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    I am a very easy going kind of person. I love watching movies, playing games, and listening to music. I like some sports but I am not a super big fan of any team. I love meeting new people and sharing stories.

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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks for the add hun =)

  3. I also loved the book. She has such a great writing style and really was realistic but positive throughout a lot of the book. I think I've read it like 4 times and recommend it to others both trans and not cuz it really shows a first person account of what someone goes through.
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  5. Happy Birthday Tiffany!

  6. Hey fellow Wisconsinite!

  7. That's a great headline :) I too am enjoying my boobs this summer, I have a great bathing suit ... downside is I burnt my bum, lol!

  8. a very hectic summer and now finally having boobs to show off for this summer....LOVE IT

  9. TiffanyS

    Where does the time go?

    Hello again everyone I've been wanting to post a blog entry to let everyone know how things are going and whats happening in my life but I haven't really gotten the chance with working two jobs and trying desperately to get out of debt (much to my own dismay). First of all yesterday I went to another doctors appointment for a checkup and to increase my dosage of estrogen and to get prescribed some mild antianxiety/antidepression medication. Everything went really well, eventhough when I first got there, the nurse that intially saw me was visibly uncomfortable checking my weight and takeing my blood pressure. I mean she was nice and didn't say anything but I could easily tell because she didnt make any eye contact, didn't speak very much to me, and left the room as quickly as she could. It didn't really bother me too much at the time but I thought it was pretty rude of her but thankfully my doctor was, as always, nice to me and really wanted to know how I'm doing and seems like she truely cares about me Recently I started talking to my work about the possiblility of me transitioning at work and much to my suprise, the talk went really well. My store manager emailed the corporate head quarters and they said that they are completely supportive of me and my need to transition. It was really great to hear that and now I am considering weather to stay at the store I am at or transfer to another store. I am debating transfering when my hair is a little longer, and my body has changed a little more. Im hoping to go through with my transfer around july or august or september. I figure with my increased dosage and the fact that I will have been on hormones for over a year that I should be able to pass by then, at least I hope so. Other than that, my life has been pretty tame. My brother finally came around and has started to accept me for being trans and wanting to fully transition. It took him a while but I think we can really mend our relationship to the way it was or possibly even be better than what it was. Im working on figureing out where I want to move to in the summer. Living with friends and my parents has been alright but I really need my own place where I can do what I want when I want and have total privacy. I think it would also be nice for everyone else because I do work such odd hours and the days I have off I won't be bothering anyone being awake at 3 or 4 in the morning. Also I've started to plan a career after I come out full time and I am planning on going back to school to get my nursing certification. I've talked with a lot of people and they say that the medical field is very accepting of transgender people and are very much an eual opportunity empolyer. So hopefully I will be able to start school early next year and be ready for a new career shortly after that. I know its a long time away but I can really use this time to work and save money and ready myself for the coming months and anticpate the coming changes in my life. Lastly I've stared going to more group meetings here and I've found them a lot more informative than I used to. Also i've seen a few other girls closer to my age showing up to them. Its nice to connect with other tgs who are closer to my age and really good to talk to them in person. Eventhough most are still earlier in their transition than I am but its still great to talk to them. Well thats all I have for now, hope everyone is doing well <3 Tiff
  10. I do not have any pics of sammy yet but i am workin on it.

  11. hey tiff how are you doin? me i just wish my wife would understand that i am a cd i need a litle help in understanding why she will not alow me to be sammy.

