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  1. TrishaS

    gaff question

    I don't know maybe your not doing it right. unless you tuck a gaff isn't going to show the desired effect. its just a tight thong really, you have to tuck your balls up in you then slide the gaff up. you said you did the home made gaff which i'm guessing is duct tape but that can be painful if your not fully shaved. when i wear a gaff i don't feel or see my junk at all. very little blood flow leaves my penis kind of inert.
  2. TrishaS

    hi all, anyone help?

    If your not feeling up to looking through the womens section of your local clothing stores, id look online first. every store now a days has a online catalog to order from, its always discreet and easy. you can also order make up online through saphora or mac, N.Y.K, etc. i remember my early days of walking into stores in male mode and well feeling out of place. but we live in the age of electronics and well paying shipping and handling almost covers gas costs. after you build up a wardrobe and feel comfortable in public venturing out will be easier. id also say find some local girls on Facebook and perhaps meeting them out at a semi local tg friendly club helps build those social networks we all need. its a long road your walking and isn't always easy but you'll figure it out im sure. some of my favorite places to shop are Oldnavy.com, Avenue.com has shoes/ boots, heels of all shape and sizes. jennyshairsense.com has some of the best quality wigs and prices you'll find on the internet or in stores, speaking of wig stores their always over priced and under stocked. alrighty well good luck
  3. TrishaS

    New TG CD wanting to go out

    here is a technique that probably no one here knows about. Milk of Magnesia as a primer. its a great way to control sweating and oily skin shine. i know what your all thinking, its for bathroom issues but it actually keeps your face mat and dry, as well as other sweaty parts of your body. Tyra banks was talking about the benefits of MoM during photo shoots that usually take 6-8 hours and bright lights can cause you to sweat and have to reapply. so before you foundation up apply a small bit of MoM your face and selected areas. also like i said earlier if your going to a club, its going be several things. dark, load and hot and sweaty especially if your dancing. also don't pound on a ton of make up because no one will see the detail but clumpy foundation they will see for sure. other then that if you want real good make up suggestion's id look up some techniques on youtube. theirs always some great looks on the most watched sections, usually whats hot for the season. alrighty so good luck and to anyone else reading this try the MoM, it will probably change your life..
  4. TrishaS

    New TG CD wanting to go out

    I remember that feeling all to well. when i starting going out to clubs i was what you call a "hot mess" i thought i looked hot but i was a mess. but its all good, and im sure your Beautiful too. no one's going to be judging you really. the hardest part usually is walking in the front door. after that its smooth sailing. i suggest not drinking heavily or at all. alcohol promotes sweating and other bad things. try to introduce yourself to other girls. you'd be surprised how kind some are, some might be total bitches but its important to take those steps anyway. try not to focus on applying heavy amounts of make up, cause in the dark of a club no one is going to notice the detail you see in a lit mirror. so enjoy yourself, have fun, and don't worry to much.
  5. So I admit I’m a huge fan of cartoons from japan or “Anime”. Something ive noticed in the last year is how trans characters/ themes are being introduced into alot of different stories. Now Some are more serious and some are kinda silly, but really great stories over all. I first came Across ” Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? “ it’s a silly plot but its about this highschool boy who become’s a zombie, not the brainless falling apart kind but undying and regular looking. Who later gains another super power that lets a chainsaw turn him into a crossdresser, that allows him to fight monsters. I know what your thinking its kind of weird, but very entertaining you’ll see. While watching I did wish I had that power to change my outfit in a flash of rose buds and pink ribblons. “Infinate stratos” came out about the same time. Its main story followed around a group of robot armor wearing high school students. one of the group members happens to be ftm. Though the character is under strict pressure from their family to appear and live as a male. at the end of the series the character reintroduces herself to the class as female. This show reminds me of another show that just started airing. Mayo Chiki is a story about two family households that through the centuries the male son of one family would work as the other families butler. Taking up the families mantel Mayo’s father tasks her to live,work and go to school as a male for the next 3 years and to not be found out. This next Story is alittle confusing but great over all. “Steins Gate” is about this mad scientist who has created a time machine that can send messages to the past, text messages mostly. Its kinda like The butterfly effect. Early into the series were introduced to one of the scientists friends who happens to be transsexual. Later into series they both perform an experiment sending back a message to her pregnant parents pager in 1994, saying to eat plenty of soy rich foods. with the hope to change the baby’s sex prenatal, And it worked. The scientist is the only one who retains the knowledge of the past . steins gate is really interesting and worth checking out “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai” or “Anohana” is such a heart provoking story, it leaves me in tears at the end of each episode. It’s about a group of childhood friends (Menma,Jintan,Anjou, poppo, Yukiatsu and tsuruko) that drift apart after their friend Menma dies. 6 years later Jintan the once leader of the group is confronted by the aged ghost of menma. Jintan then tries grant menma’s wish by getting the group back together. But each member has been mourning over the past years and are alittle skeptical of only Jintan being able to see Menma. Yukiatsu in mourning crossdresses as “Menma” and is found running away in the woods they all used to play in, Jintan helps him up after falling. Though Menma is the main character the series tells an amazing life afirming story,makes you look inward and I don’t know I really loved this show. Their have been some others shows like “Ghost in the shell” and “Cowboy Bebop” abunch of others the touch the topic. Ive wanted to talk about these shows since ive seen them. Heres a link if you wanna watch them. Anohana- http://www.animefreak.tv/watch/ano-hi-mita-hana-no-namae-wo-bokutachi-wa-mada-shiranai-episode-1-online Kore-wa zombie - http://www.animefreak.tv/watch/kore-wa-zombie-desu-ka-online Steins gate - http://www.animefreak.tv/watch/steins-gate-online
  6. Welcome to the forum , and Like our lovely Micheal stated join in or start a topic that may be weighing heavy on your mind . Take care and hope to read your posts soon.