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    dress size

    I would like to know how to determine your dress size. I hate buying clothes that dont fit.There is no trying it on. Thank you,sandra
  2. thank you for responding.I have been to therapy.I do not want to be a women full time,i like being a man.I just enjoy looking like a women sometimes.Iam going to put all my effort into making me happy.Dressing in high heels , pantyhose,and a dress makes me happy.Not having anyone to share it with and feeling bad after wards has been killing me. I dont want to whine,I came here to make friends,and share my fem side.Without sandra I am not a fun person to be around. Please keep in touch. Thank you, sandra
  3. I have been a crossdresser since i was about 7,i am 49 now.My second wife and i just split up,we had been married almost 20yrs.She knew about my dressing and wanted no part of it.I tried to stop for her sake,all i did was make us both misarable.I dont blame her for leaving,i didnt like me either.I looked like a burned out biker.I poured alchol on an open wound for years.I cant be like that anymore.I am trying,i have quit drinking,cut my hair.shaved my face.Am going to lose 30lbs so all the pretty clothes i have in my closet will fit.I need to find some happyness. I am starting here because i love dressing up.I have never had anyone to share my feelings with.I hope to find some friends