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  1. Heya Bosco, just sayin' hi! :)

  2. Heya Bosco, just sayin' hi! :)

  3. Yeah. Seeing a trans person made me who I am today. HA. I didn't know about trans until well after I realized something was different about me. Seriously there needs to be some education going on. Not to mention... again... Chaz "passes" fairly well, so tell me what child, other than one who already understands enough to hear the controversy behind DWTS, will even realize that Chaz isn't "part of the binary" for no better way to put it?
  4. The whole controversy over Chaz is in itself ridiculous. I hate the arguments that "parents will have to explain him to children." He completely and utterly "passes" so what explaining is there to do if a parent is uncomfortable with it? All I know is, I'm so glad someone is standing up for Chaz. I hope he does wonderfully in DWTS.
  5. bosco3rdwatch

    Cried last night

    That's beautiful.
  6. Hey there :) Thanks for the comment

  7. Welcome, again. I like your "about me", love is wonderful and free for us all to give to whom ever we please :)

  8. Welcome, again. I like your "about me", love is wonderful and free for us all to give to whom ever we please :)

  9. Hey fellow Wisconsinite!

  10. Hi :) thanks for the message. I will definitely be writing my about me soon, just have to find the time. Busy college life after all.

  11. Write a little about yourself for us sweetie.


  12. Welcome to the site. Thanks for the comments to my posting. At 20 you have some things figured out that took many of us 50 years to find out. This is good to be able to live a life of peace within ones self.


  13. Haha thanks! nice to meet you :)

  14. Welcome Lil skater , love the look ..