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    I love crossdressing and dressing and being fem. When ever i can. I also like to chat and meet others.

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  1. Here are some more recent ones i have taken some months ago. free picture upload imageupload image hosting 30 mb
  2. silkiehosewearer

    Exercise regime?

    Also what works as well...Is of course cardio from running to biking to eliptical trainer. Also the p90 x dvd sets 1,2,3. An yoga and pilates.. Basically a combination of things. But you will have to find out wut works for you. As one routine may work for u & my not work for the next person. and vice versa.
  3. wearing black panties and bra off black pantyhose black slacks and black top and black heels
  4. Reason 4 cding started like mose with curiousity then turned towards the sexual aspect of it. As in how I felt when i would dress. After a while as i got older and I still get the arousal feeling of dressing but its also the love of it. As how i look and feel while dressed and not so much the sexual feeling. But, like i said is still there but not as strong unless that is what I am shooting for.
  5. Here are a few pics of me and sum of the outfits I like 2 wear.
  6. silkiehosewearer

    Why Do I Crossdress?

    ;) I don't know how far I would have gotten n2 cding if it wasn't 4 my sister. When i was younger she caught me digging in our mom's pantyhose drawer as she was going n2 swipe a pr. 4 herself. I was freaked as she caught me digging but, she didn't say anything. Later that night she asked me what I was doing and the questions came out of the why, how come, when did this all start. After we talked it was all good between us. Fast forward about 3yrs. I ended up swiping a few pantyhose from my teacher and told my sis about it. Well she dared me 2 wear them 2 school. At the time I never wore any fem things 2 school. So i picked out a beige pair. And my sis being my sis said oh here and gave me a pr of her panties 2 wear with the pantyhose. Now mind you i never wore panties just the pantyhose so wearing them underneith was a nice excitement. Well after i got my panties and pantyhose on i put my jeans and shirt and sweater on and no socks was the other agreement. Oh i was so nervous but my sis said here i will take some of the edge off and she wore pantyhose jeans and heels to school also. And my mom as well as she always wore pantyhose as her job required it i think. Secretary. So yeah job requirement. Well school went good but I was always nervous some 1 was going 2 see my nyloned ankle but no 1 ever did. Except the teacher i swiped the hose from.. But that is another story. Don't want 2 get off track here. lol After I got home my sis was there and she asked how my day went and I told her and about the teacher who's hose I swiped she couldn't believe it. After which she said well you win the bet as now I didn't have 2 do chores for about 2 1/2 months. But i didn't hold my sis to it as I didn't want my mom finding out why she was doing my chores.. But after that up until my sis went off 2 college as i was in jr. high and she was in high school. She would have me dress up in her clothes more and more 2 where soon I was basically cding. With my sis in a non sexual way tho. But I guess I cd because I luve the way I feel when i am dressed all enfem & because I have and had a good support growing up n the house. Plus as sum would love to say "my sister made me do it".
  7. Rite on gennee. That is so awesome. I have been out a few times 2 the laundry mat. Not many know i cd so most of the time i will go at night. A few might see me but are unaware its me. Or a few of the street people might come in 2 warm up. As there is vending machines on the other side of the laundry mat. So they get a glimpse but am never worried as they can't tell anyway and most of the time they think I am a female so its good. But, still need to do a day visit like you. Which i think would be some awe shocking results. ;)
  8. As like most of you pantyhose were my 1st fem clothing. I do now and then will wear thigh highs. But i much perfer pantyhose.
  9. silkiehosewearer

    Exercise regime?

    What helps as well if you trying 2 slim ur arms down or you whole body for that matter. But different push up routines and pull up routine are good for strengthing and defining and u won't add 2 much mass. Your pull downs will also work. Alot of the craze xercise routines like crossfit are also good. But you can always pic up a muscle and fitness hers. And check there as well. They have good routines that actually work 4 both men and women.
  10. silkiehosewearer

    Your first experience dressed in public?

    That is good sleepservice. With cding you have to be tolerant as there is always going to be some 1 who has something 2 say. Yeah i was lucky as my dad was out of the pic. So it was basically just my sis and mom and i.
  11. silkiehosewearer

    Your first experience dressed in public?

    Yes my mom gave me clothes. As she saw it could have been worse. Like me doing drugs or commiting suicide or somthing. So me wanted to wear women s clothes didn't seem that bad
  12. silkiehosewearer

    Your first experience dressed in public?

    I remember when I first went outside dressed. It was after my mom found out that I was into crossdressing. She wanted me to drop the mail off in the mail box down at the end of the block. I told her that I had already taken the mail down but I lied as I wanted to dress up and take the mail down. When my mom went to sleep. I went and pulled out my suit case my mom gave me to keep my fem things in that she had given me. I put on some drk brwn pantyhose and a jean skirt that I taken from my sis's room put on a white bra, white blouse as well. then I put on some make up and a wig that I had from halloween was a curly haired wig didn't look to bad. Then put on my sis's jean jacket that did match the skirt. Grabbed my high heels and carried them as I went down stairs. As I got to the door I turned the porch light off opened the door quietly and went outside. I put my heels on and started my walk down to the end of the block. I was so nervous and shacky but was excited at the same time. Loved the way the wind felt on my pantyhosed legs. As I got to the end of the block I dropped off the mail and decided to make a trip around the block instead of turning around and going back to the house. As a few cars would pass by I would look away but, I did get some whistles and hey whats ur phone number. But, nothing more than that. As I got back to the house I couldn't believe that I just did that and I didn't get caught. I took my heels off at the door and opened the door quietly and closed it in the same maner. I put my heels back on and took my sis's jean jacket off and sat on the couch for a bit and watched tv. After A bit I took my heels off and walked back up stairs making sure no to wake my mom. As I got to my room I changed out of my clothes and put on some biege pantyhose and a white night gown my mom gave me and climbed in bed. I was excited about going out 4 the 1st time fully dressed & I couldn't wait 4 another chance.
  13. silkiehosewearer


    I usually wear a pair of pantyhose 2 bed with either a night gown or nylon pj bottoms and a chemise 2 bed. And the sleep is so good and wonderful.
  14. I try 2 dress as much as possible. When ever I can. But, with work and everyday life sumtimes it can b difficult. Its worth the wait sumtimes tho as I get the feminine satisfying feeling.
  15. I would have 2 say pantyhose. As that is wut started me out. I have worn thigh highs from time 2 time. But, mostly it is pantyhose 4 this lady.