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  1. Published 19 January 18
    "‘I get shouted at every single time I leave my house and threatened at least once a week. I try to closet myself from my family because I’m so close to getting kicked out.  I can’t access hormone replacement therapy without going private.  I’m disabled.  It’s a lot to deal with and I’m crumbling under the stress but I consider myself a warrior.  But really, something needs to change.’"  -- stonewall.org.uk

    New research exposes profound discrimination trans people face


    Chances are, the situation is no different in the U.S.  But it appears the U.K. is bent on trying to fix it.  --DML

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  2. Mary Emily O'Hara | June 26, 2018
    "The WPATH Standards of Care booklet is a 120-page list of recommendations for mental health and medical providers that serve adults, adolescents, and children. First published in 1979, it’s now in its seventh revision, compiled and updated by over 30 doctors, medical and psychological professionals, and an international advisory board."  -- them.us

    Starbucks Just Adopted the Most Comprehensive Trans Health Policy in the World

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  3. On 5/10/2018 at 9:01 AM, EShaver said:

    Photos transferring into my computer isn't the problem . Transferring photos to THIS forum using the Nikon , IS!!!!!

    Never indicated the problem was uploading to your computer... I was just trying to find a way around the issue - whatever it may be.  There is no [general] issue uploading to this forum - members have uploaded images to the member gallery as recent at 28 April...  I uploaded an image to a post just this past week.   This is why I asked for as much info as possible.

    --Are you using a cable between the Nikon and your computer?
    --Does the Nikon require any special software or program in order to be connected to your computer (some phones or providers used to require such)
    --Are you getting any error messages when the upload fails?
                          NOTE:   It's possible there may be a communication problem between the Nikon and your computer

    In the editor when creating a new thread, or replying to a post in an existing thread, look down in the bottom left corner -




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  4. Hi Gracie.. and welcome to TG Guide.

    Just to add to what Emma wrote... and it has to do with the title of your post, "I'm confused about who I want to be."

    Something that might help you begin to figure it out...     it's not who you want to be, but what you are.    You may want to be an engineer, or a model, or a doctor.  But you are a boy, or you are a girl, or you are both or neither.  Your gender identity is not what you want, it is what you are.   Unfortunately, our identity doesn't always match the body parts..  :(

    See what I'm saying?

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  5. I am unfamiliar with either model of camera - I still have a Sony FD100 that accomodated both a memory card AND floppy disk.  But even as old as that camera is, all I have to do is connect the camera via USB cable or put the memory card in one of the card slots on the computer.   Without knowing every step you are taking (from the time you connect a camera to your computer to the last step, which would be clikking the plus sign [+] to add the image to a post), or being able to lay hands on either and tinker with them...there would be no way I could say what the problem may be.  Also in play could be your operating system.

    So far...I've uploaded images from my computer without issue.  Have you tried to upload the images to your computer for storage on that device... and then upload to a post or the forum gallery?  That could be a possible solution.

    Hopefully if anyone else has had issues uploading images they will post on this thread.  We would need as much info as possible from everyone to try to figure out if there are any commonalities or someone happens to note a known issue, and go from there.  Occasionally we encounter a glitch that affects only one person, which in such cases, trying to ferret out the problem is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


  6. The "likes" sorta blew my mind at first - I kept seeing these laughing smileys, with captions, "haha."  Some sorta seemed inappropriate...but I think that some readers might believe that only those icons that pop out when you hover over the heart are applicable.  So in case anyone didn't know, in the new "like" bar...   even the heart - which simply means you like the post - can be clikked on.




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  7. If this can happen in the case of a gay man...it can happen in the case of a transgender man or woman....

    Dan Avery 4/26/2018
    "The two men played for several hours before Miller says he left and headed toward his truck. But when he realized he forgot his glasses and returned to the house, Spencer allegedly reached in for a kiss. “Hold it, I’m not a gay person,” Miller he allegedly told Spencer."  --newnownext.com

    Texas Man Successfully Uses “Gay Panic” Defense To Avoid Prison Sentence


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  8. Stephanii -

    The old Addon Chat is no longer in use... the program went belly up and we could get no support.  Our new chat platform is [temporarily] a ChatWee software.  You can get to chat via https://tgguide.com/transgender-chat/

    You will have to re-register as the old profiles/accounts were not/could not be migrated.

    Once the page linked above loads, a log in box will appear in the bottom right corner of your display.  In there you will register and/or log in


    P.S.  I'm not sure what you mean by "vchat," but if the "V" is for "voice," we never had a voice chat.

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  9. The Christian Takeover of the U.S. Military - Commentary

    By Amanda Kerri | March 29 2018 12:54 PM EDT
    "Pence and his friends at the Family Research Council, pushing the ban that the military was against, are part of an evangelical movement that sees this as a regained opportunity to carry out their “Great Commission.” Trump is in all likelihood entirely apathetic about who can serve but feels pressure to appease his eager evangelicals, who have all but come to see him as little more than a useful idiot and a signature for their policies so that he can maintain a solid support base."  --advocate.com

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  10. Trump Sticking With Trans Military Ban

    By Trudy Ring | March 23 2018 9:35 PM EDT - Updated March 24 2018 2:35 PM EDT
    "Because of those court injunctions, the memo issued by Trump will have no immediate effect, according to LGBT organizations involved in the legal fight against the ban. And earlier in the day, a Defense Department spokesman told the Washington Blade that the department would obey the court orders and retain trans troops no matter what Trump announced."  -- advocate.com

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  11. Lawyers Won't Say Who Trump 'Consulted' on Trans Military Ban

    By Trudy Ring | March 23 2018 2:18 PM EDT
    "“The government has said that it simply will not provide information about the process that led to the president’s Twitter ban,” Borelli continued. “As the government well understands, this means that it will not be able to rely on that information to help defend the ban, which exposes a fatal flaw in their position: There is no justification for this discrimination. The government isn’t willing to pull back the curtain, because there’s nothing behind it.” It’s “yet one more reason for the court to permanently enjoin the ban,” she said."  -- advocate.com

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  12. So... sounds to me this leaves two situations -

    1.  Don't ask, don't tell, or

    2.  A person can be trans as long as s/he doesn't seek to transition, and will have to tolerate being treated according to his/her birth sex

    Considering it would probably be best not to tell anyone you are trans, that means whatever this watered-down policy is will mean absolutely nothing.   Circle right back around to DADT.  Geez... even gay and lesbian troops don't have to deal with that anymore.

    See related:  Judge blocks enforcement of Trump's transgender military ban

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  13. "In the end it all comes down to what is cheaper,  cost of running the Court fees than settle cheaper long term cost. 

    "And it wasn't about morals but cost at the end of day."   --cross2play

    Sadly, at least on the part of the school system, this is probably too true.  They couldn't care less about the student and his rights, emotional well-being, or anything related to being transgender.

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  14. NOTE:

    Upgrades mentioned in this thread may no longer be relevant as newer upgrades may have been since applied, therefore this thread has been closed.  Please begin another thread if you experience any issues so that they may be better addressed.


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