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  1. Kavita added a comment on a blog entry: My sister   

    Well you are lucky to have such a supportive Sister !! Support that money cant buy. Life is amazing and leads us with its adventures and i m sure you will get to its end with all that you want from your heart..i wish for you that. It contrasts between us that i m one with now small breasts n cock who is bisexual and who is not yet decided on about an SRS. I still pass well both ways. Like you Sister says transexual we are. and enjoyin it the way we do !! was happy to read your write up today .

    with love and kisses,
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  2. Kavita added a comment on a blog entry: The Reality of Being a Transsexual   

    Cindy thanks for putting it in words thought i felt the pain n pressures of life on you. It really puts transitioning girls like me on guard and to think about setting things in order before the changes...well i ve been thinkin about it and i feel each girls situation is unique and each of us like u say ought to take it at a time and move on...Really happy that you moved to MT and living better there without the abuses n others...and i m sure you will get ur breast augmentation and others on u in time. Hope is a good thing !! dont let go of it...i suggest you put out a advert online in someplaces for help with ur profile and attitude i m sure you will have the goodness showered on you !!

    with love and kisses,
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