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  • Interests My politics are that I stand to the left of everyone on everything. I love shopping, and oh! the shoes!... I am working on my voice so I have a chance of passing as the woman I am. I like staying up to date with this forum group...and I wish more people were active in it. I love dogs. And the Liverpool Reds.

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  1. Christine added a post in a topic: God is my Strength   

    I am happy for you that God gave you the strength for that and I hope your dad is well.  I think, if one believes in God, then, no problem.  Pray and one feels His strength.  And if someone does not believe, then God gives the strength anyway.  So, one may not need to belong to a church; God is still there even if they don't acknowledge Him. 
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  2. Christine added a post in a topic: A Plea for Awareness, not Segregation (the public restroom debate)   

    ​Yeah, parts of the city are rough.  I stick to NW and the Dupont area (and Freddies in Crystal City) as best I can.
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  3. Christine added a post in a topic: A Plea for Awareness, not Segregation (the public restroom debate)   

    Thanks for your efforts!  I am soooo glad to have moved to DC...
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  4. Christine added a post in a topic: Airport Security Tips For Transgender Travelers   

    Try and remember that most screeners  really are just trying to do their job, as hard as is to believe that.  And, those that encounter a Trans* traveler have probably never met one on (or off) the job, and really have no idea how to react...and this under the pressure of an active screening point, which means move 'em, move 'em, move 'em.  So while I agree that all travelers have a right to a dignified travel experience, and should immediately call for a supervisor if treated otherwise, keep in mind that the screener you find at the checkpoint just might want to get you through his or her station just as fast as you want to go through it.  
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  5. Christine added a post in a topic: Everyone Transgender Is a Gay Man   

    With apologies for making light:  I can assure the forums, and the fda, that I am quite disease free.  But thanks for asking.  Let me know if you need some blood or anything, I'm always here to help.
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  6. Christine added a post in a topic: Thanking Others, & How to Send a PM   

    This is not really a tech question, but:  How do I thank a member who 'liked' a post?   And, How do i PM a member?
    thanks, Christine 
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  7. Christine added a post in a topic: Breast form adhesive - what's best   

    This is a late response, but you might try:
    and the product is:
    It stays body adhesive
    The web site specializes in medical adhesive needs.  
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  8. Christine added a post in a topic: Patrons Praise Gender-Neutral Bathroom   

    Well, I  suppose I won't get praise for this, but if the schools stuck to bathrooms and leave locker rooms to another day, I think they'd find it easier to navigate through this issue.  Also- what is wrong with a separate bathroom designated for trans kids?  I don't think that makes them 'lose their rights' or something.  Just a thought.
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  9. Christine added a post in a topic: Liberated   

    Hiya!  It sounds like you are on your way, so here is quote for you to keep in mind:
    "Our time here is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."
    --Steve Jobs
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  10. Christine added a post in a topic: Debunking the Desistance Myth   

    Brynn is a good writer, and the study she writes of is of course pseudo-science gobbledy-gook...Unfortunately, "reports" like the one she writes of will be used repeatedly by the haters, just as the climate change denial reports similar in scientific strength to her cited work will be held up by congresspersons as fact.  Congrats to Brynn on a well-supported expose,' but I believe it won't make that much of a scratch in the real world.
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  11. Christine added a post in a topic: The Importance of Body Language in Passing   

    I've found that RELAXING when I walk helps a lot, especially in public and crowds (like at our DC Metro).
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  12. Christine added a post in a topic: US Marine found guilty of killing transgender Filipino   

    Great news!  Let's hope for a jail term spent there, instead of being transferred home.
    On a different note- I can't see the word, Olongapo, without an automatic smile...such memories of that wonderful place (at least, as it was in the mid 80s and the early 90's (Pinatubo really fucked that place six ways to Sunday. Nice to see they have turned it around... 
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  13. Christine added a post in a topic: St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay LGBT resource center   

    And if you in or visiting the Washington, DC area:
    The Center is a safe and friendly place to go.  They also have contact info for every specialist under the sun.
    Smooches Christine
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  14. Christine added a post in a topic: Petition Says, "Drop the T"   

    On second thought, an idea- let's start a petition to drop the LGB from our T universe.  After all, what have they really done for use?
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  15. Christine added a post in a topic: Clip on earrings free to you   

    Sorry all, I have a taker for my earrings.
    cheers, Christine
    Cheers, Christine (soon to be my legal name)...
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