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  1. Gay sex in India becomes legal, the news came as surprise after almost India country became independent from British rule almost 70 years ago! During this period government of India ridiculed gays & anything to do with gays topic within India. There were many failed attempts by activist during 1970s and 1980s but we're tortured and imprisoned severally. The news today is major break through throughout whole subcontinent region. Including Pakistan which is muslim state with super relaxed transgender person laws in force in major cities (not remote villages). Nevertheless a positive action in all levels of societies. India court legalises gay sex in landmark ruling -http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-45429664 Watch on YouTube Shazy Jeo videos channel and explore variety of topics content
  2. Germany creates 3rd gender identity for records: 'diverse' I am delighted to announce the story of third gender acceptance in Europe Specific to Germany, slowly but surely we are being recognized incrementally very slow paced nonetheless. Source https://apnews.com/c6ede6b6eb3c43c29626e9f3671538f0 Visit on YouTube for monthly updates on transgenders topics check Shazy Jeo channel videos 😃😀
  3. Hi Emma didn't know about BBC service documentary, I will be making video upload on my YouTube Shazy Jeo link video https://youtu.be/VO5E47JuYGY channel 😀
  4. Okay here is the thing about the title, as far as to stretch it to being mental & illness at the same time. Only signify the importance of being a transgender specific gender. Now being about all in your thoughts, what if something triggers you into taking drastic measures, than does transgenders become a mental health risk or Illness etc? Unless you're Kaitlyn Jenner who had several voilent crimes and a car accident where victim was killed than only for that type of transgender person of community interest becomes a health risk to be labeled as mental health Illness. Watch my YouTube Shazy Jeo channel videos of TRANSGENDER topics 😀😃
  5. Russia LGBT activists detained during St Petersburg rally It may sound lgbt folk are becoming accepted in certain countries, but on large lgbt folk aren't even recognized in majority of countries. Source https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45072583
  6. This is a sad moment for all transgenders, what if it could have been you? Source https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/30/us/transgender-woman-killed-baton-rouge.html Visit Shazy Jeo videos on YouTube channel and explore variety of content
  7. Now I was not attempting to make political correctness issue out of my post reply, I am in much better mood for swings on Saturday afternoon/evening. However that said if anyone who knows Albright, she seen from int'l countries as a very hawkish lady in obviously US foreign policy strategy etc. But now she has come forward in anti Trump statement officially & to me as int'l citizen I am laughing my brains out at the "it is what it is" situation. ​Madeleine Albright: Trump is the most anti-democratic president in American history http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/381552-madeleine-albright-trump-is-the-most-anti-democratic-president-in Visit Shazy Jeo YouTube channel videos and explore variety of content
  8. cross2play

    New Rule Allows Discrimination

    Thank God and bless for broad open rules of accepting colorful nationalities from around world in country Canada Visit Shazy Jeo on YouTube channel videos
  9. Really it's great to hear about transgender issues progressing in this country, and I know they have passed several laws and new rules in favor of transgendered community. That said Pakistan is a country far behind than United states in ANY level, it's only one thing to accept transgender issues or open up to transgender issues progressing that they were so behind only now it can be seen fruitfully. As for United states I firmly think the US is way ahead in transgender issues now, it's only one man called Trump who is in the way but even he won't be able to prevent a fact of every man or woman to choose trans. Watch my YouTube Shazy Jeo videos channel and explore variety of content
  10. In a first, transgender person becomes news anchor in Pakistan In a rare occurrence, Kohenoor News — a private television channel –went on-air on Saturday with a transgender person on the screen as a news anchor.​ It brings tears in my eyes those transgender of Pakistani origin who have lost their lives due to narrow-minded people. I five full credit where it is due to our Pakistani government where corruption prevails, yet in transgender issues are progressing. https://tribune.com.pk/story/1667984/1-first-transgender-person-becomes-news-anchor-pakistan/ Watch my YouTube Shazy Jeo videos channel & explore variety of content
  11. Very true but it’s still a victory. If (more likely when) people contemplate similar suits the attorneys will advise their clients that the risk is high, as evidenced by this, that they will not only lose face but also a lot of money. That's exactly where all transgender folks need to think in fail safe 3 gender instances. I will be making a YouTube video on this topic, original gender, desired gender & nuatral state of condition. Without feeling emotions. Visit Shazy Jeo videos channel and explore variety of content
  12. cross2play

    Makeup Kits

    All I have to say first I haven't been on tgg forum's in while for personal reasons. But as for make up kits, I used to think expensive kits will do the trick, but actually it's up to you how much make you can put on? For me I like to wear minimum make up and maximum amount reveal my inner self when in public. I mean I only apply make when going to special night out to a party. As for make up kits you can pick and choose even from cheap brands it all depends on how you feel about your experience? And of course cost is major issue in cross dressing, yeah when I go in front of YouTube video I make sure I apply make up. Any criticism please tell what else I can do by watching my up close videos?? Check my YouTube Shazy Jeo videos channel and explore variety of content:)
  13. Really this is a great story to lead by example. I haven't been on tgg forum's for personal reasons. Regardless the best thing about cross dressing, or cross dressing anywhere, is you can easily change neighborhood, and pass to other ethnic groups since both (is, you bring white and other neighborhood being for instance, African, Mexican, Indian Pakistani, Chinese Japanese, etc) to pass freely in regards to going same typical White joints where you will be pin pointed in a instance. I do go to different areas within my city just check out other people reaction, and it works. Check out my YouTube Shazy Jeo channel videos and explore variety of content
  14. In the end it all comes down to what is cheaper, cost of running the Court fees than settle cheaper long term cost. And it wasn't about morals but cost at the end of day.
  15. Recently inside Canada there had been 3 unfortunate victim's murdered by single man called Bruce McArthur. I attended the vigil ceremony in Toronto. But that's not the only vigil held. Because it was organized by Transgender community it was more particularly importance to like-minded individuals of the transgender community. Watch link https://youtu.be/XBQUuDP3dUw