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  1. "The value of therapy is legitimate but overstated. Informed consent should really be the model - which in one variation simply means the patient is capable of making an informed choice,  not necessarily that they do. The WPATH standards are very paternalistic and a serious obstacle to people with limited means."  -- Chrissy

    I've always felt that somewhere along the line, the "patient" has to take [some] responsibility.  The therapist is not a god, and is not the answer to everything. 

    Also, unless I misunderstood something in that article, the problem was that a good number of those who transitioned from male-to-female, were unhappy with living in a world that considers and treats women as second class citizens - that's NOT the fault of the therapist in my opinion if one cannot deal with the whole meal, and should not be a reason to punish everyone else, or throw up more road blocks to transition or social understanding and acceptance.  Anyone on this earth who claims to be totally ignorant of how females (no matter the age) are regarded, lives under a rock and has never been in contact with other human beings, or is lying.

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  2. By Bil Browning · Wednesday, October 11, 2017
    "Also appearing will be House Minority Whip Steve Scalise who was recently wounded in a mass shooting in DC. Scalise’s life was saved by a lesbian police officer who shot and killed the attacker. Scalise has said the incident did not change his mind about gun control or LGBT rights."

    Trump will become first president to speak at hate group gathering

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  3. Dara's first edition was self-published, her second edition was recently released by Skyhorse Publishing. I'm proud to say that I helped edit the draft for Dara and have a mention in the 'thank you' section at the end of the book! (I've not nor will I receive any compensation.) I highly recommend the book for anyone questioning their gender identity, where they are on the spectrum, and to learn insights about themselves and others. 

    ​You GO, girl! ;)
    Congrats.. Dara Hoffman-Fox must surely be very greatful for your in-put.

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  4. Hi ToeMay...that's a cute little girl ya have there.  Amazing how our pets, our sometimes-the-only-one-we-can-depend-on friends, can do what way too many people can't do - love us, and be there for us, unconditionally.

    Here's my little was early.  Well, earlier than she wanted to get up and wasn't too happy about being awakened.  When she was a puppy, I had to literally get her out of bed.  She was a lazy lil thing... :lol:

    Now she's hell on wheels and there's no slowing her down.  But she still likes to cuddle in the mornings and is content to stay in bed with me for however long.


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  5. Such a story with accompanying picture drives home that "phantom phallus" feeling some of us guys have talked about... elicits a momentary uncontrollable grimmace and involuntary meeting of the knees :lol:

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  6. Despite the fact that the new Fox series, The Orville, is a comedic parody of Star Trek, it's third episode was about gender and had some pretty serious undertones in my opinion.  It took me by surprise, and raised some fairly strong emotions.  The episode covered everything from perceived bigotry, ignorance, tradition, judgement, revelation, understanding, acceptance..  you name it.  In the episode, it's also learned that one of the couple (parents of the baby involved) had been born a different sex than he is now presenting as.  In the end, the couple only wanted the best for their child.

    If you are a Star Trek fan, perhaps you're already watching "The Orville," and therefore probably know that gender has been an occasional topic in the real Star Trek series.  If not, check out the episode clips, "About a Girl," especially the 2nd, 3rd and 5th clips.   The episode will re-run in some areas on 23 September - check your local listings.

    NOTE:  This episode really got to me - maybe the moon was in the wrong place or something, I dunno, but to be safe, I am warning of possible trigger content

    caution.jpg  Some content may not be suitable for all viewers

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  7. Kimberly Truong Sep 7, 2017 5:05 PM
    "Not only can surgery be expensive, but transgender people are also often excluded from proper health care — about 20% of trans people lack any form of health insurance. The donations would help relieve the significant cost of procedures to help them feel affirmed in their bodies. Moreover, Faithfully LGBT is hoping to help alleviate the discrimination trans people have faced in the Christian community."  -

    A Christian Group Is Paying For Transgender People's Surgeries To Atone For The Church's Discrimination

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  8. Kasandra Brabaw | Aug 10, 2017 1:45 PM
    "The question was asked Wednesday, and already has more than 5,000 comments at the time of writing. The replies have sparked discussion among both the transgender and cisgender community, and opened eyes to how important it is for kids to have the language and space to explore their gender identity that many of these people weren't afforded."  --

    7 People Talk About The First Time They Knew They're Transgender

    caution.jpg  Some content/language may not be suitable for all readers.

