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  1. rachealmaree » Annah

    thank you for your insite hun

  2. Aenon » rachealmaree

    I feel the same way, and been through the same thing love but i refuse punk ass society bring people like us down if i can help just say the word.Ill be waiting in my hi-chair .

  3. rachealmaree » amie

    congratulationa on the change of name it is good to know if it can be done,

    then i know it is something else i can do

    as i head down my path to woman-hood, thank you AMIE you are a good insperation to myself in my transitional period

  4. rachealmaree

    has any one else have trouble entering there birth date

  5. CarolineTyler » rachealmaree

    Believe me Rachael, it wasn't planned and actually I'm still married (separated 2 years now). xx

  6. rachealmaree » CarolineTyler

    its niceto know someone else entered into transition single and found a girlfriend along the way

  7. rachealmaree

    just wish i had been born a girl in the beginning why does it have to be so orkward

    to just simply live my live as a female even worse when your female partner shows no real support or acseptence in the whole desition to transend into a woman for me

  8. rachealmaree

    lonely alone with no real support