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  1. stephaniie added a post in a topic: One thing therapists don't teach   

    i didnt get it. you felt down and up's streams of joy cause of hormones?
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  2. stephaniie added a post in a topic: Victoria Secrets   

    why is VS sucha hit in transgenderered communities? Is it cause its the most feminine store avaible? or are they more comfortable then others ? , i mean, even if buy from VS or another clothing store like H&M, Kappahl, Cubus, Lindex, Twifit, ect I still can't just walk out with that... cause im pre-op and have to tuck... Nowadays I tuck with 2 pair of undies.. boyshorts that sits really thight , and then i put on regualar undies .. and just fold the corners of my shorts, so it looks like one pair . -- It works in shopping malls , out in public ect but def wouldn't work at a bathing facility or similar . --
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  3. stephaniie added a post in a topic: Is There a Link Between Autism and Gender Dysphoria?   

    NOOOES it not. Its just a boring way for doctors to have fun at us :;P
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  4. stephaniie added a post in a topic: Going Public in the Daylight   

    the only bad part of passing in public is that you get so just treated like anyone else and falls into the crowd. I been public and its rarely someone tries to start a discussion with me .
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