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  1. All them religious folks need a good spankin'

  2. Hey, Hun ... So sorry its been so long since we talked , I have been running so much I cant believe its already April.... April ahhh , you are looking great as usual , give stinky a pat on the head for me and dont forget to take a picture with the pooch , I am sure every one would love to see the cridders..Love ya Hun talk some time goto go to bed my 15 hr day is catching up to me. Huggs... Step

  3. Hello Virginia,

    I see you have been in the group for quite a while. Your pictures look great. If you have time stop by my profile. I wish you the very best. Dawn13 in Germany

  4. Virginia

    Gender Puzzle Documentary (VIDEO)

    Good film, unfortunately my puter started to peter out just before the end... LOL
  5. Sounds like he's riding the "Bigot Ticket"
  6. Whether I want to or not, I'm pretty much dressed everyday. Whether casual or full on dressed. I'm not sure what to think. I'm not all too great looking I think.
  7. Virginia

    Another child lost

    An 11 year old child gave up his/her life This is a tragedy. I tried to hang myself at 10. Obviously I was not successful with that. Kids will be kids? Sure, if they live long enough. Teachers should be paid more and the schoolyard bullying needs to stop :angry:
  8. I'm not much for religion myself. But I am glad when I hear of church's opening there doors to GLBT folks
  9. Virginia

    Transgender Day of Remembrance

    Yes, times are changing. Maybe it is time to take the next step and increase the momentum. Interlink and organize. Teach,support and protect each other whenever possible.
  10. Ohhhhh Stephi, Your not a bag of turds. If you wanna see a bag of turds, go with me to clean up after walking Buddy dog. I don't know if it's any good advice. But, when I started to get heavy I limited myself to one meal a day and started to ride my bicycle more. I am able to do that because for awhile I was in a situation were I didn't have much other choice. I eat a high protein low carb. diet. Lean meats, eggs, potatoes or rice, beans and vegis. I learned to laugh at my tummy growling. And I laughed even more as the "love handles" disappeared. Boobs gettin' bigger, everything else gettin' smaller. I can't complain for that.
  11. B) Right on Stacey. I'm a blue jeans kinda girl too. Love to wear my Levi's 501's most of the time. Jeans seem to go with just about any top or sweater out there. Good to hear from you. :)
  12. Virginia

    Oregon's Transgender Mayor

    Well, Oregon almost looked like the place to be. Until I logged onto the newspaper. There were a few folks that had good comments and probably most folks there are nice. But, there are also a number of rude antagonists that want to do nothing but argue. I got drawn into it for a little while. (The arguing) But, then I realized that it was all beginning to sound too high school. The antagonist were just trying to get me worked up and I shouldn't let them get my goat. So, enough of that business. I may go check Oregon out still. But, not at that newspaper. - Late