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  • Interests My MtF significant other, of course. I joined this site to find advise on how to better help her as she goes through the changes she will go through and also to find some support for myself. I live near Lake Michigan and I like being alone on the beach, first thing in the morning when it's quiet, some say if you listen hard enough you can hear the angels whisper. And, of course, obviously am a very spiritual person.

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  1. Jeanette added a post in a topic: Using Breast Enhancement Pumps   

    thank u for your feedback Phoebe,
    Can I ask u, when u originally bought the pump, were you looking to go up to a size A, or were u looking for larger results. Like I mentioned originally, my girlfriend is about a size A, but it's hard for me to say if it's breast material or pec like you said. And, I know she's looking for greater results. do u think that this system might give her a B at least? And, If so, can u say u've been happy with your results? Was it worth it?

    but, otherwise, I really appreciate your feedback, and at least I can tell her, kind of, what I thought, that, just buying something cheap on ebay, wasn't gonna do it in the long run and for giving me a name brand that we can check out. Jeanette
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  2. Jeanette added a post in a topic: Using Breast Enhancement Pumps   

    thanks Bonnie, I found pumps that range in price from $20 like you said to over $150, and I just would like to find someone who's actually tried one and see what they thought. My partner is putteing all her eggs in this one basket and I just don't want to see her disappointed and hurt.
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  3. Jeanette added a post in a topic: HOW to love a ftM transsexual   

    Yes, MsBeth, and I edited here. (I often type faster than my brain has time to catch up)
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  4. Jeanette added a post in a topic: Using Breast Enhancement Pumps   

    When my girlfriend (MTF Transgender) started taking hormones, she was really happy because she had a nice B-cup, but she lost some weight and went down to an A-cup. She's unhappy about it, and she's just not going to gain weight right now, she way too stressed. But, now she really wants to buy a Breast Enahancement Pump, and she's really not being to cautious about looking into what might really work and I'm afraid I'm a little sceptical about the whole thing.
    I was just wondering if there was any others out there that had used the pumps, if they could give me any feedback, or even (if the heavens allowed it) could even recommend one??? Or, if not, does anyone have any other ideas on how she can feel more sexy about her breast size, without actually having surgery, which we can't afford right now. I tell her I love her breasts all the time, but I know it's something that "she" has to feel. Any feedback. thanks
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  5. Jeanette added a post in a topic: HOW to love a ftM transsexual   

    Well, I'm in a relationship with a preop MTF transexual too and she's bisexual and so am I. I guess the biggest thing that attracted her to me, is exatly, what I've been describing her as, a she. No one ever did that for her before and she had dated both men and women and they wanted put her in a category. Men wanted her to say she was a homosexual man, woman wanted her as a straight man, she was even married for 8 years. She takes estrogen right now, and when her ex-boyfriend saw that she was growing best, he wouldn't touch them, he wouldn't acknowledge them, and he made her sleep on the couch eventually. When we met, I was attracted to her as a man, but I loved her as a woman. Seeing that she had breasts was just huge plus for me and she loved that I loved them. Sexually, it just took awhile for me to understand how a preop MTF's genitals are so much more diffierent that what you would think. They are so much more like a woman's even though they still have all their male parts. I'm still learning. But, if you can't treat her like the woman that she born to be, than maybe this kind of relationship is not you. It's a huge commitment, especially, if they have the surgery.
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