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  1. RachelWillis added a post in a topic: Excuses for friends/co-workers?   

    I can explain the shaved legs using the bike excuse (and I DO mountain bike) or even the "I get a rash when my legs get sweaty if they`re hairy" . another is "Dunno, they`ve never been hairy" (LOL) . the hard part is explaining the butterfly tattoo on my ankle :wub:
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  2. RachelWillis added a post in a topic: Why Do I Crossdress?   

    I haven`t a clue, I wanted to wear dresses and female separates since I was about 5 and thet never changed.. I`ve never had fantasies about being with a guy when dressed , (I`m into women only) and I`m not a transsexual , (happy with my furry bits) though for a long time I`ve wished I lived in a country where I could live as a lesbian ladyBoy after extensive electrolysis & breast implants of course .

    If a law was passed which only one gender of clothing was allowed to be worn and there was no public stigma regarding choice (we have to live in society), I`d choose female without hesitation even if Jeans & other kinds of pants were classed in the male section ..
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  3. RachelWillis added a post in a topic: gaff question   

    I never found a commerical gaff which worked, tucking properly and tight knickers work well enough for me
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  4. RachelWillis added a comment on a blog entry: IGNORED FOR A LONG TIME   

    People by default stereotype , the sad part is that the TG community is also guilty of this and sadly Ladyboys are stereotyped as whores which isn`t true in a lot of cases.. I`d love to be a Ladyboy, I`m into Genetic Females so want to keep my bits as they are but I`m more female than male even in build and skin etc (for a Westerner so disadvantaged to start with and I`m too old now anyway, spent my prime years denying it )
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  5. RachelWillis added a post in a topic: TGGuide Redesign   

    I*t looks great Lori , but then if you`d seen it 12 years ago you`d understand why the change is far bigger through my eyes ! . I love the way we can embed YouTube Vids in posts and have a gallery (not that I have anything worth seeing but it`s there) .....
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