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  1. EricaRavenwood

    A quote from my website: "I will accept no money for anything I do surrounding this topic." and I haven't, even though it's been offered several times. Too many have taken advantage of the pain and fear transgender people feel. Everything I do is out of pocket and everything I've created is given freely. That's why there are no advertisements on my site.
  2. EricaRavenwood

    The reason I never seek transgender groups is because my bedside manner sucks. Those groups are looking for support and commiseration. Which they need. I'm just not good at it. I can analyze and diagnose but my bedside manner sucks.

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  4. EricaRavenwood

    Just got home from the Stronger Together meeting that was held at the Livingston County Government Center. I have to say it was an amazing experience. 50 or so people in a room for two hours ready to stop complaining and get up and do something. Lots of ideas. Lots of action plans and I made some fantastic contacts so I can start working on real things (that have been on my agenda) as soon I get up in the morning. Right now though I'm exhausted, so I'm getting in my jammies and finding something to curl up and watch.

    Oh I should probably eat too. I don't think I've eaten yet today.

  5. EricaRavenwood

    I started getting into sculpting a couple months ago. I find working with the soft clay very therapeutic. I've done two large scale statues. Well still working on the second one but did my funky Edgar Allan Poe today, The other is based on a drawing I did call Stoner Toad. He was finished New Years Eve night.




  6. EricaRavenwood

    The picture you see here is in fact me. Three Halloweens ago I was the Wicked Witch for the kids. I did some artistic things with shots taken of me is all. I was at one point Alice this year and did a series of Alice in Wonderland related art works. Do they represent my daily look? No. But is internet a true reflection of reality? No.

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    3. EricaRavenwood

      Of course it's kinda stupid that I'm referencing a picture that will more than likely change. Variety is the spice of life and variety is the spice of me.

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  7. EricaRavenwood

    I was allergic to bees when I was a child. On more than one occasion I provoked a bee so it would sting me. What I suffered from the sting was better to me in my child's mind than the abuse I may have faced by going to school.


  8. EricaRavenwood

    Keeping the sun off my lily white skin.

    AMBI0004 (1).JPG

    AMBI0002 (1).JPG

    1. Ronnie Virga

      Weird. I posted about using my shadow to observe my gate when walking. Then I saw this! :D

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  9. EricaRavenwood

     The story of that night on Jan. 7th 2007. An amusing but sad story of a girl seeking help. Transgender topic.


  10. EricaRavenwood

    My business card. i accept no money for any of the work I do around this topic but we'll still call it a business card, lol. I hand these out liberally to everyone I meet who has a desire to learn or think should have a desire to learn.

    personal cards 001.jpg

  11. EricaRavenwood

    I'm heading out in a little bit to see my therapist. It's been quite a while since I've taken a selfie and I thought I look nice so why not, right? It's good to give yourself a good self perspective that you can carry into world. Confidence is key to simply being relaxed.

    AMBI0010 (2).JPG