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    Writing Poetry, introspection, finding myself, trying to answer the question of gender, It's enough to drive you nuts, which probably explains the Guy's in the white coats following me, LOL.
  1. I thank you all for the wonderful notes, they were most uplifting. Thank you one and all.

  2. Happy Birthday Telzey!

  3. Happy Birthday Telzey!

  4. I envy you and feel a bit sorry, I am just beginning my transition,I have a long way to go to even begin to pass so envy you your success (congradulatations by the way. I also have little to no support from friends and relatives. Mostly because I cannot tell my relatives due to bigotry (the extreme kind). So I can feel for you on that fromt. I will be leaving my home shortly due to that biggotry and will be very sad to do so, but it is necessar y to do so. I truly am happy for you and your success. I hope that you also will get to a position that you can get lasor and or electrolisis so that you needn’t pluck any more, it sounds painful. I wish you well and the best for the future. :lol:
  5. Telzey

    Does semen have scent and flavor, or is it just me???

    Oh it does, at least that is my experience, a little salty and sweet. The smell is kind of musky to me.
  6. What I knew By: Telzey I wonder how it’d be, If they were turned to me, And wore the world around as I have done To feel the pain I’ve felt, And know where sorrows dwelt, I'd do it all again this time tomorrow. Trepidation abounds when you step into a new situation, not much more newer than finding yourself all wrong and trying to reshape the world. I know all the words for this one: nervousness, fear, foreboding, terror, a thousand others and none at all. The journey is more frightening than the result and yet we find that it is the only road left to take, and there is no signage that tells the way. What could possibly make that easy, nothing, so trepidation it is, and shall be? To that sad story I add that I have found great solace in writing, it isn’t very good but it helps me through the rough times, times I believe we all share one way or the other. Finding support is another area, when we're new to the issue and must still find our own way even though it's sometimes not obvious where to look. For these individuals time is of the essences and support all the more important. I was one of these, and found support while standing on the brink. For this I am eternally thankful. We are all individuals that only wish the opportunity to be who we are and to live out our lives in peace. But for us, here, it will always be just a little harder, and we're tempered early on to make sure we can handle it, I hope to pass the test and prove my metal, meanwhile I will write my pain and continue with life, all is not lost, the road is but a step away and I have my pin and hiking shoes. I realize that this is rather serious and droul, but I hope it is ofset by a little chuckle from my ditty. we all need support, for ourselves and for those still learning the truth. Thank you all for your patience and support.
  7. Thank you, I am very appreciative of that information and the time with which you have taken to give it to me. It will be good to be able to talk to someone who knows what is going on and can really offer advice rather than speculation. Thank You.