a nice hotel. That was until 15 years ago, but I don't know if they are still doing it. I hope so. Feel that the Internet is a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that there is support 24/7, and you don't have to step out your door. A curse, in that I have noticed that a lot of 'face to face' resources has disappeared in the wake of the Internet. We need the Internet as an ADJUNCT to face to face interaction, not in the place of!

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