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  1. Happy Birthday, Kate. Hope you enjoy the day. -Mike

  2. Happy Birthday, Kate!

  3. kate23

    The Ten Reasons I Chose to be Trans

    wow in all my world sarcasm has always been a simple comment. never a way to fully express the obvious. transition is NOT a choice and thru this list you made the 'choice' to be a very funny thing, almost crazy! good list :)
  4. is on HORMONES =)

  5. Hi Kate sweety! Thank you so much for the commet, your very welcome for the add! I am new on here and about all I can do is add friends hehe! But I would really love to chat & get to know you more, if you would like? Anyway maybe I will just send you a message so I can tell you more! I hope to hear from you to, I would be so happy!!! Hugzzz & Kisses LOL

  6. thank you for the add! i hope to chat with u soon :P

  7. thanks for the add! i havent been on here in a while, but i look forward to talking with u :)

  8. Happy Birthday Kate!!

    Have a great day.

  9. Happy Birthday Kate :)

  10. Hi kate thanks for the comment on my page, I read your blog and I totally feel your pain, Im in a similar position and it totally sucks, Im here for you girl if you need anything

  11. hi tiffany :) hows everything going? Keep your head up, girl :P A day is only 24 hours long, and as Anne said... the sun'll come out tomorrow lol hugs

  12. Amie, i miss you so so much... you rock girl! You really do. Hormones! :) I have been in some kind of "limbo", changing my mind again... about being Kate. Things just need to change Amie, i am going crazy! I am unhappy, but yet content at the same time. Its a horrible feeling... i would love to hear from you hun :') hug... and this was meant to be a pm, but yours isnt wo...

  13. kate23

    Always Changing My Mind

    Explain to me why i am always changing my mind. First of all let me start this by saying... hello i'm back. I've been away for quite some time, gathering thoughts and changing my future. Not towards my wanted goal tho. But of one that pleases everyone else. Including who i believe God to be. Most importantly, i just want to be able to become happy without the guilt and realization minus the fact that i'll be fooled into thinking what i WANT to do is the right direction for me... Is there a reason why i am the way i am. I am going to just spill my guts for everyone that reads this. First of all, my stomach hurts cause i am hungry... i am living in a hotel cause i have not been able to find a stable place to live yet, and i just broke it off with a girl. The girl didnt like the fact that i wanted to become a girl, i might add. That sucked. For real, it did. The point of the whole thing about telling her was to find someone i once had to support me, as well, in my all too knowing to be, transition. She wasnt for it at all. She didnt see me as a freak, but as someone that could still "be friends" with her. Which was fine cause when i kissed her i didnt feel that firework feeling anymore like i used to when i kissed a girl... So i think i may be gay... wait, bi. Yup, i think i am falling for a guy i have been hanging out with, but its too soon to tell if it will go anywhere. I dress up every now and again, but not much anymore. Its not the fact that i feel like a girl when i dress... but around the clock i just wish it had been different. I feel fake putting on a bra with no breasts to fill it in. I get irritated, being an understatement, when i wear panties and my crotch has to be taped in order to "look" female... Its irritating for me to be a man. I dont know why, but it seems as if transition is going to be the only way to get to where i want to be in life. A girl with a guy. Isnt that the way its suppose to be? Well, i see myself as the girl, until i look at my now covered with hair face in the mirror... then its too clear. I wasnt born a girl, i was born a guy... and that straight up PISSES me off! I am slowly becoming angrier as the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn into months, and the months have turned to be today, and all i can say is, "i am NOT who i want to BE!" I have more to give than this "male" body can express... and i just want to cry when i cant "be" myself, even when i am alone BY myself... If there was only an answer to my problem that i am willing to listen to... My mom has been SO supportive over the whole "i think i'm trans" thing, and i can barely talk about it with her cause i feel like i talk about it WAY too much! With everyone i ask for signs if i am who i think i am... and the answer differs, lol. But anyways she said something to me. She said that if i liked men then i was a homosexual. I told her that i didnt want to BE a man WITH a man. I wanted to be a girl with a guy, like i was suppose to be. So she said that i was a crossdressing homosexual... Sigh... theres something wrong with that. I dont really LIKE to dress cause i feel like a guy dressing like a girl and it pisses me off... once again, because i am in an obviously male body. I am in a position of listening to what OTHER people say, which is the only way of life that i know. I am a follower and thats a feminine trait. Doesnt make me a female tho, so i am told. So what makes me feel like i am who i think i am? I want to express something, or "confess", as my blog is called "Confessions via Laptop" for a reason, that i have some skeletons... I DO masterbate... BUT... i only masterbate when i am thinking of being with a man as a girl. Once i get done with it, i continue on my way living my life wanting to be a girl. So is my wanting to be a girl a "fetish"? I really dont know... maybe. maybe not... All i know is that the few minutes after, i am not horny anymore, so there is no "feeling" of feeling like a girl, OR a guy for that matter. But then later i want to be a girl again... even after a climax! So of course, i cant do my "deed" again, but i have this feeling of "Wow, life would be so much better if i werent a guy" So my mom thinks i'm gay... My male part thinks i have a fetish, and as Me, i just want to be a girl... period.
  14. hey kate, love your profile, would love to chat with you sometime, just send me a message anytime k