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    Grandma's Dog is fading

    My grandma's 15-year-old Collie isn't doing too well. His back legs aren't working at all. It's like he's paralyzed. We aren't sure what happened but we think my uncle-in-law had something to do with it. I visited my grandma's house yesterday and saw her dog's condition. He was shaking and panting while he was laying in front of a fan on the floor. It was obvious he was in a lot of pain. He has hip dysplasia and a twisted back. My grandma is in a retirement home that doesn't allow animals so my family is taking turns taking care of her dog. Things were going well until yesterday. My dad went over to pressure wash my grandma's patio around 2pm yesterday. He said when he got there, my uncle-in-law was there. They talked for a bit before my dad went to get the pressure washer out of his car. As my dad was walking back to the backyard, he saw my uncle-in-law holding Duke (the collie) like a sack of potatoes. My uncle's arms were around Duke's chest and Duke's back legs were dangling while his front legs were out in front of him. Duke is a very old dog and is fragile. You would think my uncle knew to handle Duke with care. My dad was furious, as was my other uncle (my dad's brother). They think the way my uncle-in-law was holding Duke, damaged his back even more and caused his paralysis. My uncle-in-law is a big man, tall and rough. He usually handles everything (other than humans) roughly. He has a dog of his own but it is a small dog. I understand that my uncle-in-law doesn't know how to handle big dogs, but it's common sense not to hold a dog like that, especially an old collie! My uncle-in-law and aunt (my dad's sister) live all prim and proper. They do what they want and don't really help out much unless it involves their nieces has nephews. My aunt and uncle-in-law have pissed my dad and his brother off a lot but this has gone too far. My uncle (my dad's brother) was close to tears after he saw how much pain Duke was in. Since yesterday was a holiday in the US, Duke's vet wasn't at work. We considered taking Duke to the animal hospital in town but he was in too much pain and we were afraid to move him. Today though, my dad is going to call Duke's vet's office once it opens. I haven't heard anything from my dad yet so I don't know if the vet is going to visit my grandma's house or if my dad will have to take Duke in. I will update my blog once I find out though.