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  9. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt... but I finally lost all respect for her even before Drumpf 45 made his sickening tweets about trans people in the military.

    I still say that "republican" and [insert any minority here] do NOT go well in the same sentence... no offense intended to any here who might be republican, but if you're here, you surely understand why so many of us feel that way.

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  10. Here is something heartening - I was listening to something on a YouTube clip uploaded by CNN.  At the moment, this is only a freakin' tweet.  And the military powers-that-be have indicated they don't plan on taking any action until Drumpf spits out some guidelines.

    Hopefully, with all the out-cry, and the contant re-running by the media of all of Drumpf's campaign declarations to protect the TGLB community, he will back down and retract that tweet, and leave things be.

    Of course on the other hand... he's been bent on UN-doing everything and anything Obama did.  He also needs stuff to deflect peoples' attention from the Russian investigation.

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  11. Texas, and too many Texans, don't care.  What do you expect from a state where some people actually fly the state flag ABOVE the country's flag.  YES... I have personally seen this with my own eyes.  So why would what NC experienced after their ignorance mean anything to Texas?  After all... that's TEXAS.  Everything in Texas is bigger, better, badder, different.



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  12. Zack Ford | 24 Jul 2017
    "Both laws take New Jersey in a very different direction than President Trump is trying to take the country on trans rights. Earlier this year, the administration rescinded guidance the Obama administration had issued protecting transgender students..."

    Chris Christie signs two pro-transgender bills into law

    This really blew me away - Christie has been such a Drumpf-kisser, and transgender anything is not on Drumpf's radar screen.  -DML

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  13. Hello, recent member.

    Is it possible to turn-off of the "likes" notifications? I would rather not receive such notifications. I can always ignore the little red circle, or otherwise delete said posts.

    Hi patrice... and welcome to the TG Guide Board.

    The "likes" are built into the board - not a whole lot we can do about them unless they are just flat disabled for everyone.  Because we have become such a social media society, "likes" have become nearly inseperable from so many platforms. 

    That said, we would prefer that you "ignore the little red circle" rather than delete your posts.  I can appreciate that you prefer not to be notified when someone has liked something you've posted, but deleting posts are unfair to those who have taken the time to read your OP, and then reply to that OP and subsequent posts.  It can really wreck the flow of a topic.  Sometimes, such deletions force us to have to remove entire threads - again, not fair to other members.

    I hope you understand.

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  14. Hello, "Andrew," and welcome to TG Guide.  You mention you would like to change your name to Charlotte one day.  While there are some sites that require that people use their real name (like facebook <_< ), that is not the case here.  So unless you just prefer being called Andrew, or using Andrew here on this board... I can change your username to Charlotte if you like.  (or whatever username you might like)

    Also... if you prefer to keep "Andrew" as your username, what pronouns should we use?  What are you more comfortable with?


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  15. Zack Ford | Jun 15, 2017
    "To cement their commitment to honoring and protecting transgender people from discrimination, the AMA delegates also “called for future AMA meetings to take place, whenever possible, only in those counties, cities and states that have nondiscriminatory policies.”"  --

    The country’s largest medical organization is protecting transgender people from ‘bathroom bills’

  16. YI SHU NG | Jun 19, 2017
    "The video was published by Kerala Information, the state's public relations department. It now has 1.2 million views and 27,400 shares on Facebook, since it was posted over the weekend.

    "The women are employed as part of Kerala's Kudumbashree state programme, which aims to empower all women by giving them jobs and opportunities."  --

    India government puts out viral Facebook video in support of transgender women

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  17. The story although interesting hasn't swayed my vote . You can NOT Be male one week and female the next week .

    ​You can if you are gender fluid...and to say one cannot be is no different than those who insist that transsexuality does not exist, and that being so is all in one's head.


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  18. "I hope quoting him didn't offend anyone here."  -- bluemoon

    Naw... I doubt anyone took offense - afterall, you were just quoting what your friend said.  We often discuss what someone outside the community has said.  Of course, if someone (usually cisgender) comes here and spouts off using offensive terms and appears to be just trying to get a rise out of us, we try to educate them and get them to see things in a different light.



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