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  1. Came out again yesterday to a couple new friends of mine being a crossdresser.They are a couple Rick and Vanessa whom became members of church where my wife Renee and I are also.I came in dressed as Tori too.I do go to church dressed as Tori once in a while.It was after church that I told them I am a crossdresser and I am Tori that they met.Vanessa was shocked at first and said I looked drop dead gorgeous which we hugged.Rick said he was cool about it too and accepts this.I took Vanessa"s positive comment very well.I was also relieved they were raised well,love and accept people for who they are.I admit our friendship went up a step and plans are going out sometime knowing Tori more.
  2. Keep wigs up and away from things and dogs.It happened to one of my wigs two weeks ago,my favorite short hair wig.I kept up and away,my wife has a sneaky 8 pound Pomeranian that loves to take off with things.Somehow got a hold of it and destroyed it.My wife felt guilty not paying attention what her dog did and did order me a new one,that was kind of her to do this.Came in this week and I like it ordering it from Paula Young wigs,this one: http://www.paulayoung.com/product/calla+wig+by+jaclyn+smith.do?sortby=bestSellers&length=all&style=all&color=all&page=3
  3. Nothing in the MTF crossdressing discussion now
  4. torig

    Mom thought of me very well

    She has been very supportive since day one I started crossdressing as a child.She knew I was very different in a good way than my 2 younger brothers.having a feminine and masculine side.Considers Tori as a second daughter in her life,I have a twin sister.I saw one dress I loved and will be ordering it in both colors, http://www.jjill.com/jjillonline/product/itempage.aspx?BID=604254210&rPFID=31&item=JG045C&h=W&sk=W
  5. I click on the male to female crossdresser section and go back to the main page
  6. My mom thought of me very well,gets a women's clothes catalog in the mail that she get that I might be interested in.I rarely order from catalogs in the mail and I do see stuff I do like.She gets a J.Jill catalog in the mail,brought it over to show it to me and I amazed her looking through it.I seen the dresses in the catalog I loved and went online to request a catalog which will be in the mail.Mom saw I was happy and told her thank you.I seen two dresses so far I will order when the catalog comes in.I get two other women's clothes catalogs in the mail which I do order from.This one I am going to like and this is their website: http://www.jjill.com/jjillonline/index.aspx
  7. Have been working for him,10 years now.I am his top diesel wrench with zero comebacks working on heavy and ag equipment.My safety record,clean with no violations.Sees I read the service manual before putting a wrench on it.
  8. He was raised in a family to accept people for who they are,not how they look
  9. My co workers have been good about me being a crossdresser too.I do have one co worker that is openly gay and he has been harassed a lot worse than me.He likes the new anti discrimination policy too.
  10. I am so greatful my boss finally put in an anti discrimination policy in place finally and said it does cover me too.Boss knows I am a part time crossdresser going by Tori now,came out last year to him about this and he surprised me.Said this is my lifestyle of my choice and has no problem with that at all.I did have an co worker harass me being this way in Febuary and my boss took care of it right away,fired him and it was the second time he did this to me.I am happy this happened and my boss did meet Tori when I came out last year to him.
  11. My mother in law is a great compassionate person in life and I already told her I am going to like them.She was good to me on my birthday also,picked out a nice pair of wedge shoes I have worn twice so far and love hem
  12. My mother in law thought of me very well on Wendsday,ordered me 3 Liz Claiborne dresses and I thought that was nice of her.My wife thought that was a great idea of her doing that.My mother in law is supportive and Tori is always involved in her life.She ordered a hibiscus red,black and turquoise dress reading my mind very well,this dress: http://www.qvc.com/L...ductsId=A263465
  13. Plus I do buy my make up from one member from a fellow church member,Ellen whom sells Avon.She has no problem with selling make up to me.Ellen and my wife are good friends also.Ellen says I look beautiful when I am transformed into Tori also
  14. The last church I went to said there was something wrong with me.Lisa's previous boyfriend disrespected me calling me a freak,she dumped him in November and I was proud of her for that.Told him to treat me right and I am no freak.She figured this out on her own.
  15. I am greatful for what the church members of the church my wife Renee and I go to.They love and accept me for who I am including the pastor.I have been there for 4 years and going great.I first revealed myself as a crossdresser there 3 weeks after becoming a member there 4 years ago.It was a shock for them and said I am still welcomed in no matter what my lifestyle is.The pastor and his wife said I am not judged there and I am a normal person in life.I do go dressed as Tori once in while and did today.I stood up saying thank you for everyone that has loved and accepted me in.There is one couple my wife and I are good friends with there,Tom and Ashley.They were the first to say I looked beautiful 4 years ago.Tom and I went to school together also and long time friends.Then it was this afternoon my 18 year old daughter Lisa's new boyfriend Steven met Tori for the first time.Said I am a normal person and he respects my lifestyle 100%.I met Steven on Thursday,nice guy and treats Lisa right.