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    Women, Clothes & havin` fun with both ..
  1. I can explain the shaved legs using the bike excuse (and I DO mountain bike) or even the "I get a rash when my legs get sweaty if they`re hairy" . another is "Dunno, they`ve never been hairy" (LOL) . the hard part is explaining the butterfly tattoo on my ankle :wub:
  2. RachelWillis

    Why Do I Crossdress?

    I haven`t a clue, I wanted to wear dresses and female separates since I was about 5 and thet never changed.. I`ve never had fantasies about being with a guy when dressed , (I`m into women only) and I`m not a transsexual , (happy with my furry bits) though for a long time I`ve wished I lived in a country where I could live as a lesbian ladyBoy after extensive electrolysis & breast implants of course . If a law was passed which only one gender of clothing was allowed to be worn and there was no public stigma regarding choice (we have to live in society), I`d choose female without hesitation even if Jeans & other kinds of pants were classed in the male section ..
  3. RachelWillis

    gaff question

    I never found a commerical gaff which worked, tucking properly and tight knickers work well enough for me
  4. RachelWillis


    People by default stereotype , the sad part is that the TG community is also guilty of this and sadly Ladyboys are stereotyped as whores which isn`t true in a lot of cases.. I`d love to be a Ladyboy, I`m into Genetic Females so want to keep my bits as they are but I`m more female than male even in build and skin etc (for a Westerner so disadvantaged to start with and I`m too old now anyway, spent my prime years denying it )
  5. I'm not Weird , I`m GIFTED (and that`s Official!) :)

    1. Lori


      You're awesome! Thanks for sharing your photos in the galleries. :)

    2. RachelWillis


      You too Lori, and Thanks :D ... I keep popping back to see whos about, keep up the good work .

    3. PlagueBubonic


      Who call you weird?? Rach

      >:( If someone needs a little for the wicked witch of the guide LOL I'll give'm more than they can handle >;)

  6. There's a saying "You're only as old as the Woman you feel" - what if you`re feeling like an old Woman Today ......

    1. Susane


      The punchline is...find a younger woman and feel her!

    2. RachelWillis


      Sounds good to me !!

  7. The mind is like a Parachute, works best when its OPEN

    1. PlagueBubonic


      But what if your mind doesnot open lol ... time for the emergency cord ??? >;)

    2. Calista


      Every closed mind has an emergency cord? That"s encouraging :)

  8. Another ageing issue is Just when your body is becoming more shapely, you realise there are more bits to Sag

    1. PlagueBubonic


      Bits that sag!! ya!! I know all to well about that sister >:P


    2. RachelWillis


      I tried an Avant Garde Lingerie shoot (nothing more risque than a regular mail order catalog, have a look, last two pics) I`ll use a corset next time - LOL !

  9. This is where I was coming from . I`d never have in a million years thought it was a Woman. no attempt to hide the beard area either. I get the point about the flimsy collar to the garment but who knows what was done in the 18th century . Makeup for both genders was prevalent then, so were wigs and with them plenty of opportunity to cover up maleness - no attempt has been made in this portrait
  10. I`ve not seen this before - the problem is that on first glance it just looks like an 18th century guy - in 18th century Guys clothes , the amount of Lace, feathers and even makeup in male attire in that period was as much as the women.
  11. Thank you for the nice comments. So nice to have you back here at TGGuide. :)

    1. RachelWillis


      Thanks Lori - as I said in Shout, back then there was TG Guide and Susan`s place (which is also still going) .. Susan`s was my main hangout and I was a moderator for a while, everything goit a bit heated on occasion back then on both boards .. things are a lot nicer here now.........

  12. You know when you`re getting old when you need more makeup for the wrinkles than what facial hair is left

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    2. PlagueBubonic


      Don't she though..LOL ;)

    3. tbirdgal


      Ya got dat right !

    4. RachelWillis


      Thanks all , really makes an old W!tch feel good :) ...

  13. Am I losing it (Nope, never had it to begin with)

  14. RachelWillis

    TGGuide Redesign

    I*t looks great Lori , but then if you`d seen it 12 years ago you`d understand why the change is far bigger through my eyes ! . I love the way we can embed YouTube Vids in posts and have a gallery (not that I have anything worth seeing but it`s there) .....
  15. Hi Rachel, nice to have you back here! :)

    1. RachelWillis


      Thanks Lori , I began here about 1999, the boards were chaos, it looks more congenial now :)