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  1. 4EverYoung

    what a great Day

    Hello and greetings, Today L and I took a leap into the tranns world. We went and picked out a new hair piece together. 220 bucks worth and boy oh boy I tell ya. We got a baby sitter for the afternoon and went and had our nails done. then we went out to dinner in Downtown and at a fancy place also. I felt natural as I ordered dinner and played with my boys and smiled and almost cried a couple times at the total peace I am starting to feel in my skin. I got home to find my gaff had arrived and I ran into the bedroom shed my attire and put it on. I then put on some skinny jeans and a shirt and told L to look at me. never had I felt more alive than when she touched my nether region and there was nothing there. I felt like a natural woman. It has taken me many years and tears to feel that way and when the love of my life reached down and touched me and kissed me I knew we would spend the rest of our ives together. I am still working on mannerism stance and stuff but i have 41 years on man crapolla to rid myself of. Well night all lets see what tomorrow holds
  2. Feeling put of place today as I am working as a Boy,   I feel so comfortable when I am in girl mode,  I find peace in my mind, and find I am more loving and compassionate.   I am so thankful to have a Wife that tells me I am beautiful and sexy,   A wife that lets me play with her hair and do her makeup.   Never would I imagine This transition would actually draw us closer to each other that ever before.    Sex is sex and almost anyone can have that. But Love!  Love on the other hand goes far beyond the idea to intimate encounters and Love can strengthen any relationship.    i Love L,  and I am going to try my hardest to show L how much I love her each and every day.    One Day it will Be DeeDee or Joy we aren't sure yet and L.  Mrs and Mrs L Y yep  I would put her name first.   well its onto deliver packages now.  talk to you folks later. 

  3. 4EverYoung

    Came out to a Best friend today

    (L) We are still tossing around names. Deedee would be easy because it is her initials anyway, but if we had a girl in our family, we always said we would name her Joy. We just had our 2 boys, and that name, Joy, has always felt like it belonged in our family, and since we couldn't give it to one of our kids, this seems like an option. It is still under discussion
  4. 4EverYoung

    10.31.17 Tuesday

    (L) Thank you for the advice. I agree about the moving somewhere that is welcoming. That is the part that we haven't figured out yet. Our original plan was smack in the middle of the bible belt, and may now not be the best, though I do have family there that I would love to spend time with. Deedee is a 'hothead', to put it midly lol. She always has been, and always will be. I work around it the best I can, and she has gotten tremendously better over the last 5 years with the outbursts. Everything in life is a journey to making us better people, if we allow it. We kind of wanted this to be a journal, with both of us retelling our stories, in our own versions, so this works right now, though in the future, we might want to break away and do separate things.
  5. 4EverYoung