  12. TiffanyS

    Finding my Direction

    Sophie Im sorry you've been confused on soo many different things when it comes to transitioning. I think we've all been there at one point or another. One thing I took solice in, and a really important thing my therapist told me, is transitioning is a lengthy process. A lot of us see other trans people able to quickly go from step to step to step and it seems like they are fully transitioned and living in stelth in the matter of like 2 years (which is the minimum for most places and surguries i've seen). We each need to go our own pace so we can all be financially stable to transition and feel comfortable in our lives. I've talked to a few girls who always said that when they reach such and such stage in their transition they will feel better about themselves, but they don't cuz they didn't take their time to feel comfortable with the changes in their lives and telling their families and letting things have a chance to settle in. There is a way out of your "corner", it just takes time to find it. I think if you plan out your transition and write it down so you can look at it and feel comfortable with it and not feel like its too fast or slow. Cheer up girl <3 tiff
  13. TiffanyS

    living, breathing, surviving

    So another month down of hormones and the changes haven't been physical but definately mental. Maybe its a lot of stuff going on with me lately or the stress of whats to come, but I've been a mix of sad, angry, annoyed, depressed, flighty, and rediculously hyper. It could just be the fact that my living situation (or lack there of) is really starting to bother me, or the fact that every other week it seems like I have my brother sending me an email basically saying how I'm an aweful person and that its "unnatural" to do this to my body and how im going to tear our family apart. Its just so frustrating because I try to talk to him to get him to understand and respond to what he says but he either never reads my email or just disregards them. I try to call and nothing, I text him and nothing. I always knew transitioning would be tough and I heard all the stories from others talking about how their families didnt accept them, but the basic hatred for me from my own brother, the same one that once told me once that he'd always be there for me no matter what, i guess this doesn't count under the "no matter what". I've been back seeing my therapist again (how i can come up with the money Im still totally unsure of but im managing). Im happy to be going again and its a total relief. My therapist generally cares for me and is always looking out for me, as well as her intern. They really help me start to feel better and start to direct my life in a positive direction. Other than working way too damn much and finding time to sleep and have the little bit of social life that I have left, I've been a bum. I basically have just been watching old episodes of shows I've watched 100s of times before. I don't know if its cuz im just being lazy or if im looking for some sort of happy feeling that I once had when I saw the episodes before. Im anxious, scared, excited, optomistic, and all sorts of other emotions for the future. In a short few months my transition is going to hit the next level. Im really hoping to improve some of the relationships with my family and friends. On a happier note, Im hoping to go to SCC in atlanta come september. If I can get enough money together (which shouldnt be that big of a deal cuz its a good 8 months away) but I was curious if anyone else was planning on going to it. I've never gone to any of these conferences before but I thought it would be fun and have a chance to meet many others like us in person. If you are going, please send me a message. Anyways thats all for now. Sorry for this being a depressing entry, I just kinda needed to get it off my chest. My mom started calling me "eeyore" trying to cheer me up since i've been so glum lately. Im sure its just a mix of a lot of different things right now and ill be better soon <3 Tiff
  14. That is UTTERLY REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!! How is it that with all that evidence, the rape kit, the gps location, the statement by the transwoman, and a second coming forward can a lawyer go, ok we'll make a deal to make it so everything is alright......FOR THE RAPIST. Its basically calling any transgender woman a second class citizen and if we are ever a victim of a crime, its ok because we are trans. Ugh im sooo angry about that story because of the injustice that has happened. Yes this officer nash can never work in law enforcement in texas, but there are other states he could move to and do the same things. And im sure they actually didn't put the reason he was probably "let go" in his record. So im worried he'll go to like new mexico or oklahoma and say how "decorated" of an officer he was and his experience and then he'll get a job again.
  15. TiffanyS

    Another week

    Emma, at first when i was on hrt i wasn't noticing any of the changes or having any major outbreaks of acne. I still haven't had any acne problems, then again when i went through my first puberty i didn't have any problems with acne. So maybe im just lucky that way. The chest pains will slowly subdue and youll notice your breasts starting to grow, I don't know if you just get used to the dull pain (unless you bump them then youll notice some pain lol). My moods didn't start to get a little more rollercoastery until i was about 4 months on hormones. Its great to feel and experience things differently but at the same time its hard snapping at the wrong people or just being emotional for no reason. How long have you been on hormones? Are you on injectable or oral form? Let me know how you are doing k :)