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  1. CarolineTyler added a blog entry in CarolineTyler's Blog   

    Changing up a gear!
    I can hardly believe that August has come around so soon and wow, things have so moved on.
    My personal relationship with my beautiful partner Ruth has recently reached the maturity of two years engaged and it feels so good to have that special person in my life.
    I got made redundant again in February as the company re-structured and no longer needed my position. As it happens I was about to quit anyway since I had made plans to move to the North of England and come April that has happened. I now live in Bradford within the beautiful county of West Yorkshire, England.
    I own my own house, no mortgage/rent to pay and without that financial load on me I am attempting to work for myself, another major change in my life.


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  2. CarolineTyler added a blog entry in CarolineTyler's Blog   

    It's been SOOOO long...
    ...since I made an entry or even visited this site. Things just got in the way.

    After quitting my job in October 2011 I remained unemployed until October 2012.
    I have had by SRS at the end of November 2012

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  3. CarolineTyler added a blog entry in CarolineTyler's Blog   

    Its been abit of a mad Christmas/New Year
    First of all, sorry to anyone who has been following my blogs on here, but since September 2011 things have been in total upheaveal.

    Mid-November things came to a head at work, issues with my managers means I felt discriminated against, to the point that no matter what I did would never be enough.
    Anyway after talking it over with HR, and some fairly obvious threats of legal ramifications, they came up with a very nice severence settlement meaning I finished work immediatly, was paid in oui till mid January and then recieved a lump of cash not to take things any further.
    This meant I could afford a cheap car (+ VERY expensive insurance!) and had some money to renovate a couple of rooms in the house I'm living in.
    Christmas and New Year were seen with a couple of fun parties and in the new year I have been pushing forward with getting my divorce finalised.
    On the 23rd of January I had my appointment at the gender clinic with Dr Barrett, scheduled to last 1 1/4 hours it went for 45 minutes in the end and finished with me receiving my 2nd and final signoff for SRS surgery. He ended with saying the next time we will meet you will be post op and we will be talking about revising your hormone levels.
    Ohhhh..... and last week, I had a boob job!!, Jest got back for the 1 week post surgery review and its healing wonderfully - MAJOR SMILES!!!!!!!!

    Love and hugs
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  4. CarolineTyler added a post in a topic: Indonesia's transgender couples surrounded by fear and persecution   

    Read the article this morning - I absolutely hate it when outdated religious views causes such misery.

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  5. CarolineTyler added a post in a topic: Discharged Transgender Army National Guard Veteran   

    That was a very informative interview, and shows how trans people are often sidelined in any discussions/reforms.
    Good luck to her and her fiancee for the future.

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  6. CarolineTyler added a post in a topic: Complying with the GRC in the UK   

    Interesting article on the issues software systems have with complying with the UK's Gender Recognition laws...

    Gender Database Debate

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  7. CarolineTyler added a post in a topic: Shame on the bigots   

    Another angle on this story in PinkNews...

    PinkNews Article

    ...shows that children can be so accepting

    Caroline x
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  8. CarolineTyler added a post in a topic: Shame on the bigots   

    I'm glad to report the paper has amended the story online along with the awful headline.

    Amended story

    The headline used to be...
    Gender confused boy 10 goes back to worcester school dressed as a girl

    ...Shame the printed version that gets handed out every morning can't be changed retrospectively, they already got their scandal!

    Caroline x
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  9. CarolineTyler added a post in a topic: Shame on the bigots   

    Too often newspapers go for a headline that is 'shocking' just to up their readership, shame on them.
    It is so good to see such reactions from the general public telling off the newspaper

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  10. CarolineTyler added a blog entry in CarolineTyler's Blog   

    You never know when it's going to happen but...
    You never know when it's going to happen but when you realise you just can't live without a particular person in your life it's just so sweet...

    First of all, apologies in advance for the 'sloppiness' of this post but I just had to let it out somewhere!

    I met Ruth some 6 months ago now, I was at the time I was dating another woman called Michelle and we had both met Ruth at the same time through a local club. We all got on well and knowing that Ruth was totally lesbian I didn't think for one moment that she could be interested in me, a pre-op trans-woman.
    I could not have been further from the truth, she told me she 'fell' for me the very first time we met.

    For a while we tried being a 3-some but it wasn't working, Michelle despite being very open and playful really wasn't into women and as the hormones made more and more significant changes to me she became less attracted to me physically. It wasn't fair to try and hold on to her so we talked it over and decided that our friendship was more important to us and we have remained the best of friends.
    Ruth and I have gone from strength to strength and I now can’t imagine my life without her. We are engaged, looking for a house together and making plans for a long and happy future.
    The reason why I wanted to write this was to give hope to those on this journey of ours – there can be the happy ending we all dream of, don’t think you are giving up that to become the gender you need to be.

    Caroline x x x x (and Ruth!!)

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  11. CarolineTyler added a comment on a blog entry: Cried last night   

    Thank you both, it was so lovely of her to say. Now it's my turn to show my devotion to her as she underwnt spinal surgery last Thursday for a very badly herniated disc at L5/S1 (the most common area apparently).
    I'm her nurse for the coming weeks.

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  12. CarolineTyler added a post in a topic: Shame on the bigots   

    News story in today's Metro free newspaper, good on the parents and school for supporting her, shame on the bigots!!!!

    Link to newspaper article

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  13. CarolineTyler added a comment on a blog entry: coping strategy 001   

    I like your take on this, too often I have let a random comment from someone I don't and never will know bring me down.
    Caroline xx
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  14. CarolineTyler added a blog entry in CarolineTyler's Blog   

    Cried last night
    They were not the tears of pain, it was because of a simple statement my fiancé said last night in bed.
    We were talking about friends, their issues (marriage/money etc.) and got on to insecurities.
    Of course being a trans-woman I could write a book with the insecurities I have about 'passing', we all see the bits we don't like in the mirror.
    She simply turned to me and said, "Darling, I've NEVER slept with a man" and that brought tears to my eyes.

    Caroline xxx
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  15. CarolineTyler added a comment on a blog entry: Yeash , so scatter brained as of late...   

    "refused treatment on moral issues" - What sort of Endocrinologists do you have there, they should be making clinical judgments not moral ones.

    Best of luck
    Caroline xxxx
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