    10.31.17 Tuesday

    (L) Good morning, I came in from taking son to school and Deedee was sitting at the dining table looking all pretty with a long sleeve white tshirt, jeans and her boots and hat on. I wasn't expecting to see it when I came in the front door and I guess I sort of looked dazed (I mean, it was 8:15am, I was, and still am, half asleep). She thought that I was not happy about her going to work that way, but it wasn't true, I was just surprised and not sure, in my half asleep state, what was going on. I know I should expect her to begin dressing up more and more, but it is still sort of a jolt to my system when I see her that way. I will get used to it, over time. And, it is Halloween also, so later on, when I had woken up a little more, it occurred to me that today was the best day as any to go out dressed up when it is light outside. So far, it has been at night, and in dark restaurants. She looked good, as always. I guess I can't say handsome anymore. We are selling our house, and at the end of this month, we are going out on the road. We don't know our destination, nor where our journey will take us. This is a huge move, with lots of loose ends to tie up here, and I'm also leaving the area that my job is in, and taking it on the road, so if I have meetings I need to attend at the office, I'm trying to tie up all that stuff also. Besides the usual move stuff; address forwarding, school papers for the boys, shot records from drs, packing what stuff we are not taking on the road, to be stored until after the first of the year, selling the things that we can before we leave. My mind is full of stuff to do, besides the usual stuff, paying bills, cleaning, cooking, etc. Yesterday, Deedee and I had a little disagreement about starting the HRT. She came to me and said, I made an appt at a doctor for next week. I thought we were going through this journey together, so that was shocking to me, that she would make an appt without asking me, or figuring out a babysitter for the boys, etc. So I simply said, I thought we were doing this together? She took that to mean that I was against the whole idea. I simply asked a question, and then I wanted to voice my concerns that considering I already have so many things on my plate that it would be better for my sanity if we waited until after our road trip, possibly the beginning of the year, to find a Dr and begin it then. I can only handle so many things, emotionally, physically. I was called selfish though, so I let it go. After talking about it for a few hours, over the course of dinner time and getting kids to bed, I guess going to the appt isn't all bad. Even if they give her the meds that day (which I doubt), at least it is a start. We will find out the dosage course, and then look to transfer to another facility up north when we get there. I will have to just watch myself even more to stay on an even level with my emotions, and not think too much when/if she gets overly aggressive or mean. I already deal with a 5 yr old with ADHD and a 1 yr old that thinks everything is his, and screams bloody murder if he doesn't get what he wants. If I turn off my emotions for a few months, its all good. Momma is saving her sanity...
  6. Today Was a good day, came out to a dear friend and. Still have and probably will for a while have some ups and down with the wifey mainly because the fear of loosing her man but hey she's gaining a woman. I know i need to assure her that I am not going anywhere and I will always be here. This blog will be full of our thoughts about transition. I made the appointment today to get hormones. I am debating wether or not to start them before or after our month long vacation before Christmas and new year. I think I would like to start them as soon as I get them but L is afraid I will ruin the Holidays with teenage puberty. I don't think I will, I think it could be a beautiful time with the Children and L in the mountains as I begin the journey to womanhood. I actually felt a flutter in my stomach after the appointment as made. I think its really going to happen and I am going to free the inner Beauty I used to call her Erica when I was younger but I have found it easier to go by DEE DEE since those are my initials. whichever name I choose to keep is our decision and no one else. I will be happy when I have breast growth and when my hair and face are more feminine and I will be so thrilled the day I can have this headache removed from between my legs. That day will come. I know it will. I hate my male genitals; I have hated them for years. They serve a purpose and that was to make babies and we did we made 2 awesome boys. Daddymommy needs to be freed of the enslavement of this meat mass. this is just how I am feeling today. I sure hope L post something later.
  7. Had a interesting day.  Told one of my best friends I was going to transition and she hugged me and gave her support.    

  8. 4EverYoung

    It's Monday

    Good Morning this is DeeDee. I was about 5 years old when I first felt like a girl in a boys body. My mom and Dad knew something was different with me but due to their extreme religious beliefs they were unable to see that I was just a Girl trapped in a boys Body. I spent many years growing up wearing my sisters clothes in secret and even repressing the feelings of femininity. Then I went through boy puberty and found my penis, don't get me wrong I had fun with it but fun and true joy are two different things. anyway well touch on all that another day. I am 40 years old now and I am beginning transition. 1. understand this is the real deal and not a fantasy 2. have the support of my wife who is my life and means the world to me 3. begin hormones 4. start dressing full time. wow so much to begin and I am excited. 6 we
  9. 4EverYoung


    Good evening, My husband and I decided to start this blog to track our journey. Here is a little back story. We have known each other since 1991. I was 13 at the time, and he was 15. There was attraction on both our parts from first sight. We somehow can't stay away from each other ​ We love spending time together, mostly driving out on the open road. We have 2 young boys, and they are definitely a huge part of our lives. Our baby is 1.5 years old, so we took time to get him through the baby stages, and when we confident that these 2 boys completed our family, the journey into my husband feeling more comfortable in his skin could start to transpire. It wasn't like we planned it that way. Since the boys arent quite as needy as they were, about 6 months ago, we started putting ourselves, and our relationship, to the forefront of our every-day. We would spend hours talking after the boys went to bed, and it was then that we learned so much more about each other. This talking brought out his feelings about how uncomfortable he was in his body. I, of course, want him to be confident and comfortable, no matter what, or who, that is. I love him for him, period. Slowly, over the past like 5-6 weeks, he has begun to dress more as a woman, and is becoming more confident going out in public. He wants to go all the way, so that is the ultimate goal, no matter how long it takes to get there. The process of telling our 5 year old has been slow and steady. He is becoming more and more comfortable with it, and even him and Daddy went into a convenience store the other night, while Daddy was dressed, and neither one were embarrassed! It is a huge step! This blog will be both of us writing, as we feel something that needs to be shared, or documented, for our journey. If I am writing, I will put an "L" to let the reader know it is from my perspective. We are excited what the future will hold and look forward to this blog filling up quickly lol. Goodnight for now. "L"